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"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." Dr Seuss <3 you all Apr 4, 2021

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    1. Sefl
      "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." Dr Seuss <3 you all
    2. Sefl
      Umbilical Hernia AND stomach issues due to anxiety.... Absolute MONSTER combination :D 10 outta 10 recommend!
    3. Sefl
      Damn got really bad news today... damn this sucks ;-; Hopefully everything turns out okay
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      2. Sefl
        It's april fools day!
        Apr 1, 2021
    4. KatydidBuild
      Hi. Missing you a bit.
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      2. Will_McNab
        Missing him a lot!
        Mar 31, 2021
    5. Sefl
      Oh god.... Drew Brees has officially retired ;-; Sad day for me... Hopefully Taysom over Jameis happens ._. I was hoping to see him pass 90,000 passing yards ;-;
    6. Sefl
      Didn't realize ESPN+ Had a ton of the Indy 500 races to re-watch.... just watched the 2011 Indy 500 again, RIP Dan Wheldon. 2011 Indy 500 finish is one of my favorite of all time!
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    7. Sefl
      Great Job to the Buccaneers Defense... Sad to see Brees not get another ring ._. But props to that Buccaneers defense hope they can stop Rodgers and Adams next week.
    8. Sefl
      Gotta love stock piling 30+ DC's of Wool to make beds for Netherite Mining... Only to find out u barely use it up and TNT is way better ._.
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      2. Burki
        I will happily take all your wool ;P
        Jan 16, 2021
      3. Nickblockmaster
        Ouch. Want to sell some wool? ๐Ÿ˜†
        Jan 16, 2021
    9. Sefl
      Bounty Hunting PvP 10 minutes! (from time of posting 4 PM EST) See Sefl's Official Stream thread reply for more details!
    10. Sefl
      "Analysts - Dalvin Cook is a better Runningback then Kamara" .... - "Kamara - That's when I took it personally" (not my original joke lmao)
      1. Sefl
        "Saints - We need a great offense today"
        "Kamara - So Anyways that's when I started Scoring"
        Dec 25, 2020
    11. Sefl
      Gotta love having a mental breakdown to the point you should prob seek hospitalization but can't cause the hospitals are full of COVID-19 Cases :D Yay friccin me Prob won't be seeing much of me trying my best to keep myself safe
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      2. Ethy202
        Keep yourself safe!
        Dec 12, 2020
      3. Tbird1128
        I totally understand, message me here on the forums or discord. Hugs and prayers.
        Dec 12, 2020
      4. KatydidBuild
        (___) gentle hugs. Here for you. Remember to breathe.
        Dec 13, 2020
    12. Sefl
      wELP there goes the party on games lol
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      2. sonicol
        you missed the party silly - just had to connect with
        Dec 3, 2020
      3. wafflecoffee
        Dec 3, 2020
    13. Nickblockmaster
      Happy Thanksgiving! โœŒ๏ธ
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    14. Sefl
      Oh man... this Saints vs Falcons game is getting a bit heated in the first quarter o.o Hopefully tempers are kept under control!
    15. Sefl
      Dang statuses be dead Friday to Monday all in the Recent Status Updates o.o
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      3. 607
        I was saying that I disagree, because 'status' is a loan word from Latin whereas 'cactus' is not. However, according to Wiktionary, 'cactus' _does_ come from (or, rather, via) Latin.
        Nov 17, 2020
      4. 607
        Nov 17, 2020
      5. wafflecoffee
        Again, joke
        Nov 17, 2020
    16. Sefl
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      2. McAwesome_09
        bruh why?
        Nov 10, 2020
    17. Sefl
      Woohoo! SO CLOSE to 50 followers on twitch lmao Gotta grind this week!
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    18. Sefl
      Honestly sick of seeing all the "GO Vote" I didn't vote and I'm proud to have not voted Just because you *can* vote doesn't mean you *should* vote. Post is Prob getting deleted or edited but like don't like either candidate so yall can stop reminding me that i suck so ya
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      3. SoulPunisher
        A spoiled ballot is better than no ballot if you donโ€™t like either candidate.
        Nov 3, 2020
      4. Lukas3226
        Encourage to vote is not a political issue IMO. Saying "Go vote x", that would be.
        When you thing you should not have a say who leads the decisions of how your country is run, that's okay. I myself like to think that I have an influence on my political representiteves.
        Nov 4, 2020
      5. McAwesome_09
        Bro its fine I didn't vote because someone burned down where you went to vote and i didnt feel like driving like an hour so I didnt
        Nov 5, 2020
    19. Sefl
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