Signs Functioning As Buttons

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  1. If you've been on EMC for a while, you will know that there are many manually operated restaurants and casinos. While these are fun, you can only use them when an operator is standing nearby.

    HOWEVER, what if you could click on a sign for it to function as a button, as long as the sign is above the dispenser/jukebox/etc! (A similar function that we already have is the shop sign that you can place above chests)

    With this, you could make automated casino machines and food vendors :)

    [Nothing here]-will become player name
    [Btn]- Short for button [so the sign will function as a button sign]
    [Number (for instance 1)]- Signifies how many times it will act as a button before waiting for another click.
    [Price in #]- Price for using the button sign.
  2. LOVE THE IDEA and first post :cool:
  3. This is a great idea. It would help everyone so much, especially the new huge casino on SMP-1!
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  4. Luv dis idea. <3 Well thought of, a good idea, nice job.
  5. *Hash is thinking about his Flemings enterprise*
  6. Yes, yes i am.
  7. Bumpity bump :)
  8. This is a great idea and I love it
  9. This is the best idea thought up by a community member in a long time! This could also be used as entry to theme parks! My sister JazzyFina is working very hard on a theme park at the moment and we want it to make some money but also be available at all times this would grant us that ability! Given the sign shop programming is already there this should be an easy fix for Justin! Can't wait to see if it gets into the long list of upcoming features!
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  10. Indeed, you could use it to open iron doors ;D
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  11. That's good.
  12. Oh I thought of something! What if on the second line instead of typing btn or button what if you could also type lvr short or lever. That would be cool!
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  13. that it would :rolleyes:
  14. It would be helpful for the new coming huge casino on SMP-1. They could focus on something more important while other people play slots.
  15. Just a small edit (imo)

    [Nothing here]-will become player name
    [Btn]- Short for button [so the sign will function as a button sign]
    [Pulse]- Signifies how long time the button pulse will be "On" for. 8 ticks is normal for a button, but as a redstone geek, it would make more sense adding a custom pulse length at he sign to make the contraptions smaller and add a nice feature to the sign..
    [Price in #]- Price for using the button sign.

    Add: a 500r price to set it up.
  16. This would be awesome, but I think that jeremy, Airkar and Justin are really busy and might not have enough time as of right now.
  17. Like press sign, he pays me activates redstone, activates dispencers gives food, Awesome! :D
  18. Why would we need that? It's like charging 500R for a chest shop. Just my opinion. :)

    I think the sign should go above the input device itself, not over what it's powering. That would allow for more flexibility.
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  19. I had a similar idea, your's better!
  20. Adding the sign above the button is a nogo, and will be used tomscam with, since the sign can be hidden..

    "press here for free diamonds" trooollleedd..

    Anywho. The sign as button, works...

    And as of the fee for setting it up, check the new shopsystem for fees.
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