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May 30, 2014
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Welp wasn't planning on selling one of my heads for a while but recently a couple people have been wanting one so at /v +sefl on /smp7 one of my heads is for sale for the same price it went for in the auction for the first one... 600,000r Apr 1, 2019

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Apr 24, 2019 at 4:48 PM
    1. Sefl
      Welp wasn't planning on selling one of my heads for a while but recently a couple people have been wanting one so at /v +sefl on /smp7 one of my heads is for sale for the same price it went for in the auction for the first one... 600,000r
      1. Starsphere likes this.
      2. Extendingskys
        But since the market now has increased in supply, you can't sell it as that price anymore. Smh. Gotta calculate the new market price
        Apr 1, 2019
      3. Starsphere
        yeah sell them for 2r now
        Apr 8, 2019
    2. Sefl
      Opening day! Lets go Cubbies!
      1. The_Y0sh
        Mar 28, 2019
      2. Krysyy
        I'm going to the game on Sunday, rooting for the Rangers =P
        Mar 28, 2019
    3. Sefl
      Just your friendly neighborhood turtle here to tell you that Only YOU can prevent ocean fires!
      1. NuclearBobomb
        Forest fires*
        Mar 8, 2019
      2. Nickblockmaster
        Wait what. . . Ocean fires šŸ¤”
        Mar 8, 2019
    4. MoreMoople
      Seflzzz! Hi :D
      1. Sefl likes this.
      2. Sefl
        o: its the mad moopster! ;)
        Mar 3, 2019
      3. MoreMoople
        *gasp* where?! *Hides*
        Mar 3, 2019
    5. Sefl
      Did you guys know? that... if you chop wood with 1 dc of iron blocks crafted into iron axes you can make OVER 7.8m in rupees! at 3r per oak log... *The More You Know*
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      2. SpicyIcyBoi
        10 mill for a skip emerald gem
        Feb 26, 2019
      3. BTHarrold98
        Did you work out how long it would take tho?:)
        Feb 26, 2019
      4. The_Y0sh
        Better idea! Buy it from yixo for 1r per log and then sell it for 3r per log. 200% profit margins
        Mar 4, 2019
    6. Sefl
      I wonder if I could get majority of my 123 friends on my EMC friends list to vote for jewel... lol
      1. The_Y0sh
        No I would distract u with: /pay sefl 1
        Feb 23, 2019
    7. Sefl
      I have no idea if I should be proud or ashamed at this... but over the course of 1729 Days I've been logged into EMC (On my 3 accounts) 8,865 Hours roughly... and as many of you know I am very rarely AFK so like MAYBE 1% of that is afk time... 6,781 Hours on my Main account Sefl!
      1. Sefl
        ~5.11 Hours a day over the course of the 1729 days o.o
        Feb 23, 2019
      2. Spherestar
        8.8k hours... That's insane, and slightly concerning :P
        Feb 23, 2019
    8. Sefl
      dang... didnt get any screenshots... y'all missed the invasion on smp3! rofl, Was crazy like 50+ accounts connected at one time ._. (all bots connecting to the tutorial) "bots"
      1. NuclearBobomb and Kryarias like this.
      2. NuclearBobomb
        Who owned them?
        Feb 20, 2019
      3. Sefl
        no idea, I think it was someone trying to crash EMC...
        Feb 20, 2019
    9. Kryarias
      It's funny because I almost took the name Sefl a few days ago
    10. Sefl
      nothing like your dad's truck not starting so you try to push it into the barn as a family and dad slips and falls a couple times on the snowy slush and gives up half way ._. oh such great time
      1. JesusPower2 likes this.
    11. Sefl
      I doubt many people on here will know who he is but I for sure hope some of you look into him. Frank Robinson passed away today. Figured I'd put some stats of his on my profile in the comments on this post seeing as Frank Robinson was a legend of Baseball!
      1. SpicyIcyBoi and belac555 like this.
      2. Sefl
        Born: August 31, 1935 - Debuted on April 17th, 1956 and what a career it was! .294 avg - 2,943 Hits - 586 HR's (10th all time) - 1,812 RBI's and last but for sure not least First black manager in MLB history
        Feb 7, 2019
      3. belac555
        He was also the ONLY player to get the MVP award in the AL and NL
        Feb 7, 2019
    12. Sefl
      that moment you look up a baseball card u sold 2 copies for $5 each back in 2017 and theyre now $50 each ._. oh well... xD
      1. Spherestar likes this.
    13. Sefl
      my favorite meme... is "welcome to the midwest where the weather is unpredictable and the forecast doesnt matter" why its funny is its sooo true... 58 on Thursday this week then 19 on Friday ._. (the highs for each day)
    14. Sefl
      welp gonna be busy this week... just got home with the 80,000 cards! I might come on every once and a while haha!
      1. Eviltoade and MoreMoople like this.
      2. Eviltoade
        Pfft you should be able to sort those in a few hours!
        Feb 3, 2019
      3. Sefl
        haha! theres like 2,500 astros cards i gotta sort aswell ;)
        Feb 3, 2019
    15. Sefl
      Dang man... What does Drew Brees have to do to get a MVP... Oh well... there is always next year
    16. Sefl
      That moment of "OH CRAP" (and a few other words) when you fall outside in the snow cause of Ice with a sprained ankle... and can't get up so you crawl your way out of the icy patch... oh did I mentionI was in shorts and no gloves! Good way to get frostbite Sefl... (I survived)
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      2. BennyLikesCake
        Ouch, glad ya ok
        Feb 1, 2019
      3. JohnKid
        Jeez, Sefl! Be careful :( Glad you're okay though!
        Feb 1, 2019
      4. PhoenixAffinity
        Please don't do anything like that again, man I hope you didn't get frostbite.
        Feb 2, 2019
    17. Sefl
      Aikar? did u forget to pay the bills? or did Chin chew on a wire... or.... are we simply getting a new forum? haha!
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      2. MoreMoople
        Jan 30, 2019
      3. FadedMartian
        Jan 30, 2019
      4. Sefl
        yep there was an internal error it happened to a few of us on smp7 when we were trying to access the forums moople has the screenshot of it
        Jan 30, 2019
    18. Sefl
      So cold already... had to go get the mail its 13 F and 25 mph winds and my mailbox is across my yard and the gravel (dirt atm) road its a good 100+ Feet... lets just say I'm freezing
    19. Sefl
      well then... -30 F to -40 F for Wind Chill tonight and tomorrow... with possible spikes of -50 F ._. Lets hope my electricity stays on and none of our pipes freeze! oh, did I mention its supposed to 50 F later this week like dang mother nature make up your mind!
    20. Sefl
      I am officially freaking out! I got together the money in order to purchase the 80,000 cards >.< now a matter of securing the deal and picking them all up! Officially best day ever after a horrid weekend!
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