Jan 24, 2015
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Replacing AAC with Opus. Curse AAC with it's licensing and inferior audio quality! I'm already happy with this change. Jul 14, 2024 at 12:39 PM

    1. Joy_the_Miner
      Replacing AAC with Opus. Curse AAC with it's licensing and inferior audio quality! I'm already happy with this change.
    2. Joy_the_Miner
      First TF2, now Youtube has a bot problem that's out of control. Curious... similar to Valve fixing their game, I wonder how Youtube will go about their own issue. I'll get the popcorn ready when these bot hosters cry about being blocked~
      1. PetezzaDawg
        YouTube is disincentivised from removing bots because it creates the appearance of more traffic which is attractive to advertisers. Until their big name creators start complaining they won’t do anything, and even then they’ve historically been slow to act
        Jul 14, 2024 at 5:08 AM
    3. Joy_the_Miner
      Eagerly waiting for Linux Mint Cinnamon 22 🥰️
    4. Joy_the_Miner
      It's 4th of July in Burgerland
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    5. Joy_the_Miner
      Thanks Gaben for banning the bots from TF2. They be fuming now heh
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    6. triphora
      Have you watched Inside Out 2 yet?
      1. ultipig likes this.
      2. Joy_the_Miner
        I have not! But I really want to because I hear a lot of great things about it! :o
        Jun 24, 2024
    7. Joy_the_Miner
      Waiting for Adobe stock to drop 🍿️😎️
    8. Joy_the_Miner
      Just watched a Windows 7 commercial yesterday, god I feel so old. I cannot believe how long it's been!
    9. Joy_the_Miner
      Get rekt Adobe. Your time has come.
      1. farmerguyson
        I agree with you!!
        Jun 17, 2024
    10. Joy_the_Miner
      Brake-check a trucker, get smashed.
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    11. Joy_the_Miner
      CVE-2024-30078 is scary... 💦️ Please update Windows my fellow Windows Users!!!
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    12. Joy_the_Miner
      De-bloating the device(s) you paid for has never felt so good. Louis Rossmann would be proud of me.
    13. Joy_the_Miner
      Happy 25th Birthday Krita! <3
    14. Joy_the_Miner
      🎶️ Incluuuuuude, Linux! Compiler! 🎶️
    15. Joy_the_Miner
      God I love my new phone. Had it for 1 month, and I'm so glad I upgraded! <3
      1. weeh likes this.
      2. weeh
        What phone did you settle on?
        May 24, 2024
      3. Joy_the_Miner
        I upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S24+. I am so happy because it's a major upgrade from my older phone and it's super smooth <3
        May 24, 2024
      4. weeh
        Brilliant phone : )
        May 25, 2024
    16. Joy_the_Miner
      AMD, please make your APUs more efficient with video transcoding, that's my only wish 🙏️
    17. Joy_the_Miner
      Ubuntu News: *yawn* Linux Mint News: 👀️
    18. Joy_the_Miner
      New phone acquired, never been happier! <3
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      2. farmerguyson
        Are you an Apple kind of person or Android? I have an old S10+ and would really like to upgrade to the latest Samsung for the camera resolution upgrade but I am not a fan of the addition of "AI". AI is the new buzz word and everything "must" have it but I want don't want my phone to think it's smarter than me, well, it might be.
        Apr 19, 2024
      3. MoreMoople
        Nice! What phone did you get, Joy? :)
        Apr 21, 2024
      4. Joy_the_Miner
        I am not Farmerguyson, people have recommended Apple to me but I turned it down because I like the nitty gritty you can do with Android~ For me, the AI features on the phone are pretty cool, nothing "must have", but it really helps me with the image stabilization when recording videos and taking pictures! <3

        And Moople, I got the Samsung Galaxy S24+ I will be treating this like my baby ❤️
        Apr 22, 2024
    19. Joy_the_Miner
      Switched over to Foobar2000 x64 build. In return? Got rock solid stability. I am happy with my decision. :)
    20. Joy_the_Miner
      Binging House MD, got what a great show! Wish I got into it when it was broadcast on TV.
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