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1,250 posts o.o I'm a journalist now? Sep 7, 2020

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Sep 29, 2020 at 12:39 AM
    1. CoronaFender1218
      They're coming.
    2. Sefl
      1,250 posts o.o I'm a journalist now?
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      2. MoreMoople
        Congrats :)
        Sep 7, 2020
      3. Smooshed_Potato
        Sep 7, 2020
      4. Joy_the_Miner
        Ooooh! Congratulations my guy! :D
        Sep 8, 2020
    3. Sefl
      Gonna be "that person" but as a huge Green Day fan... can we all take a moment to try and end the trend of "it's September... wake me up when it ends" kinda thing cause the song is quite serious and about the death of his father ;-; that is all rant over >.<
      1. ShyguytheGamer1
        Yeah I agree with this. I hate that joke of waking up when september ends. I prefer to be woken up before you go go, but I also like being woken up inside.
        Sep 1, 2020
    4. Sefl
      That moment... your favorite "Country Singer / Rapper" comes out of the closet.... as a NERD.... IM SO HAPPY lmao! I doubt anyone else here listens or watches Ryan Upchurch... but he recently made videos his Pokemon Card collection and opened a rare box o-o (Videos have cussing!)
    5. HeyitsmeJC
      Hey Sefl Wondering how long server restart takes am I wasting time waiting or will it be soon? Thanks!
    6. sonicol
      1. Sefl likes this.
      2. Sefl
        Aug 16, 2020
    7. Sefl
      Since the March 24th Update I've no added an additional 246 Hours of In game time on my main account O.o that's only 2 hours a day "only" I had 4.41 Hours a day average before. I knew i hadn't been playing as much but my time is cut that much. Currently sitting on 8,771hours
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      2. Sefl
        Im also at 9,146,361 jumps across EMC
        Jul 24, 2020
    8. Sefl
      Can't comment on colepuncher's status... so let's hope he sees this xD O'REILLY AUTO PARTS 500 is also today! My favorite driver(s) no longer race... so... go whoever wins! rofl
      1. colepuncher
        I wasn't watching the race, too tired out from F1 but apparently Dillon took a win so it can't have been that exciting lol
        Jul 19, 2020
      2. Sefl
        haha, yep, best part of the race was the big pile up looked a lot like the 2010 one... texas has become a semi-boring track
        Jul 19, 2020
    9. Sefl
      Why mute the bullies when you can censor the victims! EMC in a nutshell...
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      3. Hashhog
        Everyone has their legitimate, unique triggers, but we don't have it in our power to ban chat altogether. That would be silly. We do, however, have the ability to pick out these few topics that are likely to strike nerves among many, MANY people (or that are just inappropriate for young children). Hence why we have the rules.
        Jul 17, 2020
      4. Hashhog
        You are welcome to disagree with us on what we name too inappropriate or too inflammatory for chat, but regardless, that has nothing to do with censoring victims or choosing not to mute bullies. Asking you not to talk about COVID politics in chat is not "censoring a victim." All we're asking is that everyone hold themselves to the simple standard of following our very, VERY clear guidelines.
        Jul 17, 2020
      5. Hashhog
        I am more than happy to go over with you in private message why each and every one of those topics you just listed is against our rules, as there are specific and different reasons (though related) for each of those.
        Jul 17, 2020
    10. wafflecoffee
      hey... you doing alright, bud? feel free to send me a PM...
    11. Sefl
      lol... K then.... guess we can't talk about going through depression or anxiety but by god we can talk about shooting a pig in the head, among other things done to said pig for harvest AND make jokes about it... Great server being run here.... A+ Service Will Definitely Play More
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      3. BenMA
        Okay, this is irrelevant now. Post this on the other status about brutually slaughting the damn pig.
        May 16, 2020
      4. Gaming_Comander
        We stopped a while ago buddy, take your complaints to some other thread. One more note: The situation was already handled if you read the comments above, so the topic has technically been closed, and of you care so much about the earlier conversation by all means I encourage you to make a thread about it, I'll be sure to leave a word or two there, relevant of course for your satisfaction ;p
        May 17, 2020
      5. BenMA
        It was closed? Oh really? Because it seems you two are still going. This is my last post. You two are the ones making smart comments about Sefl making a statement.
        May 17, 2020
    12. Sefl
      uh oh... "something special" (is what the restart message said was happening) im scared!
      1. Eviltoade
        Did something happen?
        May 6, 2020
      2. Sefl
        Aikar this morning updated render distance I think it was and he had put "bugs and performance issues + something special"
        May 6, 2020
    13. wafflecoffee
      I was writing a paper today and I wrote "sefl-sufficient" instead of "self-sufficient" on one of the lines, haha
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    14. Sefl
      Thought I was done with cards due to Corona and the state of the hobby... Twitter sale is a success this weekend so far! O: I haven't done any sales since March .-. So this is great!
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    15. Sefl
    16. KatydidBuild
      :D (You have been tagged by the Smile Brigade - You must now smile.)
      1. Sefl likes this.
    17. Sefl
      OMG! I'm officially (according to social blade and some snooping lol) the 4th! Biggest English Minecraft Streamer on Dlive! Haha! Gotta love having a smaller platform that *might* Take off like Mixer / Twitch haha! 77 Followers strong and building! :)
      1. 29672057602
        Apr 20, 2020
      2. Sefl
        <3 thanks!
        Apr 20, 2020
      3. 607
        Has Mixer taken off? :P
        Apr 20, 2020
    18. Sefl
      Going LIVE (again) at 4:30 PM EMC (EST) Time! 30 minutes! Gonna be fighting some pillagers :) Will be giving away a nether star every 30 minutes That we're live :D
    19. Sefl
      Spur of the moment early morning live stream dragon fights meeting at smp3 spawn stream starts at 10 AM emc time! 8 pm dragon fights still a go!
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    20. Sefl
      Sneak Preview for 15 minutes at /v 5388 on utopia! of Sunday's Event! Open till 1 AM emc time!
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