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May 30, 2014
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How does the entire Minecraft services go down lol... Another DDOS? Jun 24, 2022

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Jul 1, 2022 at 7:31 PM
    1. Sefl
      How does the entire Minecraft services go down lol... Another DDOS?
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    2. Joy_the_Miner
      I love your profile graphic! It's very becoming~ :D
    3. Sefl
      No u, Torian42
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      2. Torian42
        Correct. There is no 'u' in Torian42.
        May 19, 2022
    4. Sefl
      Need to post more status udpates... Since Feb 3rd 2022 I've added 288 Hours and 429,576 Jumps! I'm at a total of 11,043 Hours and 15,846,416 Jumps... That's 3.8 Hours a Day for Almost 8 years O_O "Only" Averaging 2.3 Hours a day since Feb lol!
      1. McAwesome_09
        turtle man
        May 25, 2022
      2. McAwesome_09
        sport ccawd
        May 25, 2022
    5. Sefl
      This is gonna sound horrible... but I've got another confession to make
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      2. Sefl
        I'm your fool
        Everyone's got their chains to break
        Holding you
        Were you born to resist or be abused
        Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you
        Apr 1, 2022
      3. HxCami10
        I was totally coming here to comment exactly what you said
        Apr 1, 2022
      4. wafflecoffee
        *more drums*
        Apr 1, 2022
    6. Sefl
      Damn... Taylor Hawkins passed away ;-; I can't even begin to imagine what Dave Grohl is going through. RIP Taylor Hawkins
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    7. Sefl
      Sister got to go to Supercross in Indy tonight... She's mad about Bam Bam lol! I don't even know if anyone on here will have any idea what any of that meant but worth a shot lol
      1. Nickblockmaster
        Love me some supercross and motocross!
        Mar 22, 2022
      2. Sefl
        My sister has gotten me into Supercross and Rodeo stuff now lol Hard enough to keep up with Football Baseball Basketball Hockey and NASCAR for my card shop haha!
        Mar 22, 2022
      3. Nickblockmaster
        Well, aren’t you in for it!!! 😂
        Mar 22, 2022
    8. Sefl
      Since July 24th, 2020 I've now added 1,984 Hours on EMC.... and 6,270,479 jumps lol! Sitting at 10,755 Hours on EMC + 15,416,840 Jumps since Joining May 31st, 2014 these don't include when I played on another account lol
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    9. Sefl
      RIP to an amazing Who Dat Nation era.... No more Brees or Payton ;-;
    10. Starsphere
      Thanks for the donkeys!!! You're awesome :)
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    11. Sefl
      Bruh, I don't follow College Football for 1 Week... and Purdue upsets Iowa and becomes a Top 25 Rank in the nation for the first time since 2007.... Maybe I need to stop following College Football so Purdue does better lol
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      2. KatydidBuild
        I can help you not follow college ball. I never follow football. I have many many tips.
        Oct 24, 2021
    12. Sefl
      New Profile Pic! About time for some change to it haha! Thanks to Progryck for it!
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      2. KatydidBuild
        Turtle is rockin' his she'll there. Attitude all the way!
        Sep 24, 2021
    13. AnonReturns
      sup super cutie :}
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      2. Sefl
        Sep 13, 2021
    14. Sefl
      I knew this day was coming but doesnt make it any less painful. Just found out my great-grandma passed away this morning. She had dementia so at least shes not suffering anymore. 94... Outlived all her friends and most of her family so not gonna be a big service.
      1. MoreMoople
        So sorry to hear that, Sefl. :( <3
        Sep 9, 2021
      2. farmerguyson
        I'm sorry to hear that.
        Sep 9, 2021
      3. KatydidBuild
        (_o_) virtual, safe hugs for you and the family.
        Sep 10, 2021
    15. Sefl
      Did EMC get rid of dragon head drops on dragon respawns on purpose? *looks at chickeneer*
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    16. KatydidBuild
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    17. Sefl
      When you see 1 person is online on EMC... so you're expecting an Update but nah... it's just CardInAction by himself cause something spooky happened lol!
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    18. Sefl
      Happy 10th Bday EMC... and Happy B-day to Alvin Kamara and what would've been Birthday 67 for Sweetness Walter Payton
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    19. Sefl
      I've told my friends on here but figured I'd come public a bit. 6 years of hard work and 13 years of learning I'll be opening an actual brick and mortar sports card shop! I used to get made fun of in HS for it being my dream job but hey I chased my dream and worked my butt off!
      1. Nickblockmaster
        Bro, if you’re living your dream, whether it’s your job or whatever, no matter what the case - living your dream nonetheless... who the hell cares what others are thinking? You’re loving it dude. That’s the bacon right there! Thanks for sharing your stuff!
        Jul 14, 2021
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