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Feb 10, 2013
Apr 28, 2012
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Yay for locked threads! :) :) :) Aug 12, 2012

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Feb 10, 2013
    1. _animeister
      Please open your shop again, please
    2. mogrimoogle
      Yay for locked threads! :) :) :)
    3. michael102
      Hello Mogrimoogle :D I know that u might not open the shop again but atleast let the community buy whats left in the shop. 14141 is the only shop running and im pretty sure belugh doesnt even play on smp7. I really miss the shop and i really miss beaver and You :)
      1. marknaaijer likes this.
    4. 14wcooley
      how much would a signature thingy like alexes be
    5. Jasper145
      Hey Mogrimoogle, when exactly are you going to open the store back up? I refuse to go to anywhere else but The Bizarre Bazarre :).
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      2. Jasper145
        So you closed just because people threaten you?
        Jun 30, 2012
      3. mogrimoogle
        No. I explained in the post that I've become somewhat disappointed in some of the community. And while there are a some good players out there, it takes a lot of work to keep the shop running and we realized the community we were serving wasn't the same as when we started.
        Jun 30, 2012
      4. Jasper145
        Oh... well I'm sorry to hear that. If you want, I can run the shop for you guys until you decide you want to start again. If you want...
        Jul 4, 2012
    6. mogrimoogle
      Come visit Beaverbeliever and me at our shop The Bizarre Bazaar at 14010 on SMP7!
    7. Vandheer55
      I spy a Moogle! :D
      1. mogrimoogle likes this.
    8. Terminator908
      I remember that you bought all of my gold ingots from my shop. I was wandering if you still needed more. If so I have a stack and a half in my shop waiting for you.
    9. MR_SOL
      Hay I'm going on vacation till July so I will not be able to supply the shop. Sorry for any inconvence.
      1. mogrimoogle
        Okay! Thanks so much for everything and hope to see you soon! Have a wonderful vacation. :)
        Jun 1, 2012
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