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Arkansas, United States
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jewel_king is a robot Apr 25, 2021

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    1. gX4ZDe73QafmMVxq
      do you have a all white map art?
      1. UltiPig likes this.
      2. UltiPig
        not yet
        May 14, 2021 at 11:03 AM
    2. UltiPig
      jewel_king is a robot
    3. UltiPig
      Happy Pi Day!
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    4. wafflecoffee
      The "If you could meet one person, who would it be?" in your Q&A aged badly
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      2. UltiPig
        I don't get it
        Feb 17, 2021
      3. UltiPig
        I still don't get it
        Mar 13, 2021
    5. UltiPig
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    6. UltiPig
      1. MoreMoople
        Yes! Aikar memes are great, lol.
        Jan 11, 2021
      2. UltiPig
      3. CatNapInn
        Jan 11, 2021
    7. UltiPig
      That moment when you log on to the forums after a few days and see alerts, but they’re from wiki page edits...
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    8. UltiPig
      I'm working on coming up with a new name for Emerald Exchange (the villager trading area), so it isn't confused with the other one (an emerald store), which was first. Post your suggestions here if you have any!
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      3. BlinkyBinky
        Why not rename the store instead?
        Nov 22, 2020
      4. wafflecoffee
        The other one isn't owned by Ulti
        Nov 22, 2020
      5. BlinkyBinky
        Oh sorry, I’m not involved enough to have known :(
        Nov 23, 2020
    9. UltiPig
      Happy Veterans Day! If you or someone is/was in the military, there are a lot of restaurants giving out free food.
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    10. Rhycicles
      You just
      You just liked one of my posts from 2014

      I have so many questions
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      2. UltiPig
        It reminded me of when you used to be active, so I liked it
        Nov 11, 2020
    11. UltiPig
    12. UltiPig
      Suggestion: make use:bed true by default again (to make /res info clean).
      1. chickeneer
        What. But why? Why would you want that?
        Oct 18, 2020
      2. UltiPig
        I don't understand why this is even a flag. lol
        Oct 18, 2020
      3. FadedMartian
        is this even a flag :o
        Oct 22, 2020
    13. UltiPig
      I liked some super old posts of still-active members in a thread titled "North Korea has 'entered' war with South Korea." Now it's time to imagine the mild confusion.
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      3. 607
        I don't recall that! Let me look it up.
        Oct 15, 2020
      4. 607
        Wasn't expecting it to be a serious thread. :P Interestingly, I have a like on a single post there, which is the image in one of the first replies, but the image has been removed from imgur.
        Oct 15, 2020
      5. Rhycicles
        I was wondering about that
        Oct 15, 2020
    14. BenMA
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      2. UltiPig
        Oct 14, 2020
    15. nfell2009
      Omg stop liking my really old posts lol. They are totally cringe at this point. It's like when Facebook gives you a memory and it's just awful lol
      1. UltiPig likes this.
      2. UltiPig
        you weren't the only one :) lol
        Oct 10, 2020
    16. UltiPig
      I got hired for a temporary position last month... I'm expecting to become more active again next month!
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    17. UltiPig
      The villagers at +EE and +CK on SMP8 have workstations now.
      1. BlackKnightess
        Thank you for upgrading those areas so we can use the villagers again. We appreciate it!
        Jul 19, 2020
    18. UltiPig
      It's snowing!
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      2. CatNapInn
        I was listening to classical music all morning and honestly this makes me so happy. It sounds so nice and I always appreciate good noteblock creations, I used to make small ones a long time ago.
        Apr 9, 2020
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    Arkansas, United States
    Undergraduate Student
    Post "9H73-39wG" on my profile to get a free iron voters pickaxe
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    Post "6767" on my profile for a free iron voters shovel! This was posted on October 13th, 2020.
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    Reveal the spoiler below to learn a little bit more about me.
    I got this straight from the Contribution Team Members wiki page, but I added the date of my departure to the first paragraph.

    UltiPig joined Empire Minecraft on May 30th, 2013, and was part of the Contribution Team from August 5th, 2014 to January 29th, 2017. "Before buying Minecraft, I looked at a list of servers on a website. This was the first server I chose, and I stuck with it."

    What do you like to do IRL? I like to play the piano, drive electric cars, and work with electronics. I like to play Minecraft, of course, and I also like to hang out with my friends when I have free time.
    Favorite animal and why: My favorite animal would be pigs. I have a pig skin on Minecraft — I just like them.
    Favorite website: empireminecraft.com
    Favorite thing about EMC: My favorite thing about EMC is its welcoming community.
    Favorite color and why: My favorite color is green... that's it.
    Favorite Minecraft feature: "Gravity" -MrGraywolf
    Favorite Minecraft block: Quartz Blocks
    If you were a mob in Minecraft, what would you be and what would you do? I would be a pig and I think I already am cause of my skin. heheheheh
    Favorite music: I like older music (Led Zepplin, Radiohead, America, Bread, Alice in Chains, Metallica, Bad Company, etc.) and classical music (Mozart, Beethoven, Mussorgsky, Brahms, Erik Satie, Fryderyk Chopin, and many more).
    Pets? I have two cats, two dogs, and three birds in my household.
    If you had to lose one sense, what would it be? I would lose my sense of taste
    Favorite cookie: Oatmeal cookies
    Favorite quote: Philippians 4:13: "I can do everything through him who gives me strength."
    If you could meet one person, who would it be? I'd meet Elon Musk because he is an excellent engineer, businessman, entrepreneur, and innovator.