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May 30, 2014
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RIP to an amazing Who Dat Nation era.... No more Brees or Payton ;-; Jan 25, 2022 at 2:22 PM

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Viewing MyEmpire, Jan 27, 2022 at 7:18 AM
    1. Sefl
      RIP to an amazing Who Dat Nation era.... No more Brees or Payton ;-;
    2. Starsphere
      Thanks for the donkeys!!! You're awesome :)
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    3. Sefl
      Bruh, I don't follow College Football for 1 Week... and Purdue upsets Iowa and becomes a Top 25 Rank in the nation for the first time since 2007.... Maybe I need to stop following College Football so Purdue does better lol
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      2. KatydidBuild
        I can help you not follow college ball. I never follow football. I have many many tips.
        Oct 24, 2021
    4. Sefl
      New Profile Pic! About time for some change to it haha! Thanks to Progryck for it!
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      2. KatydidBuild
        Turtle is rockin' his she'll there. Attitude all the way!
        Sep 24, 2021
    5. AnonReturns
      sup super cutie :}
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      2. Sefl
        Sep 13, 2021
    6. Sefl
      I knew this day was coming but doesnt make it any less painful. Just found out my great-grandma passed away this morning. She had dementia so at least shes not suffering anymore. 94... Outlived all her friends and most of her family so not gonna be a big service.
      1. MoreMoople
        So sorry to hear that, Sefl. :( <3
        Sep 9, 2021
      2. farmerguyson
        I'm sorry to hear that.
        Sep 9, 2021
      3. KatydidBuild
        (_o_) virtual, safe hugs for you and the family.
        Sep 10, 2021
    7. Sefl
      Did EMC get rid of dragon head drops on dragon respawns on purpose? *looks at chickeneer*
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    8. KatydidBuild
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    9. Sefl
      When you see 1 person is online on EMC... so you're expecting an Update but nah... it's just CardInAction by himself cause something spooky happened lol!
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    10. Sefl
      Happy 10th Bday EMC... and Happy B-day to Alvin Kamara and what would've been Birthday 67 for Sweetness Walter Payton
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    11. Sefl
      I've told my friends on here but figured I'd come public a bit. 6 years of hard work and 13 years of learning I'll be opening an actual brick and mortar sports card shop! I used to get made fun of in HS for it being my dream job but hey I chased my dream and worked my butt off!
      1. Nickblockmaster
        Bro, if you’re living your dream, whether it’s your job or whatever, no matter what the case - living your dream nonetheless... who the hell cares what others are thinking? You’re loving it dude. That’s the bacon right there! Thanks for sharing your stuff!
        Jul 14, 2021
    12. Sefl
      "Be annoying and cause drama you make change, be a part of the community and be helpful a lot, get torn down" - Some random dude on the internet
      1. Burki likes this.
      2. OhMiku
        most drama is boring, people need to get better at causing drama
        Jun 10, 2021
      3. crystaldragon13
        *face palm.. you guyzzzz
        Jun 11, 2021
    13. Sefl
      Welp, I've been stalking the forums a bit since I quit but figured I'd give yall and update having all 4 wisdom teeth out tomorrow so hopefully all goes well... I'm just worried cause of my weight but it should be fine. <3 you all. Going totally under for the first time since....
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      2. WitherDoggie
        I will say the whole thing wasn't nearly as bad as people told me it was going to be. I also apologize for the alert spam. I can only fit so much per comment.
        Jun 8, 2021
      3. FadedMartian
        i got all four out and it really sucked. it was inconvenient at the time, but now no mouth pain :3
        Jun 9, 2021
      4. KatydidBuild
        Get well soon
        Jun 9, 2021
    14. Sefl
      Mental Health issues suck yay me, sorry I missed out on my last day I'll prob hop on sometimes this week and make it official and say my goodbyes to those online
      1. Yellowwww
        What are you doing?!
        Jun 2, 2021
    15. Sefl
      Thinking about asking a guy out o-o *EDIT* Meant girl but oh well xD
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      2. Big__Kev
        It is the most scariest thing to do. Never be afraid of rejection - as much as it may hurt
        May 22, 2021
      3. Dufne
        i hope it went/goes well!!
        May 23, 2021
      4. KatydidBuild
        and..... ???
        May 23, 2021
    16. Sefl
      Code was cracked congratulations to OhMiku and those who all competed to try and crack it!
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      2. UltiPig
        "no reason just joking"
        May 19, 2021
      3. Fred_TWK
        can you tell us how the solution worked?
        May 20, 2021
      4. OhMiku
        that is not the answer, if you wanna know it pm me
        May 20, 2021
    17. Sefl
      BlockFi dun goofed.... someone is losing their job big time lmao
    18. Sefl
      1,000,000r Prize for cracking the code at 5778 on utopia! More info on the res >:D
      1. Dufne and UltiPig like this.
      2. Dufne
        took one look and backed away from the computer. very interesting puzzle :P
        May 18, 2021
    19. Sefl
      RIP Terrence Clarke | Just about to reach his goals he was working so hard for :(
    20. Sefl
      "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." Dr Seuss <3 you all
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