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Nov 23, 2015
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For whatever reason, my normal Minecraft launcher seems to be working again. I felt the urge to try it this morning, and it worked! I noticed that I had automatic windows updates off after replacing my graphics card and turned them on. I doubted it'd do much, but it seems it did! May 16, 2024

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Jun 22, 2024 at 9:07 PM
    1. We3_MPO
      For whatever reason, my normal Minecraft launcher seems to be working again. I felt the urge to try it this morning, and it worked! I noticed that I had automatic windows updates off after replacing my graphics card and turned them on. I doubted it'd do much, but it seems it did!
    2. We3_MPO
      Exactly a month later, I'm now unable to launch Minecraft for a different, still-unknown reason that suddenly started within the past few days, forcing yet another unwanted indefinite hiatus. Technical issues are the worst! http://emc.gs/t/87681/
    3. We3_MPO
      I'm running out of the patience needed to get this nether highway safe from ghasts and blazes, safe from falls and suitable for camels. Instead of something helpful and rewarding, I'm getting more of the chaos and burnout I'm facing in far too many ways in real life. Help! :(
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      2. We3_MPO
        The issue isn't piglins. They'll spawn anywhere, the road will be covered, and golden boots are a cheap and simple fix to make piglins neutral. I don't want ghasts and blazes attacking people either, though. The road's already technically drivable for non-camel riders; it's just a meter too short for camel riders and still unsafe in general.
        May 6, 2024
      3. Fred_TWK
        that's why I was suggesting that y level. it's very easy to close off the sides to avoid being bothered by ghast&co., and the worst you have to contend with is [zombie] piglins, that, as you confirmed, are not that much of an issue
        May 6, 2024
      4. We3_MPO
        I appreciate the suggestion! Nonetheless, it's too far along to change that. At this point, it'd be more feasible to finish it than rebuild it.
        May 6, 2024
    4. We3_MPO
      It turns out, all I needed was a new driver. I was skeptical but accepted mom's offer to try to help anyways, and it paid off. Minecraft works now!
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      2. Joy_the_Miner
        I'm glad! Welcome back! :D
        Apr 10, 2024
      3. KatydidBuild
        Sometimes Moms know stuff 😉 gg Mom
        Apr 13, 2024
    5. We3_MPO
      First Tuesday of March: the presidential primary election here in Tennessee. The second Tuesday: my twenty-first birthday. The third Tuesday: therapy (and probably a hair appointment too). I wonder whether something will come up on March 26 to complete the pattern!
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    6. We3_MPO
      9 districts in my state
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    7. We3_MPO
      Did the price of emeralds drop dramatically? If not, naMrorriM must've won a good deal on those emerald blocks in a recent auction! 36,000r for an entire double chest of emerald blocks is only about 1.15740740740740741r per gem! (The 407 would repeat forever.)
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      3. We3_MPO
        That's true, but 1r per gem? Crazy! I don't remember them ever being anything close to that cheap!
        Feb 3, 2024
      4. Tuqueque
        In EMC economy bulk usually means a worst price for the seller
        Feb 4, 2024
      5. ultipig
        21r each in 2014 lol
        Feb 5, 2024
    8. We3_MPO
      AccuWeather actually said it got to -13 degrees Fahrenheit on the ridge I live on, not -9. It just recorded those as the lows of the morning it happened rather than the previous night, so I didn’t know the true extent of the cold that morning.
    9. We3_MPO
      It got to -9 degrees Fahrenheit on the ridge where I live this morning. This is probably the coldest it's been here since 1989! Although the valley just to our south only fell to one degree Fahrenheit, and the deep snow that caused it in the first place is also a good insulator.
    10. We3_MPO
      Four inches of snow in Nashville, six in Murfreesboro and seven in Cookeville? High of only sixteen degrees Fahrenheit? Likely to take over a week to fully melt? No thanks!
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      2. farmerguyson
        How much snow does that area usually get?
        Jan 16, 2024
      3. We3_MPO
        Usually about five inches in an entire year. Nashville ended up actually getting way more than expected more like the other two, so we got more in a single event than we typically get in a whole year.
        Jan 16, 2024
    11. We3_MPO
      I wish jungle bushes had some sort of functionality and could be replanted. Like, why not make them hazelnut bushes or something so you could replant them and eat the nuts? I also wish rose bushes generated in jungles, bore rose hips and could hurt you.
    12. We3_MPO
      It's officially my ninth EMC anniversary! That's just one more year before I'll reach the double digits! (Yes, it is today; We3_10AC just joined very late on January 2, 2015.)
      1. Joy_the_Miner
        Congrats! I'm quite late to EMC on January 24th, 2015. I never got into Multiplayer Minecraft for a long while, despite owning it since early 2012. XD
        Jan 3, 2024
      2. We3_MPO
        I wouldn't say that that's "late." Not an OG, but still early on in EMC at this point.
        Jan 3, 2024
    13. We3_MPO
      Happy New Year! That also means that tomorrow is my EMC anniversary (in-game on my other account).
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    14. We3_MPO
      Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow USA residents!
    15. We3_MPO
      Happy Veterans Day, and thanks for your service to any Veterans out there!
    16. We3_MPO
      The first person has claimed his htown plot on SMP6. . . .but he's going to use it for something remarkably simple.
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      2. Impaxis
        The second persom has claimed his htown plot on smp6. . . .but he's gonna use it for something terrible.
        Oct 25, 2023
    17. We3_MPO
      I voted for the crab. I want all three - I really wanted another bird, more warm-climate land life and an aquatic arthropod - but I ultimately had to choose the one with the most functionality (especially for me as a builder). I'll respect whatever choice you make/made.
    18. We3_MPO
      I'm in a quandary about which mob to vote for; all three are tempting for different reasons.
      1. StgbtL
        Penguin, because penguin.
        Oct 8, 2023
      2. We3_MPO
        Yeah. I want more birds, which a penguin is. Nonetheless, I also want more warm-climate land life like armadillos and more aquatic life like crabs. Besides, we don't have any aquatic arthropods yet, and all of our birds are either undead (phantoms) or mostly (chickens) or entirely (parrots) native to jungles. Savannas also have underwhelming life.
        Oct 8, 2023
    19. We3_MPO
      Multiple of my pumpkin fruit are ripening, even though I planted late. Nonetheless, the vines are still flowering. I wish Minecraft's pumpkin vines flowered; the big orange pumpkin flowers are really beautiful!
    20. We3_MPO
      Happy 12th birthday, EMC!
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    The Minecraft Paradise Outpost on SMP6 has lots to offer! Thread: emc.gs/t/63120/

