Feb 7, 2012
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In a van down by the river
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I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare Sep 16, 2021 at 5:54 PM

    1. Unoski
      I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare
      1. UltiPig likes this.
    2. Unoski
      Remember when you bought a cow and you had to haul it halfway across the server to your plot?
      1. UltiPig
        Eggification was a thing when I joined, but I may or may not have gotten my sheep from another residence.
        Sep 4, 2021
    3. Unoski
      Does anybody actually enjoy the custom mob risk gauge?
    4. 607
      I'm glad to see you. :)
      1. Unoski likes this.
      2. Unoski
        Glad to see you too. Any particular reason or just general love?
        Aug 25, 2021
      3. 607
        General love. :P I remembered that you once said never to return, and I generally don't like people breaking their word, but this time I don't mind so much. :P
        Aug 26, 2021
    5. Unoski
      The communists have the music
      1. DaybreakerMC likes this.
    6. Unoski
      I feel like we need a mini-series on John McAfee's life.
      1. 607 and Kryarias like this.
      2. 607
        I thought you were joking at first, but then I looked over his Wikipedia page.
        I think that if you allow the regular amount of fictionalisation, you could get multiple seasons out of it...
        Aug 25, 2021
    7. Unoski
      Can I interest you in everything all of the time?
      1. SteamingFire
        Jun 23, 2021
    8. Unoski
      Work isn't requiring us to wear a mask if you're fully vaccinated. This is paradise.
    9. Unoski
      Just in case you were wondering, Subnautica: Below Zero is amazing
      1. McAwesome_09 likes this.
      2. McAwesome_09
        Jun 1, 2021
    10. Unoski
      Maintenance at my apartment complex. "Hey, we're just going to sand your door and remove the weather stripping. We don't work weekends so we'll be back monday to finish the job." I hope it doesn't rain.
    11. Unoski
      Hot take: We shouldn't mourn racists and homophobes.
      1. SoulPunisher
        Or people who are part of an institution that colonised people's homelands in the 1400s and 1500s and then had their armies massacre civilians they didn't like as recently as 1992 and attempted to prolonged a conflict until 2007? :D
        Apr 10, 2021
      2. 607
        I didn't see the news that this in relation too, but I would mourn racists and homophobes, and pray that they may receive insight before they die. If they'd already died, I would mourn that they did probably did not.
        Apr 11, 2021
    12. Unoski
      Zack Snyder's Justice League was bad and they should feel bad.
      1. SoulPunisher
        I want to watch it but I also don’t want to sit through 4 hours of that dumbass Justice League movie + 4:3 aspect ratio
        Mar 20, 2021
      2. Unoski
        Reminds me heavily of infinity war + end game, but all around worse since we didn't get to know most of the roster until this team up so they used half the movie to introduce some backstory.
        Mar 20, 2021
    13. Unoski
      Coming Soon: Public Smooth Stone Generator
    14. Unoski
      The coolest I've ever felt is when my English II teacher had our final be to grammar check an article on the internet and make any necessary changes. I decided to do a grammar check on her syllabus and I got an A on the assignment.
      1. Lukas3226
        Were there many changes necessary? :D
        Mar 4, 2021
      2. Unoski
        You'd be surprised. If you take a look at your current syllabi, you can spot several mistakes.

        I only did it to turn the assignment on its head for fun.
        Mar 4, 2021
    15. UltiPig
      you were nick5013 the whole time?
      1. Unoski
        No, lol. If I were, I would be banned. It was a temp name change for some laughs.
        Feb 17, 2021
    16. Unoski
      Getting my second COVID shot on the 21st. Excited!
      1. CatNapInn
        That's awesome!
        Jan 11, 2021
      2. The_Mancub
        looks like someone has COVID
        Jan 11, 2021
    17. Unoski
      Finished editing Deal or No Deal, Live! (Prerecorded). Should be posted sometime before 12, hopefully.
    18. Unoski
      Almost 5 years later and you can't have your own normal skeleton horse.
      1. TheJuniorMint and Burki like this.
    19. Unoski
      You lost the game
      1. white_trash_dna likes this.
      2. AnonReturns
        Dec 7, 2020
      3. white_trash_dna
        why do I look at peoples status updates.... :(
        Dec 7, 2020
    20. Unoski
      Thought: The most difficult maze in EMC
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    In a van down by the river
    Being a badass God
    Original Name: SkyDragonv8
    Favorite Block: Stone Slabs

    That's really all you have to know about me.