Feb 27, 2012
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Inspiration just hit me like a wet fish, what if a Diamond supporter perk enabled you to buy or craft if that's possible a supper backpack that would store 27 full shulker boxes, it could be limited to having only one in your inventory or enderchest if it was deemed a problem Sep 15, 2018 at 6:03 AM

    1. Silken_thread
      Inspiration just hit me like a wet fish, what if a Diamond supporter perk enabled you to buy or craft if that's possible a supper backpack that would store 27 full shulker boxes, it could be limited to having only one in your inventory or enderchest if it was deemed a problem
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      2. BrickStrike
        isn't that a bonus chest?
        Sep 15, 2018 at 10:40 AM
      3. Sazukemono
        sadly, though this is an inspired idea, there are a few EULA restrictions (set by Mojang) that keep us from making this kind of thing a supporter perk.

        would be pretty dang useful though! xD
        Sep 15, 2018 at 11:50 AM
      4. Silken_thread
        Well in my mind that's a proper backpack were you get to stuff everything into it :D
        Sep 15, 2018 at 6:07 PM
    2. Silken_thread
      Minecon Earth will be held in Boston 29th September 2018
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    3. Silken_thread
      Celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary today
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      2. MoreMoople
        Happy anniversary!! :D
        Sep 3, 2018
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      2. Silken_thread
        Ah the humble Spud, staple diet of millions around the world, well travelled, contains starch used for keeping clothing looking fresh and crisp also used as a sugar in other food's now that's sweet, you are so useful Mattie :D
        Aug 29, 2018
      3. MattieTheSpud
        haha :D
        Sep 2, 2018
    4. Silken_thread
    5. Tbird1128
      Hope everything is ok. Went to trade with your villagers and the move was off.
      1. Silken_thread
        yeah sorry I need to update shop signs to reflect the current economy, I think a lot of my prices are a bit high so need to readjust a lot - I will try get it done in a day or two
        Aug 26, 2018
    6. Silken_thread
      Considering an adventure when we are 1.13.1
    7. Silken_thread
      My son is visiting from New Zeland at the moment, its great to see him. I love and miss NZ it's a beautiful country
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    8. Silken_thread
      1.3 looks interesting
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      2. PhoenixAffinity
        Do you actually mean 1.3 and not 1.13? Cause in that case must be interesting playing an old version.
        Aug 11, 2018
      3. Silken_thread
        Yeah your right 1.13 - it must have been a reminder to the nightmare of 1.3 coming which was about the worst update mc ever had, broke so much stuff
        Aug 11, 2018
    9. Silken_thread
      Ingame cross server 1 - 2-minute auctions - with auto-transfer of funds and goods,,, ponders the thought and excitement of it all.
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      2. Starsphere
        would be amazing
        Jul 13, 2018
    10. Silken_thread
      Oooh, Ranks, Guide to assist new players through the process of using the commands etc unique to EMC and Helper - probable may not work on EMC but came across these and thought what a good idea.
    11. Silken_thread
      Me thinks EMC needs a server revamp, maybe with some adjustments re-jig the existing servers to make room for a new separate server no voting / transferring of goods, a new main world etc no town, so players live in the wild. maybe towny type thing. Some thinking outside the box!
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      2. AlexC__
        I don't follow those specific suggestions? We have all of them, except no voting (why would we?) so I don't get how they're outside the box
        Jun 25, 2018
        I would like a smp anarchy
        Jun 25, 2018
      4. Silken_thread
        You just want to blow stuff up @The_OP_Villager :D but your right we don't have one of them :D
        Jun 25, 2018
    12. Silken_thread
      Below the bedrock
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    13. Silken_thread
      Don't panic it's almost summer
    14. MattieTheSpud

      Hey Silkie
    15. Silken_thread
      Windows 10 update you're killing my machine stop it.
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      2. mjnoe70
        Progress my man, progress... = )
        Feb 16, 2018
      3. Cardman142
        It killed my old PC because it made the fan work over drive and it stopped working, so my computer overheated. Fun!
        Feb 25, 2018
      4. Silken_thread
        it would be nice if we had a viable alternative, I suspect Apple is it not interested in Ubuntu. Apple is just so expencive in the UK though
        Feb 26, 2018
    16. Silken_thread
      Back to Uni this week, I can't believe this year is half over already a double module poster a presentation, a report and 12 weeks and it will be all over for the first year.
    17. Silken_thread
      I have been looking at new cars recently as my old Corsa is feeling its age, a little bit like me, I just need an easy going part-time job to pay for it :)
    18. Silken_thread
      Its a shame I can't use Rupes to pay for the new domestic water and heating boiler, £#######
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