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  1. So I run a villager trading Emporium that I charge an entry fee for (some may have a comment on charging for this, please don't post here about it. Click my sig, go to that thread and comment) This involves a customer buying a piece of gravel from a normal shop or giving the money to me directly, and then me checking my rupee history to confirm the payment before manually giving them access with an [Access] sign. I know many other hotel owners and the like have to do this as well. Now, the problem is:

    1. The time taken between paying for said access, and the receiving
    2. Dishonest people receiving payment but never giving access
    3. The complexity of the transaction. Instead of just being able to click a sign and get the the item (such as shops allow), you've got to wait around for someone to give you it, or in some cases until they're actually online. The ambiguity of the purchase puts customers off who actually do want the service offered.

    I have a solution I think would solve all three problems: Shop Doors.

    The idea is this:

    Like normal shop signs, Shop Doors allow you to purchase access by left-clicking on them. Right-clicking won't sell the access, but maybe give a chat readout of who has access through the door, and for how much longer (res owner only perhaps? more on this below)

    The sign setup as follows:
    First line - The player that created the sign, just like shop signs
    Second line - number of people allowed to own access at any one time
    Third line - Price of access. Again, same as shop signs
    Fourth line - Duration of access in hours

    Number of people allowed access. This allows it to be used in whatever situation you need. If, say, the door gives access to a hotel room, you only want one person to get in there at a time, and so would put the number to one. If you're doing something like my trading emporium, you want to put it to a much, much larger number. Or anywhere in between, such as for a VIP area. Leaving it blank could set it to unlimited. If more than the number set tried to buy access through the door, it'd pop up a message similar to the shop signs "out of stock" notice, maybe reading "No Vacancies" or something.

    Duration in hours. It allows you to set how long the customer is able to get through the door. For hotels, this might be weeks or months, for other places, such as a private brewing room, it might be only a few hours. Or maybe only a one-time access, by setting it to a fraction of an hour. Using hours means it gives the greets variability, but once placed, this line should convert to more understandable units (i.e. If you enter 24 onto this line, it will display 1D; 23 will be 23hr; 730 would be 1M. Leaving it blank could either make it infinite or only one-use, depending on which would be more useful to people).

    Now, some may be worried, "What happens when the access times out to my hotel room?"
    That'd be in part the res' owner's problem and in part yours. Perhaps, if they could see who had access and when it would finish, they could send out warnings to people. Another way would be to enable the access to be purchased again by the same person before it times out, thus never leaving the room open to anyone else. Possibly when you re-purchase, the time you had left could be added to the new time, but this could lead to people buying months of access at one time which mayn't be so good.

    Anyway, that's my idea. I think many in the community would appreciate the ease of such a system, but please do say what you think of the idea. Thanks for reading! :D
  2. Good idea if you ask me but might cause a bit to big strain on the server :(
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  3. Actually, it would only cause about as much lag as chest shops. This could also work for things like levers or buttons, making gambling possible again
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  4. good idea :D
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  5. Yes, I love gambling.
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  6. I'm not so sure about buttons and leavers working this way. There's been some discussion in the forum before about adding shop signs to buttons for casino and such, but the general consensus is if you can turn buttons into shops, cheats can easily then not link the redstone to the dispenser. I like the ideas here for button signs instead:

    But doors have none of these such problems! I'm no coder, so I don't know how practical such a system would be to setup, but I have faith JustinGuy and the others could do it :D
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  7. This idea does have a major problem. If someone with permission opens it, then other people can come through the door as well, especially if the player limit in the area is very high.
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  8. Hence a pressure plate on the other side. And if that fails then the owner can simply -move them.
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  9. But then you can just feed the cheater to icc.
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  10. I like the idea, but it seems like everything is aiming towards sucking rupees out of other players now :(
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  11. That isn't the point of this function. People already run things that rely on giving people access through a certain door. This function makes it much less messy to do. If someone put it up around their res spawn, would you go onto their res? Or if you looked inside a hotel room and saw no crafting table? Would you buy it? No. Same as you wouldn't buy something ridiculously expensive. The point is, it's the customer that dictates the service quite often, and you can only "suck" rupees from people if the service you're offering is good.

    Yes, but that's also possible now. I've got one guy in my Villager trading that's always leaving the door open :( Part of paying for the service is it's for you only, and if they abuse that, then you should remove their permission.
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  12. well then, the guy could just open the door for EVERYONE ELSE in the server, and keep on opening it each time the pressure plate on the other end closes it for more people to use.
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  13. Tried to add pics, but they make the post too long! :(
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