get rid of MASSIVE farms!

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  1. Hello I would just like to voice a concern that i have about the farms on EMC. many people such as a neighbor as mine (that hasnt been on the server in months) has no home just massive farms it only generates lag and angers me noone needs that many cows/chickens also i am wondering i saw when I joined the server that you had said that after 10 days of not logging into the server your residence would be deleted why do you not do this?

  2. after 10 days the res automatically deletes, but they probably log in every few days or so it doesn't delete it.

    you can go to there res, and if it doesn't tell you there name when you walk on it, then do /res info, while you are standing on the res. then do /p [name] and it will tell you the last time they have logged in.
  3. That's false. It's not automatically reset. I believe only Senior Staff member or higher ranked staff can manually remove residences. PM one of them with your problem&resnumber, according to who is online at that moment. Hope this helped.
  4. i always thought it was automatic, i guess i never really looked into it, but that would make sense so then if a glitch of some odd, rare sort happened, then it wouldn't just delete random residences, they would have to get approval to be deleted.
  5. After 10 days it goes on the derelict list and is in queue to be reset. It's supposed to auto reset after 30 I believe, but I think people can have it reset by a Senior staff.
  6. or you can do /res reset
  7. True but that can only be done by the owner, he said the owner hadn't been on in over 10 days.
  8. who is the owner darkshade?
  9. last seen 59 days ago 59 and his res is still there
  10. panicffxi
  11. You should be able to start a private message with Shaunwhite and ask if he could egg/kill the chickens then reset the res?
  12. Mods have lives outside EMC and resetting residences is only a top priority when there are no residence left in the server. You can contact IcecreamCow or Shaunwhite1982 to reset the res. They also can't reset if the person has told them about a temporary leave.
  13. Or if someone has a million and one chickens and cows and hasnt been on in ages.
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  14. When people aren't using Massive amounts of animals- It is always encouraged to Eggify them. The exception is usually sheep since they are colored. It takes relatively little time for Animals to grow up. Just Spawn them as soon as you log on- go do something else in your residence; then go kill, breed, whatever you want with the animals; when done with everything, Egg them all up (Especially if it will be a while before you are online again)

    *This is for all players, not just this derelict person in the post*
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  15. That should be a rule. :D
  16. I don't get why the guy needs so much animals if he doesn't find a use for them, and for 59days? His res should be resettled already. He is just causing neighbours around him to have a bad lag causing a bad day. Just ask Shaun or Jeremy to reset his res. sheesh inconsiderate people
  17. It is common courtesy-

    It is fairly common knowledge that the fastest way to breed animals is in large numbers; so I really don't want to restrict them of this luxury, but it does effect the game performance of other peoples residences even if you have a super computer. There isn't any reason to create a massive animal farm, and then just let it set for 95% of the week. It only would add extra strain to the server. This is one of the reasons EMC doesn't advertise that it is "Lag-free". As a whole, EMC has very little lag, but it does get laggy when there is a whole ton of Mobs and other factors. They could make it a rule that it is perma-bannable to create lag like this (Some servers do ban for reasons such as this). This would be a silly thing to do though.

    Wow, I went off on a slight Tangent there :p lol
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  18. Tangents are good sometimes :)
  19. He could possibly have only had a few and then someone came along and started feeding them as well. I just now thought of that. Plus them laying eggs means "oh hey, free ammo!"
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  20. Can you feed other people's animals? without any flags?