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Feb 29, 2024 at 12:48 PM
Apr 20, 2016
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Being a college student

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Happy New Year everyone! Jan 3, 2024

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Feb 29, 2024 at 12:48 PM
    1. belac555
      Happy New Year everyone!
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    2. belac555
      I'm officially a wizard...
      1. MoreMoople
        Yer a wizard, Harry! :D Gratz!
        Apr 25, 2023
      2. KatyBuild
        a Hairy WIzard, even? and gg even if yer a baldy :D
        Apr 28, 2023
    3. Ch33zus
      Yo belac!! 555 :D
    4. belac555
      I'm looking to buy/trade for the new labor day items. I need all but the cartography table and the stonecutter, pm me for info
      1. triphora
        They are all available for purchase in /shopworld, you know.
        Sep 6, 2022
    5. belac555
      Well officially done with the first week of school.
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    6. belac555
      Selling a 2020 New years Krysyy and Aikar head, looking to get 600k total for the two. Pm or dm me if interested!
    7. belac555
      Well it's official. I turn 18 today and man this feel different lol
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      2. MoreMoople
        Happy birthday!
        Aug 15, 2022
    8. belac555
      Welp, went to mow and hit a yellow jacket net, now I'm laying in bed with at least 5 stings regretting my choices
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      2. DrasLeona247
      3. crystaldragon13
        omg Dras.. so true. Belac, I sure hope you're not allergic to those things and yer feelin better
        Aug 1, 2022
    9. belac555
      I updated my computer to windows 11 and now my launcher won't open, I've tried all the normal fixes, anyone got some tips? the launcher will start to open and then just close before anything pops up
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    10. belac555
      As of today I'm Ancient!
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      2. Nickblockmaster
        Congrats! Now you can sit among the elders! 😜
        Apr 22, 2022
    11. belac555
      Anyone here fluent in spanish and willing to tutor me a bit for my college class?
    12. belac555
      Well my gf got back, turns out she didn't kiss him he kissed her, and i don't know what to do now
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      2. Unoski
        Not trusting your partner is exhausting. Every time they went and did something, them cheating on me again was all I could think about.

        What will you be thinking about they go on their next cruise or multi day trip?
        Feb 26, 2022
      3. Nickblockmaster
        That is also a very valid point. The common denominator here is TRUST. It must be rock-solid, not as thin as eggshells. If you notice that you’re not building trust in the relationship, than it’s not worth it for either of you. You may be willing to commit yourself to someone, but are they willing to do the same with you?
        Feb 26, 2022
      4. bitemenow15
        sounds simple enough to me, dump her
        Feb 27, 2022
    13. belac555
      AITA. My girlfriend has a crush on another guy while we are dating. She says she has a crush on him but is still loyal to me, am I right to be kinda mad? What is the correct response here?
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      2. Nickblockmaster
        Regardless of how you bridge with your SO, you must try to remember that we all make mistakes. Sometimes that means losing a best friend, a partner, a lover, etc, but that doesn’t always mean it’s over. Sometimes it means giving each other some space.
        Feb 24, 2022
      3. Nickblockmaster
        And finally, trust and communication. If you don’t talk, there’s no relationship. If you don’t trust, what is your reason to keep going?
        Feb 24, 2022
      4. Nickblockmaster
        As I would hope others would want the same for me, I really hope that you stay connected and things continue to work out in your relationship. 😊 Take care 🍻
        Feb 24, 2022
    14. belac555
      So is the time vault gonna open this year?
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      2. fadedmartian
        gigantic meme, lol
        Feb 12, 2022
      3. Burki
        special EMC events on time these days? heh
        Feb 12, 2022
    15. 607
      Wow, you changed your profile picture too?!? :o
      1. belac555
        I did! I really enjoy this one!
        Jan 21, 2022
      2. 607
        Congrats! My card is great too.
        Jan 22, 2022
      3. SteamingFire
        Hey, that's a nice card. Artist did great.
        Jan 24, 2022
    16. belac555
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    17. belac555
      Seeking a rudolph! Please Pm me if you have one interested in selling
    18. belac555
      Happy New year all! Cheers!
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    19. belac555
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    Everywhere and...Nowhere
    Being a college student
    Hi i am belac555 i live in the US and i love rock climbing if you have any questions about the game or need help feel free to shoot me a PM and ask