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  1. This is going to sound like a trivial and simple request, but it seems that the current EMC ban screen has a few 'problems' that might be good to 'fix'.

    1. As far as I know, it only says which mod bans you when you are banned. If you try and reconnect after that then it wont show the name. Maybe show the name all the time?
    2. Underneath the ban reason, put instructions on how to appeal the ban. Hopefully people would get the idea and not appeal on the public forums.
    So yeah, it sounds trivial but just something I thought of.
  2. Good idea Jack. I think this should be the new format:
    You were perma/temp/banned for ********** <---- Reason by *** <--- The moderator
    "Click here to appeal the ban or put this link in the url"
    ********* <--- Example
    And if you temp banned: Ban will be lifted in *** days.
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  3. This Might be possible in a future update.
    Currently All that the plugins can do is change is What it says with limited space.
    Maybe this formatting or extra space might be added in 1.4
  4. Or...

    Oops! It looks like you decided to break our rules. In return, we've decided to give you a little break from EMC.
    Your crime was x
    You may return in: X Hours/Days/Years since the ban hammer didn't hit you that hard. |or| ICC ate you so you can never return.
    The mod that took your life was called name.
    To appeal, PM them on the forums. Posting in a public place will result in your appeal being denied.
  5. LOL That's way better... :p
  6. Agreed
  7. Putting something related to the Ban Hammer and it being fed would be cool as well.
  8. Fix'd :p
  9. :) Hope a mod sees this.
    *Cough* The Cow *Cough*
  10. Or...

    Looks like you decided to break our commandments, so merry christmas to you, your present was a ban from the server!
    (temp ban)
    The person who hit you with the ban hammer was (mod name) and you've been knocked out cold for (days/hours/weeks/years). Appeal the ban by sending the moderator who banned you a private message on the forum. Your crime was (rule/s broken here)
    (ban forever)
    The person who hit you with the ban hammer was (mod name), and you were knocked out cold. But a hungry IceCreamCow found you and ate you D:
    Oh, and just to let you know, you were banned for (rule/s broken here)
  11. I'm on Twitch too. Bam.
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  12. off topic but you've been having some amazing ideas and other things lately, like how you diffused that situation on a certain smp yesterday ( keep up the great work)
  13. Hey everyone!
    Just try not to get ban!
    EMC will be a happier place!
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  14. but... but what about those griefers already? dont they get to get swung at a few times with the ban hammer?
    or maybe the perma-kick axe since banning is too mainstream.
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  15. Ban Hamster > Perma-Kick Axe > Ban Hammer
    'nuf said.
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  16. the fate of the ban hammer being put up and allowed to rust
  17. No just get the temp ban shovel and wack them a few times, they'll get the message, if that doesnt work just use the banhammer.
  18. I think having the Mod name in the connection message that says you're banned is essential. Since you can only appeal a ban by sending them a pm, it's kinda harsh not to tell them who to send the pm to!