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  1. Welcome to the suggestion box.

    The following things have been suggested already by community members. Please only add to a suggestion on a linked thread - making a new thread isn't worth it.

    Here's a list of things that will not be added to the Empire:
    Please do not suggest these things - it's pointless - the thing won't be added in the foreseeable future.
    • /back, /home or similar commands being made usable in the Wild, Nether or End
    • Constant creative mode on the SMP servers
    • PvP on the SMP servers
    • Most things that stop the game from being vanilla
    • Anything that adds new blocks or requires a non-vanilla client
    • Tekkit or Feed the Beast
    • An official EMC App - site updates will make a mobile version of the site.
  2. Complete listing of suggestion threads:
    Red indicates suggestion denied by a staff member.
    Pink indicates suggestion accepted and pending being added to EMC.
    Light Pink indicates suggestion partly pending addition.
    Green indicates suggestion added or already existed.
    Yellow indicates partially added

    Purchasing residences with rupees - Zabriel
    Per player res spawn locations - Tarso_Leirias
    Remove residence reset time for supporters - BiscuitBoy5396
    Residence mob caps - Gap542

    Fly flag - craftsman234
    Admin Flag & Subzones - JackBiggin
    Egg flag - zombieslayer010
    Trade flag - nfell2009
    Monster flag - chrisisaboss91
    Dirt/per block flag - jkjkjk182
    Flag to give permissions - darkruler53
    Melt flag - chickeneer
    Cake flag - codygraw101

    Get rid of massive farms - Darkshade919
    RTS directional upgrades - nfell2009
    Sell RTS teleports - Thornbury
    Chickenpocalyse - IcecreamCow

    Sorting rupee history - ZellieB
    See other players' rupee balance - Ethereum
    Rupees having decimals - zombieslayer010
    Rupee limit at shops - serialkicker
    Detailed rupee report - Tai2323
    Make /shop buy items - Darkshade919
    Empire Bank - Terminator908
    Buy items in the wild - gypsyluke77
    Confirm shop transaction - nfell2009
    Door shops - godog4
    Average price graph - pietdagamer
    Max shop sell price - bloodra1n
    Pay rupees on the site - tanino
    Banking Licence - rock00888

    Anonymous Chat Mods - Manglex
    Forum moderators - YOU12MAEC
    Vote to kick players - Pooploser912
    All staff having the same skin - ironalex2404
    Web based reports - YOU12MAEC
    /modreq - SoulPunisher
    Banned players' wills - moyaboya
    Show appeal info on ban screen - JackBiggin

    /back - Miataguy94
    /home & /wild usable in the Wilderness - SpaceTwinkie
    End teleport at Spawn - lolcat151

    Site and Forums
    Per player forum font - nfell2009
    Forum auctions timer - killerbyte12
    Mobile version of site - Jwlpo
    Add Facebook elements to site - hayleycolgan
    Highlighting important threads - will_iamd
    Combine double posts - thecontroller
    Teamspeak server - punchingtrees101
    Remove auction approval - killerbyte12
    IM/chatbox - Tehwafflez
    Lock auction threads - chickeneer
    More trophies - NINJATTILA
    Guest help thread - CreppaNinga235
    Better EMC Auctions - nfell2009
    Auction column on homepage - Hash98
    Fixed header - blckstn
    Link to server status - Pab10s
    Players online box - nfell2009
    Auction rules changes - sgx2000
    Delete own threads - IamSaj
    Upcoming feature list - LZBW_DW
    Personal live map hotspots - PenguinDJ
  3. Wild
    Vault in the wild - Lieflander
    SMP7 Wild Reset - heidisos
    Regular PRA resets - autumnrain26
    Death teleport to spawn - Jimbonothing64
    Enderchest locking - albinopolorbear1
    New/repopulating wild - 555NY
    Enderchests at wild spawn - jkjkjk182
    Locking doors/buttons/levers - samtheboo
    Claim spawners' - finsup2010
    A new way to get dragon eggs - albinopolarbear1
    Thirst meter - KEVINwelch2001

    Allow chat to be turned off but still be able to receive PMs - teynom_harem
    Cross-server chat - Herbrin3
    In-game messages for offline players - thestar19
    Chat filter - RED_Spy1
    Group chat - DangerousPopcorn
    Leave individual channels - zombieslayer010

    MCMMO - ecruz11780
    WorldEdit - nfell2009
    Warzone - Gabbygravy
    Death Chest - YOU12MAEC
    CraftSign - jwayland
    Cars - matthew12hydro
    Minebook - Jeanzl2000
    Falsebook - iamrich
    CraftIRC - daviv

    A rank that you keep - JTMCOHOST
    Hide from /p - DangerousPopcorn
    Supporters' reses not being reset - benvig
    Disable fire damage for supporters - CreppaNinga235
    Emerald supporters - DogsRNice

    Supporters getting higher entity limit - albinopolarbear1

    Additional Servers
    Dystopia - Emptimynd
    Adventure mode server - killerbyte12
    Tekkit - RainbowDaisher and many others
    Factions server - DogsRNice
    Instanced server - JackBiggin

    Disable Features
    Block invisibility potions - nfell2009

    Change the voting rewards - SpaceShuttleFan and numerous others.
    The Empire Guide In-Game - DeadSkaia
    Double XP on special days - gypsyluke77
    Official EMC Texture Pack - SpaceShuttleFan
    Bring back AFK kicks - BiscuitBoy5396
    New perks for voting - albinopolarbear1
    Signs functioning as buttons - Ethereum
    Take tamed wolves through world portals - Xenonrai
    Book & Quill images - killerbyte12
    Disable villager eggification - nicpic100
    Verified alts - JackBiggin
    Official spleef arena - msaccaro05
    Minecraft Xray iPhone app - Jeanzl2000
    Challenges - one_withlife
  4. Reserved due to the now rediscovered character limit.
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  5. Reserved due to the now rediscovered character limit.
    (Yes, posts have gone missing - my apologies)
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  6. nice summary, can you change color away from blue for accepted >.<? I was like "uh.... why are so many of these things accepted that I def don't want" lol.
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  7. Nice jack! This is gonna help new players know what has been suggested :)
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  8. Thanks. This will help a lot
  9. I'ma post the link to the thread with my idea here. :p
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  10. No need - when I get to the page we're at now, I'll add it then. I'm having to do this in a very particular order.
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  11. Why are 98% of them all accepted and pending? o.o

    have you asked Sr.staff yet?
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  12. They're not lol... most links are uncolored, unless you're seeing something different to me. :confused:
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  13. Whups, already posted. Would you like me to delete the link? o-o
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  14. The links are blue so it is hard to tell the difference.
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  15. For me they're orange... Next time I'm on a PC I'll get them changed to something more sensible. :)
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  16. Oh, Just noticed the difference...

    Suggestion: Make it Pink instead of blue :D
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  17. Also i think it would be nice if noteblocks and records could be heard at full volume throughout the res they are on but not outside of the res. This would help to inspire things such as songs made of noteblocks and even just some server get-togethers.
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  18. That is a good idea.
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  19. Please suggest on it's own thread in the suggestion box. This isn't the correct place to do so. :)
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