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May 30, 2014
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idk who this Cam Newton is on the panthers... but surely the 2011 draft pick can throw better ._. Sep 12, 2019 at 10:00 PM

Sefl was last seen:
Sep 15, 2019 at 7:26 AM
    1. Sefl
      idk who this Cam Newton is on the panthers... but surely the 2011 draft pick can throw better ._.
      1. Hashhog
        Not well enough to score a touchdown on the Bucs tonight!
        Sep 13, 2019 at 12:45 AM
    2. Sefl
      wow... This Panthers vs Buccaneers game is very weird? off? Seems like neither team is really playing well o.O
      1. Hashhog
        Bucs played far better than they should have; their defense MASSIVELY improved since last year. Extremely happy with what Todd Bowles has done with it.
        Sep 13, 2019 at 12:45 AM
    3. Sefl
      OMG The Saints vs Texans ending has my heart racing.... WHO DAT NATION RISE UP! rofl Props to watson though!
      1. Krysyy and Hashhog like this.
      2. Hashhog
        That was an AMAZING game
        Sep 9, 2019 at 11:12 PM
      3. Krysyy
        Seemed like retribution for that crap personal foul call on Texans' missed extra point. If they had just let it go to OT, then Saints may have just accepted that and it could have been a different game. Great time management by Brees as always though and that awesome final kick...
        Sep 10, 2019 at 8:31 AM
      4. Hashhog
        The refs really do hate the Saints it seems, but Brees got the best of them this time. Happy for the kicker getting the career long when it counted for so much.
        Sep 10, 2019 at 4:53 PM
    4. AncientTower
      Sefl !!! Do you, do the Go ? The Pokemon Go game on the mobile telephone ???
      1. Will_McNab likes this.
    5. Sefl
      Just got home from a Sports Card Show... Craziest thing happened this guy walked up to me and asked me "Ever held one of these" and proceeded to pull a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle Graded by BGS a 2.5 out of his pocket and handed it to me. Context... its a $15,000 card xD
      1. ItsDicey, Will_McNab and MoreMoople like this.
      2. jewel_king
        Aug 24, 2019
      3. AncientTower
        Please say he said "here kid, keep it. I got two more just like it." (Now say that again but pretend Harrison Ford saying it.
        Aug 28, 2019
    6. Sefl
      Well... 2 and a half hours left of being a teenager! Hello twenties! haha Also if I remember correctly and if he even still checks the forums I believe its SkareCboi's b-day aswell! So if I'm right happy birthday to you my dude!
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      2. Smooshed_Potato
        Happy Birthday Turtle!
        Aug 15, 2019
      3. Elaeric
        Happy birthday to you, Sefl!
        Aug 16, 2019
      4. TomvanWijnen
        Were you born at midnight? :o Happy birthday. :)
        Aug 16, 2019
    7. Sefl
      would be a shame if someone were to... bump deadmon off the recent status updates *insert evil face*
      1. FadedMartian and MoreMoople like this.
      2. MoreMoople
        That's mah seflz :)
        Aug 12, 2019
    8. Sefl
      Preseason week 1! Gotta love seeing all the young not so highly recruited guys get to go out and have fun! Unfortunately my family friend is out with a concussion! :(
    9. Sefl
      just designed my first ever forum signature on here... after almost 5 and a half years figured it was time
      1. Lukas3226, SpicyIcyBoi and MoreMoople like this.
      2. MoreMoople
        Looks good! :D
        Aug 7, 2019
      3. SpicyIcyBoi
        Very snazzy!
        Aug 7, 2019
      4. Lukas3226
        It looks really good! Well done. Maybe add a hyperlink to click on that leads to your stream for easy use? ;)
        Aug 7, 2019
    10. Sefl
      squid? whats a squid?
      1. TomvanWijnen
        A cool animal!
        Aug 5, 2019
    11. Sefl
    12. Sefl
      I figured I'd update you guys that I'm going to be taking a little break from EMC due to a very unpleasant event that happened this past Saturday. Some of you I have shared the story with however it can be "disturbing" to others I will share what I can in this thread however.....
      1. PhoenixAffinity and Starsphere like this.
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      3. jewel_king
        <3 see you soon, im around erm alot if you need me
        Jul 15, 2019
      4. PhoenixAffinity
        Take your time and collect your thoughts, having some place, or someone to vent out your frustrations helps tremendously. Thankfully things like these heal over time.
        Jul 15, 2019
      5. ArkonXT
        i highly recommend finding the nearest dog and watching some comedy shows on tv on the couch
        Jul 16, 2019
    13. Sefl
      5 years on EMC in 40 minutes! lets do some late night trivia on smp8 spawn! giving away 16 iron supporter vouchers and 4 random promos :)
      1. Starsphere, BriB and MoreMoople like this.
      2. MoreMoople
        Congratulations!! :)
        May 29, 2019
    14. Sefl
      Dang man... I get a job and everything seems to be happening here on EMC, rofl. A wedding AND builder gets Mod status oh gosh whats next!
      1. Krysyy
        If I told you, I'd have to kill you...
        Apr 29, 2019
      2. MoreMoople
        We'll just have to wait and see ;)
        Apr 29, 2019
    15. Sefl
      Welp wasn't planning on selling one of my heads for a while but recently a couple people have been wanting one so at /v +sefl on /smp7 one of my heads is for sale for the same price it went for in the auction for the first one... 600,000r
      1. Starsphere likes this.
      2. Extendingskys
        But since the market now has increased in supply, you can't sell it as that price anymore. Smh. Gotta calculate the new market price
        Apr 1, 2019
      3. Starsphere
        yeah sell them for 2r now
        Apr 8, 2019
    16. Sefl
      Opening day! Lets go Cubbies!
      1. The_Y0sh
        Mar 28, 2019
      2. Krysyy
        I'm going to the game on Sunday, rooting for the Rangers =P
        Mar 28, 2019
      3. belac555
        May 8, 2019
    17. Sefl
      Just your friendly neighborhood turtle here to tell you that Only YOU can prevent ocean fires!
      1. NuclearBobomb
        Forest fires*
        Mar 8, 2019
      2. Nickblockmaster
        Wait what. . . Ocean fires 🤔
        Mar 8, 2019
    18. MoreMoople
      Seflzzz! Hi :D
      1. Sefl likes this.
      2. Sefl
        o: its the mad moopster! ;)
        Mar 3, 2019
      3. MoreMoople
        *gasp* where?! *Hides*
        Mar 3, 2019
    19. Sefl
      Did you guys know? that... if you chop wood with 1 dc of iron blocks crafted into iron axes you can make OVER 7.8m in rupees! at 3r per oak log... *The More You Know*
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      2. SpicyIcyBoi
        10 mill for a skip emerald gem
        Feb 26, 2019
      3. BTHarrold98
        Did you work out how long it would take tho?:)
        Feb 26, 2019
      4. The_Y0sh
        Better idea! Buy it from yixo for 1r per log and then sell it for 3r per log. 200% profit margins
        Mar 4, 2019
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