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Jun 19, 2017
Mar 12, 2012
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Jun 19, 2017
    1. lameidl
      Hello zeke!
      1. zeke1o0o
        hello lameidl, how is the utopia wild going?
        Dec 13, 2013
      2. lameidl
        Good... used more acacia than I expected because its sort of ugly...
        Dec 13, 2013
      3. lameidl
        Well I am going to have to make a statue of the pokemon I named the city after... "Riolual" is the name of the city and the pokemons name is "Riolu".
        Dec 16, 2013
    2. zervados
      Umm zeke, why is 14869 no move?
      1. zeke1o0o
        Jul 31, 2013
    3. iceman542
      Hi thanks so much!!!
    4. Pab10S
      Not sure what to do for the top. In the pic I sent, they have some sort of circular structure up there. What people will see the most will be the bottom and inside so I think if we leave it to the last, an idea will come.

      I'm sure my thoughts will change as we go...
    5. Pab10S
      Your ground building can be made to look like part of the design too. I've been trying to think of what materials we could use. I don't care for the sound of walking on wool, or the texture for that matter, but it may be good for the outer shell. Stone slabs are a nice light techie color. They'd work good for the floors inside.
    6. Pab10S
      I think if there's room, we could make the rooms a bit rounded. I noticed when i was working on the floors we were getting close to the edge, but didn't check how close. I'd like people to be able to view the ground too so we need to include portals, windows, or small openings in the design.
    7. Pab10S
      I googled around a bit but something about this one attracted me. I like the ornamentation on the bottom. They make me think of antennas or sensors. It's a lot more ornate than what I have in mind but I think we could do something similar pretty easily.
    8. Pab10S
      Also, do you think we should try selling Nether brick? Our new neighbor seems to have plenty, but you never know and that fortress we found contains more than we'll ever need. There's not very many people building with it, but if it was available...

      There are a couple of shops now that are linking Nether Portals with Monorailx's store. Monorailx was the one I was trying to remember last night who sells wool.
    9. Pab10S
      Hey Zeke. I thought it would be a good idea to contact you here because the chat interface is so unwieldy.

      I checked some of the shops last night. I bought glass, stone, and cobble at the ones that were really cheap. If there's a request for something we have and they are responding I'm just going to sit out in chat.
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