Dec 8, 2014
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In a Foreign and Unknown Location
Still looking on the front, writing on the side.

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Here’s the problem with wanting to buy a book. It’s like buying nuts; you can’t get only one. :) Nov 15, 2018 at 8:55 AM

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    1. ElfinPineapple
      Here’s the problem with wanting to buy a book. It’s like buying nuts; you can’t get only one. :)
      1. luckycordel and MoreMoople like this.
      2. TomvanWijnen
        You could buy only one nut! A coconut! :D
        Nov 15, 2018 at 12:53 PM
      1. ElfinPineapple
        I'm sorry but I didn't understand that. :)
        Nov 15, 2018 at 12:54 AM
      2. MattieTheSpud
        Nov 15, 2018 at 8:45 AM
    2. ElfinPineapple
      1 down 6 to go, but I have to wait until September 2020 to claim 2 and 3 :(
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      2. ElfinPineapple
        First designation in my field requires me to pass teo more exams and have two years experience before applying for it. Exams I can do anytime I want. Experience? Not so much. September 2020 is the earliest I can apply.
        Nov 13, 2018 at 4:26 PM
      3. ElfinPineapple
        two not teo. Good job me on spelling!
        Nov 13, 2018 at 4:26 PM
      4. ElfinPineapple
        As for the other 3? Other two designations in the chain. Word was I had to wait another year to apply for the second (on top of the two I’m waiting now) but that requirement seems to have disappeared.
        Nov 13, 2018 at 4:28 PM
    3. top_benny
      1. MoreMoople likes this.
    4. ElfinPineapple
      *crosses fingers*
      1. Will_McNab, top_benny and Harp4Christ like this.
      2. Harp4Christ
        *balances pencil on top of crossed fingers*
        Oct 21, 2018
      3. SkeleTin007
        Hang in there
        Oct 28, 2018
    5. ElfinPineapple
      I like you all, so when you see this understand that I have absolutely no love for what ails you. *Puts up anti-sickness barrier*
      1. Harp4Christ likes this.
    6. ElfinPineapple
      So I thought starting this job would mean I’m free in evenings. Hah. Little did I know. So: if you sent me mail or other things in game I need to answer or PMs on here I need to answer, PLEASE poke me again. Odds are its beyond buried at this point.
      1. Elite and MoreMoople like this.
      2. ElfinPineapple
        I make best effort to turn everything around in 24-48 hours, but this may prove unrealistic for a bit longer. So give me at least 72 before repoking. Ive been coming home and collapsing on the bed from exhaustion once I eat dinner. I’ll adapt, but will take a bit :-/
        Sep 24, 2018
    7. ElfinPineapple
      This customer service group is hanging me out to dry so I don't end up taking their survey. They think I'm not happy with them....and they're right.
    8. ElfinPineapple
      Anyone happen to know how to compress the size of PDF files? I got a new scanner and it works great, but it's outputting 56 page documents at 21 MB....not good for archiving :(
      1. ShyguytheGamer1
        Sep 8, 2018
      2. AlexC__
        I think Adobe Acrobat Pro has some sort of compression function
        Sep 8, 2018
    9. ElfinPineapple
      Apologies for the lower than normal activity. I started a full time job this week so I'm navigating the world of finding free time. Tougher than I thought, but I'm enjoying it so far!
      1. MoreMoople likes this.
    10. ElfinPineapple
      we bought a new desk
    11. ElfinPineapple
      Watching a horror movie before bed. Haven't quite decided if I'm making a mistake or not.
      1. Harp4Christ and MoreMoople like this.
      2. Otus_NigRum
        I hate walking to my room after watching a horror movie.
        When I walk down the hall I think im being followed or there'll be something in an open room..
        Aug 30, 2018
      3. 607
        I'd say yes.
        Aug 30, 2018
    12. ElfinPineapple
      Today is the day of the kitten rebellion. So in honor of National Dog Day I come bearing gifts of a sole, but very adorable, kitten. https://i.imgur.com/CVT9s1Q.jpg
      1. EvilBlo
        omg haha! That facial expression of "you do realize, it doesn't look anything like fish..gosh, those humans" lol
        Aug 27, 2018
      2. MoreMoople
        "That's not what I asked for..."
        Aug 27, 2018
    13. ElfinPineapple
      Got two of the top chess engines duking it out in a 10 game match atm. Game in 5' time controls, alternating colors each game. It's proving really interesting.
    14. ElfinPineapple
      I totally didnt forget about standard deductions when running income numbers tonight. Nope not at all. -.-
    15. ElfinPineapple
      Best thing about this month: No longer contributing to the unemployment rate. :)
      1. 607, q1zx, Silken_thread and 4 others like this.
      2. OriginalScuf
        Glad things worked out pineapple :)
        Aug 17, 2018
    16. lukariobro
      Am I being impatient?
      1. ElfinPineapple
        Uhh i haven't seen anything from you recently so probably not? Could you bump any relevant PMs back up please?
        Aug 10, 2018
    17. ElfinPineapple
      Those emergency management alerts on my iPhone are out to make sure that even the deaf and dead can hear them.
      1. Harp4Christ and derp_duckie like this.
      2. Tbird1128
        Yea glad I ditched my iPhone for a Galaxy.
        Jul 27, 2018
    18. ElfinPineapple
      Internet is back! Now to find my laptop's power cable......
      1. EmperorMelon
        its in that box over there
        Jul 22, 2018
      2. ElfinPineapple
        Or buried under stuff on top of my dresser. -.-
        Jul 22, 2018
      3. The_Boulder
        You left it back at the old house...
        Jul 22, 2018
    19. ElfinPineapple
      Impromptu contest cause I can. I'm moving across the US and en route in an RV. First person to PM me with my *CURRENT* location (city, state) at the time of this post wins 10k rupees.
      1. SkeleTin007, MoreMoople and Tbird1128 like this.
      2. ElfinPineapple
        Terms: One guess per account, no alts cause that would enable multiple guessing. Additionally, staff and their alts cannot participate.
        Jul 16, 2018
      3. Tbird1128
        How are we supposed to know this? My crystal ball is broken.
        Jul 16, 2018
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    In a Foreign and Unknown Location
    Still looking on the front, writing on the side.
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