    If you need to handle a protected block of mine, please PM me on the forums. I've re-enabled email notifications for private convos so I can handle your requests.

    I am We3_10AC, just FYI.


    MPO Founder
    Hello, fellow EMC players. The below info shows everything you need to know about me.

    I am a founder of the Minecraft Paradise Outpost on SMP6. That is where I spend most of my time on EMC. We mainly specialize in building, but we also try to make our transportation systems better than you'd find most other places and have farms to obtain various items. We have a very organized democracy. If you would like to join, please PM me. Make sure you check often for an application, but keep in mind that it may be a while and that you're not guaranteed to get accepted. We do have every biome from before 1.13. Unfortunately, we only have one Mushroom Island, and only one Ice Spikes that is completely within our boundaries, but we do have more Ice Spikes partially in our boundaries, and we have two each of even Badlands and Jungle.

    I have various hobbies in real life, as well. They include riding around, drawing, partying, studying maps, studying the weather, playing outside (if it's not hot or too cold), hanging out with my friends, and of course, gaming. I even live on a 160+ acre farm where we have four-wheeling trails and several creeks. The property owners, my parents, and I enjoy what we have, and we always try to think about what we can do to improve even more. :cool:

    I have a Jack Russell Terrier that has been with us since July 2012. She's still going strong, even after all these years! :eek:

    I do play other games, too. They include, but aren't limited to, Cities:Skylines, Banished, Transport Fever 2 and American Truck Simulator. The only multiplayer server on a game I currently play on is EMC, because most others seem like they're not interesting, too small, or not good servers for my kind of person. :oops:

    I am also a minority in two ways. First, I am on the autism spectrum. I was diagnosed when I was only two, and am very lucky compared to most autistic people. I would like to tell you all, as someone living with it, that it can be hard, but isn't always extreme. If you would like to know more about Autism, there is a documentary called Autism in Love. I recommend it, because the words are from four people living with Autism and their families. Coincidentally, April 2nd is both my mother's birthday and Autism Awareness Day. Secondly, I also am part of the LGBT+ community because I am gay. I haven't had a boyfriend yet as of May 2024, but am trying to find one. Fortunately, my mom, friends, grandmothers, closest cousins and aunts/uncles are supportive, and I wish everyone was this lucky. I support equality for all (including animal rights), too. I believe that every human has value as long as they do what they enjoy without being mean to others, and that animals and even plants are very valuable (and in the case of animals, I believe should be equal) forms of life too.

    I do also study climate and the weather, and I was fortunate to be born into the subtropical climate of the southeastern USA. I was born in Middle Tennessee and have lived there all my life. My favorite season is Summer because I hate the cold and love storms and bright sunlight, plus I prefer green trees over dead-looking or autumn-colored ones and like flowers. My least favorite is Winter for the reasons stated before, combined with my seasonal anxiety in November, December and January. I prefer autumn over spring due to the warmer, more stable weather and continued green/barren landscape, although I'd still choose late spring over late autumn for the same reasons as summer and winter. I even have a thread about the seasons.

    Do you like to draw and/or look at drawings? I do have a thread where I post some of my digital drawings, and as stated above, I do like to draw; but it's mostly (not entirely, of course) summer/spring stuff because I like colorful stuff and green stuff, and value life in general. The link is: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/we3s-art-thread.75122/

    I hope you found this interesting. If you would like to talk to me, you may PM me, but as always, please do not be rude.


    Some of my favorite quotes:

    "If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals." -Sirius Black (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

    "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." -Yoda (Star Wars)