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Jan 24, 2015
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Sacramento, California
Digital Artist (various)

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Elite Member, Male, from Sacramento, California

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Dec 8, 2019 at 12:51 PM
    1. Joy_the_Miner
      YODO everyone, remember, you live every day, but you only DIE once. Live each day to your fullest!! ^^
    2. Joy_the_Miner
      Jesus can walk on water, but Chuck Norris swims through land~
      1. Stnywitness likes this.
      2. 607
        If Jesus can walk on water, anyone can, I'd say. You just have to believe (and actually have a reason for it, I suppose...)
        Sep 17, 2019
      3. Stnywitness
        True that.
        Oct 9, 2019
    3. Joy_the_Miner
      In NN, all of RUM's nuclear operators are incompetent. Based off of how the Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant operators were in real life~ :D
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    4. moonmaster_
      Yup, Friday the 13th...
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    5. Joy_the_Miner
      Happy Friday the 13th everyone!! Haha :3
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      2. crystaldragon13
        my favorites together. <3
        Sep 13, 2019
    6. Joy_the_Miner
      "Drawn with a sharpie." >:D
    7. Joy_the_Miner
      Thank you TBird for all your help with locating underground lava lakes for me to mine obsidian! I really appreciate your help!! ^^
      1. Will_McNab and Tbird1128 like this.
      2. Tbird1128
        You're welcome. I still need 4 more stacks for my stack of enderchests but once I get that I will let you know where anymore lava lakes are so you can get more.
        Sep 1, 2019
    8. Joy_the_Miner
      I flew all the way out to the wastelands west world border on SMP1~ ^^
      1. Skiddylicense04 likes this.
      2. Skiddylicense04
        I flew all the way to the end border and back on smp7
        Aug 30, 2019
      3. Joy_the_Miner
        Another flyer? :o Awesome! ^^
        Aug 30, 2019
    9. 607
      Ooh, that signature animation! :o Did you make it yourself, commission it or find a tool?
      1. Lukas3226 and Joy_the_Miner like this.
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      3. 607
        Ha, nice!
        Aug 30, 2019
      4. Lukas3226
        Just saw the animated signature and wanted to express my amazement :D
        Sep 3, 2019
      5. Joy_the_Miner
        Thanks you two, i really appreciate your kind words~ ^^
        Sep 3, 2019
    10. Joy_the_Miner
      WavPack FTW!!!~
    11. Joy_the_Miner
      RF64, why do you have no metadata chunks in the header of your file structure? You are such a nice replacement of the standard .WAV files, yet you lack metadata... why?!?
      1. 607 likes this.
    12. Joy_the_Miner
      Thank you M4V file, you are much better than MP4 files for speedpaints. So much space saved.~
    13. TomvanWijnen
      Why do you end everything with ~ now?
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      2. 607
        Oh well, I give up illustrating it over the internet, then. :P
        Sep 1, 2019
      3. TomvanWijnen
        Starting in, uh, less than 8.5 hours I'll also have free transport during the week, and 40% off in the weekends, so possibly meeting up again becomes a lot easier... so you could explain it then. :P
        Sep 1, 2019
      4. 607
        Haha, yay!
        Sep 1, 2019
    14. Joy_the_Miner
      Joy 1.5 is coming, I think. Joy 2.0 missed her train, stay tuned.~
    15. Joy_the_Miner
      The breakfast cereal (Hickenlooper) is out. Finally!!!
    16. Joy_the_Miner
      The new generation is so spoiled.. I feel like I'm an old man. I remember the days we had our TV sets connected to an antenna in the same room, or you had a cable box. Tape cassettes, and VHS tapes, those were our media.
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      2. MerRhyAndBright
        Keep in mind, your generation grew up with minimal technology, so what kids have nowadays seems excessive. However, they grew up with technology already at their fingertips, so they never knew a world without electronics.
        Aug 12, 2019
      3. SoulPunisher
        It's a good thing, to be honest. My little brother is growing up with more educational materiel at his fingertips than I ever did and automatically knows his way around new devices, which will be immensely useful in his life (mine too, probably). iPads and stuff are probably this generation's equivalent of our VHS tapes and antennas.
        Aug 12, 2019
      4. Warlord678
        Hell, when we have kids (assuming that the human race does not infertility itself to extinction; yes, this is happening in every developed country; yes, it will happen everywhere eventually.), it's likely we'll be in your place, clinging to screens and phones when there is so much better.
        Aug 12, 2019
    17. Joy_the_Miner
      Those who say "yeet" make me lose faith in humanity, and are plebs. :P
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      3. MerRhyAndBright
        Aug 11, 2019
      4. Krysyy
        I say yee yee on occasion, but that's something completely different...
        Aug 15, 2019
      5. Joy_the_Miner
        I agree, you are a sane person to not follow in the footsteps of others. :)
        Aug 15, 2019
    18. Joy_the_Miner
      For you Linux users, type "RM*" into the terminal and you get a free cookie! \o/
      1. Sefl
        Aug 10, 2019
    19. Joy_the_Miner
      Bernie and Warren were on fire last night! Hoping that Biden flops horribly tonight!!!
    20. Joy_the_Miner
      Debates are tonight. Hoping Biden finally drops out!!!
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      3. Joy_the_Miner
        What you said is extremely unlikely to happen. Biden is a very corrupt and weak candidate. Substantively, he has very little to nothing to offer that will improve anything that we got. In some cases, it'll make things worse for us than what we got now. He should have dropped out when Kamila called him out for his segregationist ways in the past during the civil rights movements.
        Jul 30, 2019
      4. ShyguytheGamer1
        Okay you took that more seriously than I would have liked.
        Jul 30, 2019
      5. wafflecoffee
        As someone from Biden's home state, Delaware, I agree with this statement.
        Jul 30, 2019
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    Currently retired. Awaiting 1.14 so I can sharpen my tools again and dive into an underwater mineshaft.~



    Sacramento, California
    Digital Artist (various)
    I'm just a digital nerd in general. I love graphic design stuff as well as audio stuff. (Such as vacuum tubes.) :D

    Also, you will enjoy eating dark chocolate, it's good stuff, the best kind of stuff!

    For those of you who would like to contact me, come catch me on Discord!