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May 30, 2014
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who took down smp7! Apr 7, 2020 at 1:56 AM

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Apr 8, 2020 at 5:21 AM
    1. Sefl
      who took down smp7!
    2. Sefl
      i did the math.... its been 395 days since i posted a status update saying i had 6781 hours on emc as my main account ._. ive put on 1,744 hours since then xD totaling 4.41 hours per DAY average don't know if i should be proud or not!
      1. 607
        Do you afk a lot?
        Mar 24, 2020
      2. Sefl
        hardly ever
        Mar 24, 2020
      3. 607
        That is much more playtime than I could imagine, then!
        Mar 25, 2020
    3. Sefl
      Gotta love when the gossip on facebook is what weird stores u can find Toilet Paper in... Apparently ACE Hardware you can find it there
      1. SoulPunisher
        Wish I had something this useful happening on my town’s Facebook. So far all I’ve seen is “STOP OVERREACTING ITS JUST THE FLU ITS NOT GONNA KILL U” (Susan, 78, diabetic), “Can’t believe they shut the pubs this is out of order” (Barry, 66, hate speech convict),
        Mar 22, 2020
      2. SoulPunisher
        “KIDS DONT UNDERSTAND THE SERIOUSNESS OF THIS THEY WONT SELF ISOLATE” (Karen, 54, sociopath), and “You’re all idiots. Old people please self isolate just like the rest of us. It’s for your own good.” (Georgia, 17, college student who’s just had her exams to get into university cancelled).
        Mar 22, 2020
    4. Sefl
      I honestly can't believe the state of our world. 6.8% Death Rate in Italy and people still considering this the "Flu" My sister is one of them calling it a "Boomer Remover" and not taking it serious one bit. I'm deeply saddened and actually angry at the state of our world.
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      2. Smooshed_Potato
        Donald Trump is just spreading propaganda about the issue.
        Mar 15, 2020
      3. belac555
        Hmm really odd when the CDC agrees with everything he has said
        Also South Korea didn't immeidately lock things down and allowed it to spread to more people super fast
        Mar 15, 2020
      4. Smooshed_Potato
        While that may be true, they went from highest rising reported cases to one of the lowest
        Mar 15, 2020
    5. Sefl
      well... Apparently there is riots in a Danville, Indiana Wal-Mart SWAT is inbound last i heard ._. *update* Didn't get too bad out of hand >.<
      1. KatydidBuild
        Oh my!!
        That really isn't what people need to be doing, right now. Pull together people !
        Mar 14, 2020
    6. Sefl
      Dang haven't updated since the 22nd... Have been playing a ton of CSGO not too much minecraft these days big couple weekends ahead of me for some sports card shows!
      1. Nickblockmaster
        Shoot! CS:GO is a great game 👍 I have dumped tons of playtime in it myself. Nothing to be ashamed of. 😉
        Feb 14, 2020
      2. FadedMartian
        CSGO is teh no shame m8!
        Feb 14, 2020
    7. Sefl
      Zion Williamson just scored his first 2 points of his career... is this the start of a new era? lol
      1. Will_McNab and KatydidBuild like this.
      2. jewel_king
        Plot twist its Zion_Moyer
        Jan 22, 2020
      3. Ch33zus
        ide watch bball but since them highschool clips hes defo a top 5 baller in a few years, mad genes
        Jan 23, 2020
    8. Sefl
      Simple status "w2g obj" all i got... if u get it u get it lol
      1. Will_McNab and MerRhyAndBright like this.
      2. Sprhyngtime
        My family has a running joke that the two largest threats to our fantasy football teams are injuries and felonies.
        Jan 17, 2020
      3. Sefl
        ha! I just dont get why obj, let alone *anyone*, would think that's ok behaviour >.<
        Jan 17, 2020
      4. Sefl
        *towards a cop*
        Jan 17, 2020
    9. Sefl
      Damn ozzy's song hits hard .-. and elton john just adds that extra punch
    10. Sefl
      Gotta love when your dad wakes you up saying "excited to watch the saints lose" then they lose and you tell him "there you got your wish im ticked off" and he gets mad at you for being mad .-.
      1. Will_McNab likes this.
      2. belac555
        hey at least the patriots lost too.
        Jan 6, 2020
    11. batmegh
      thank you for the iron supporter, i appreciate it.
      1. Sefl likes this.
    12. Sefl
      Yes YouTube, I want to watch a "pulsating" parasite extraction from an 8 week old kitten.... STOP IT get some help I've not watched a ANYTHING related to this -.-
      1. DreamyFeather
        xD I've gotten the same on mine
        Jan 3, 2020
    13. Nickblockmaster
      Happy New Year Sefl! 🎉I hope your mom gets the news she needs to figure out what’s up.
      1. Sefl likes this.
    14. Sefl
      So... serious question for those of you in the health field, My mom had a concussion back in Feb. and still has major issues going on but theyve done tons of tests and "nothing" is "wrong" that the dr's can tell. Her currenty neurolgist isnt taking her very serious (extended)
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      2. Krysyy
        And as someone who works in the medical field, I have my own opinion of the incompetence of some physicians and clinics over others.
        Dec 30, 2019
      3. KatydidBuild
        look up "tbi" traumatic brain injury information. See if there is a list of symptoms that she can check off and take back to her primary and ask for another referral
        Dec 30, 2019
      4. khixan
        This may or may not be relevant, but I spent 6+ months dizzy and with bouts of blurred vision. The neurologist basically said "you're all good". My primary care finally sent me to a vestibular physical therapist. She had me diagnosed and fixed up in under an hour! I'm told most folks are dizzy-nauseous, not blurry vision. Leave it to me to be weird. Worth looking into maybe for your mom. Good luck!
        Dec 31, 2019
    15. Sefl
      uhhh emc down?
    16. Sefl
      wow no updates for almost 8 hours time to change that lol
    17. Sefl
      Oh the joys of rolling your ankle and spraining 1 hour before having to go host a baseball card show at your local library .-. yay for me! I'm fine but it just hurts like hell lol
      1. MoreMoople
        Oh no! Wishing you a speedy recovery :)
        Dec 21, 2019
    18. Sefl
      Heck ya! What a inspiration he is! Drew Brees the now all-time leader in passing touchdowns! An amazing story of what to do when someone doubts you! Go out and prove all of them wrong :)
      1. Will_McNab likes this.
    19. Sefl
      Dang it! Brees! Friccin refs suck! OPI my butt! haha, all good though he'll pass Peyton Manning for most career passing TD's in the second half!
      1. ThaKloned
        It was still OPI. Can't push off. Was small though so meh.
        Dec 16, 2019
    20. Sefl
      When one of your favorite sports card youtubers likes comments and retweets one of your business tweets about a sale youre having! Total "Fan girl" moment rofl
      1. TheKutesyKiraboo and 607 like this.
      2. 607
        Such things are cool. :D It also reminds you that the people you look up to are people, too.
        Dec 12, 2019
      3. AncientTower
        I once had a WWE star like my comment about him.
        Dec 12, 2019
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