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Mar 23, 2013
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, Male, from Southeastern U.S.

Know some great builders on Youtube or here in the Empire? I'm looking for inspiration on medieval builds. Mostly, towns/villages, smaller castles/forts, and small boats. If any of you could point me in the direction, I would be grateful. Thanks! ;) Mar 16, 2019 at 4:37 PM

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Mar 18, 2019 at 9:24 AM
    1. Nickblockmaster
      Know some great builders on Youtube or here in the Empire? I'm looking for inspiration on medieval builds. Mostly, towns/villages, smaller castles/forts, and small boats. If any of you could point me in the direction, I would be grateful. Thanks! ;)
      1. Otus_NigRum
        Mar 16, 2019 at 6:04 PM
      2. Big__Kev
        Exodus has a nice castle and village. I think his player name is ExodusIII. He was knows as destroyerexodus in the past
        Mar 16, 2019 at 6:26 PM
    2. Nickblockmaster
      Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs, is people who have come alive - Howard Thurman
    3. Nickblockmaster
      As often as I get crud in my eyes, getting contact lenses should be an easy adjustment, however it’s tougher than I thought. #Dontgiveup
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      2. TomvanWijnen
        Curious what your issues with them are. I've had contact lenses for about 6 months now, quite happy mostly, but it's definitely not perfect, unfortunately.
        Mar 6, 2019
      3. belac555
        i've had contacts for ohhh,going on 3 years now and i have had very few problems with mine
        Hardest part is learning to put them in
        Mar 6, 2019
      4. MoreMoople
        I've had contacts for a couple years now. My mom used to laugh at me struggling to put them in, but then she tried contacts again and gave up after one day. Apparently they've changed to be thinner.
        Mar 6, 2019
    4. Nickblockmaster
      Went on a trip up to the mountains this past weekend. I got some pretty snaps of the area to share later. 😉
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      3. Nickblockmaster
      4. MoreMoople
        Oooh, so pretty <3
        Mar 5, 2019
      5. TomvanWijnen
        Nice pictures. :D
        Mar 6, 2019
    5. Nickblockmaster
      I just saw I’ve been awarded the trophy - Our Cup of Tea - Content has attracted 750 likes. First I’d just like to thank you all for this achievement. I love being involved here, but the true victory lies with you all - The people! Thank you for being my friends. 😊
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      2. Foxy_Kitty
        your welcome.
        Mar 2, 2019
      3. Agennt
        congratulations! :-)
        Mar 2, 2019
      4. Top_Benny
        Gratz mah Dood!
        Mar 3, 2019
    6. Nickblockmaster
      Unsure of the precise time, but if anyone would like to join me, I’ll go on a waste run and probably an end run when I get online later. Around 5:30-6pm EDT, depending on how the day unfolds. Peace ✌️
    7. Top_Benny
      You are super nice, happy new year bud, cheers!
      1. Nickblockmaster
        Why thank you very much Benny! I appreciate that. Have a great New Year yourself, we'll see you around ;)
        Jan 4, 2019
    8. Nickblockmaster
      Gosh how did this happen ? Oh you've heard too ? Right, how is this year almost over already! Well, in the event I do not pop in for a few, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas my friends. It's been a really great year, and I'm looking forward to what our next brings. Cheers! ;)
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    9. Nickblockmaster
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    10. Nickblockmaster
      Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Mash taters, cranberry muffins, lots of turkey ‘n gravy, green beans, peas, dishes of sweets, and plenty of reasons to be grateful of what I have with the warm people who feel the same. Also, have a great Birthday Aikar! Cheers everybody ✌️
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    11. Nickblockmaster
      Neighbors decided to clear cut their trees right up to our property. I understand, if you absolutely must do it, but I’m gonna miss all those pretty trees. Beautiful the lot of them. Sad to see it go.
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    12. Nickblockmaster
      Returning after a long journey away. I’ve looked online and reached out to one friend whom I haven’t heard back from yet. Is there anyone that would be glad to have me ? I’m a hard worker and good company. I would appreciate it. Peace 😉
      1. HillbillyBeastly
        Been a while! I don't know what server you are on but you're always welcome to come over to my mesa in the wild on SMP1. I'm usually out there or my alt sockmunkyking or on occasion my wife blueyedgirl joins me. Welcome back!
        Nov 12, 2018
      2. Nickblockmaster
        That would be great, thank you!
        Nov 12, 2018
    13. Nickblockmaster
      Oh I see what all the fuss is about. Auction rules changed and all. Well I've been here long enough to know that while not all changes are going to turn in everyone's favor, at the very least, the intentions are meant for a greater cause. Don't be so narrow-minded, be optimistic
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    14. Nickblockmaster
      Got to fly for the first time the other day. On top of that, I have a fear of heights so I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone! Went well better than what I predicted. It's a pretty thing, seeing the world from up there. She's a beauty!
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    15. Nickblockmaster
      Ugh starting to use Windows 10 now. Guess I had to adjust to it sooner or later right! Well here goes nothing.. . or something.
    16. Nickblockmaster
      Rick is leaving TWD. . . Aw I has a sad about that, but I for one sure can respect the decision. Perhaps he's had his good run and he's just ready to be on his way. Cheers to Andrew Lincoln! Will be watching his final season in October.
    17. Nickblockmaster
      Happy 4th of July folks!
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    18. FadedMartian
      I will pay 170r for a DC of Glass, my friend xD I did not even see it!
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      2. Nickblockmaster
        Nah I'm not goin crazy cause an auction went bad. Someone needed it so by all means, beneficial to the winner ;) There will be more coming soon though!!
        Jun 27, 2018
      3. wafflecoffee
        Jun 27, 2018
    19. Nickblockmaster
      I need a victim. Someone look at me! Inside we all like fire anyways.
      1. Nickblockmaster
        Or is it just Ice...
        Jun 27, 2018
    20. ItsMeWolffpack
      Oh no! Its a Pyro main!
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