Dec 8, 2014
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In a Foreign and Unknown Location
Still looking on the front, writing on the side.

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Day didn't go the way I was hoping, but going to dust off today and begin anew tomorrow. I will get where I want to go come hell or high water. Mar 3, 2021

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    1. wafflecoffee
      rm -rf *
      1. ElfinPineapple
        You're mean.

        For the record - DO NOT run this command unless you're insistent on having a really bad day.
        Apr 7, 2021
    2. ElfinPineapple
      Day didn't go the way I was hoping, but going to dust off today and begin anew tomorrow. I will get where I want to go come hell or high water.
      1. luckycordel
        That's the right attitude! :)
        Mar 3, 2021
      2. FadedMartian
        now this is relateable
        Mar 4, 2021
    3. ElfinPineapple
      I am going on record that if pineapples are released on Minecraft I'll be establishing EMC's first ever Pineapple Shelter. Home for all the pineapples free from having to be put on pizza. :)
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      2. ElfinPineapple
        If Moople does I'm gonna program a bot to drop nope.avi memes in her Slack PMs everytime she says something on slack.
        Mar 1, 2021
      3. WitherDoggie
        So I guess I'm drawing the picture then. I'll do it tomorrow.
        Mar 1, 2021
      4. MoreMoople
        *slowly hides pineapple on pizza drawing*
        Kidding, Elfin <3
        Mar 1, 2021
    4. ElfinPineapple
      It's true, you can light nether portals with crying obsidian. :)
    5. ElfinPineapple
      1. luckycordel
        Big Boom! ;)
        Jan 28, 2021
      2. Skiddylicense04
        Did the mountain look at you funny?
        Jan 28, 2021
      3. KatydidBuild
        I don't know. I think that you were gonna cause a mess. This is just not the mess you intended to make. So...try, try, try again. After all, withers grow on trees (er, rather they are a renewable feature)
        Jan 28, 2021
    6. ElfinPineapple
      I'm not an investment advisor, and nothing I say should be construed as investment advice. But if you own any shares of GameStop, you should probably sell those...now lol. A hedge fund was stupid and thanks to some crafty people, it's probably going bankrupt tomorrow cause of it.
      1. cam7051, luckycordel and Sefl like this.
      2. ElfinPineapple
        And more free info that isn't advice. Don't jump on that ship now. The ship was in port 5 days ago. It's basically a nuclear reactor in meltdown right now and you don't want to be anywhere near it when it goes boom.
        Jan 27, 2021
    7. ElfinPineapple
      1. ElfinPineapple
        And now we're brainstorming ways to get printer memes trending.....
        Jan 8, 2021
      2. MoreMoople
        Wooooow, hahaha. Gotta pull my old laptop up now and see if that fixes it 😂
        Jan 8, 2021
    8. ElfinPineapple
      Quick reminder to all that politically charged/related topics should not be discussed on forum statuses. Please keep all discussions of this nature to the Controversial Topics section on the forums.
      1. Olaf_C, MoreMoople and Ahzeriel3553 like this.
    9. ElfinPineapple
      "We can survive anything you throw at us, ANYTHING." Oh trust me, you have better survival odds with the gloves on. :)
    10. ElfinPineapple
      Well, got my christmas kicking in early courtesy of stage mixed with new hard drives/RAM and a tiny bit of lag on the side from downloading a 90 GB game. :) FTR: I was the victim of that insanity.
    11. ElfinPineapple
      And my brain is officially dead. Four days of cybersecurity training done. I'm gonna be off the rest of today but will be online tomorrow afternoon! :D
      1. MoreMoople likes this.
      2. MoreMoople
        Woot woot! Cybersecurity training sounds pretty cool :o
        See you tomorrow! o/
        Dec 17, 2020
    12. ElfinPineapple
      FYI: I'm in training sessions through Thursday, so I apologize in advance if I'm a bit slow to respond to forum PMs this week.
      1. MoreMoople and Sefl like this.
      2. Sefl
        Dec 15, 2020
    13. ElfinPineapple
      PSA: Mojang account services are going down at 4am EMC time for performance maintenance. They are anticipating it to take ~15 minutes but could go shorter or longer. You will not be able to access EMC or any other servers during this time. So if you can't get in, that's why :)
      1. JohnKid and MoreMoople like this.
    14. khixan
      Pineapple - Due to unfortunate timing, I probably won't be around till late tonight. Sorry! I should be about all day tomorrow.
      1. ElfinPineapple
        We'll kick it to tomorrow then. Ping me on Discord when you're available and we'll get going whenever I'm coherent enough post wake-up call. :)
        Dec 12, 2020
    15. ElfinPineapple
      Six years today. Wooo!
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      2. farmerguyson
        Dec 9, 2020
      3. Nickblockmaster
        Woohoo 🥳 Congrats to ya!
        Dec 9, 2020
      4. Stnywitness
        Congrats fellow pineapple! :D
        Dec 9, 2020
    16. Maruska2006
      Hi Elfin can you destroy all of dirt if i have dirt destroying ticking tock?
      1. ElfinPineapple
        Send Senior Staff (SS) a forum PM with details at pmss.emc.gs. I don't track SS requests on my profile page so it'll get lost/forgotten about extremely quickly here.
        Dec 7, 2020
    17. ElfinPineapple
      Just a heads up all - I'm going to be offline in game Monday and Tuesday and limited forum presence during the same time to work on computer setups and credential studying. Response to messages may be slightly delayed.
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    18. Nickblockmaster
      Happy Thanksgiving Mr Pineapple! ✌️
      1. ElfinPineapple likes this.
      2. ElfinPineapple
        Thanks! You too!
        Nov 27, 2020
    19. ElfinPineapple
      The Gods of Minecraft do not want me to ever beat the game legitimately.
    20. luckycordel
      Nice interview, Mr. Pineapple! :D
      1. ElfinPineapple likes this.
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    Still looking on the front, writing on the side.
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