Dec 13, 2014
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*poof* Dec 31, 2020

    1. SteamingFire
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      2. SoulPunisher
        you’re not allowed to do that
        Dec 31, 2020
      3. Internet_Creator
        Its a Witch!
        Jan 1, 2021
    2. SteamingFire
      My last day.
    3. SteamingFire
      I'm hosting 1 more giveaway on the 31st, after 7pm EST, at utopia /v +treehouse. 5 rounds of Ice Boat Racing for promos worth 819k total and dispenser raffles for 600k rupees. This will actually be my last giveaway because it'll be my last day :)
    4. SteamingFire
      I've done so many formal and informal giveaways, I think people are tired of my giveaways now.
    5. SteamingFire
      I will laugh if someone goes ham, sends me 10M, and tells me to give it away on my last day. Today, I got many small donations to keep my giveaways going. This community is great <3
    6. SteamingFire
      Made 1M again and gave it all away again.
    7. SteamingFire
      Should I give away everything? >_>?
      1. SteamingFire
        Maybe just some mob heads and ores.
        Dec 27, 2020
    8. SteamingFire
      Giveaways over! If I feel like it, I might give away regular MC items or mob heads... but I'm not sure anyone would be too interested in that and I'm not sure how I would arrange the events and split the rewards, so maybe not. Anyway, it was fun!
    9. SteamingFire
      Giving away 1M+ rupees today, 7pm EST, at utopia /v +treehouse
    10. SteamingFire
      Tomorrow at 7pm EST, I will be hosting one last giveaway in the form of copy-what-I-say, random trivia, and board games! utopia /v +treehouse. Over 1M in rupees will be given out :D generous rewards!
    11. SteamingFire
      If anyone wants free snowballs, go to utopia /v +treehouse. All of the double-chests to your left have snowballs in them. Please take them :D
    12. SteamingFire
      Rescheduled my TreeHouse Christmas event for today and it was a success! Tomorrow, I will be giving away over 1M in rupees. Not a set schedule, but definitely after 7PM EST :D
    13. SteamingFire
      Gave away a bunch of promos today. Giving away 1M+ rupees the day after Christmas.
    14. SteamingFire
    15. SteamingFire
      Now what am I doing, making a rave...
    16. SteamingFire
      Did a Thanksgiving giveaway with events yesterday and will be hosting a Christmas giveaway event on the 19th. Thanksgiving event lasted 3 hours but I think the Christmas one will last only one hour... maybe? Quick elytra hoop course, flying snowball fight and ice boat racing.
    17. SteamingFire
      I'm going poof now, actually. *poof*. If you need me for anything, like if my TreeHouse Apartment gets griefed or if Hotel Hourglass needs some maintenance, forum message me. Those conversations will send me email notifications. Ciao!
    18. SteamingFire
      Playing Minecraft doesn't make me happy anymore, so I'll be present but fairly inactive until New Year's. After New Year's, I'll go poof. In the meantime, does anyone want rupees?
      1. BlackKnightess likes this.
      2. jewel_king
        You should keep them incase you decide to return :)
        Sep 24, 2020
      3. BlackKnightess
        Sometimes a break can help you find your mojo again. Maybe see how you feel in a bit.
        Sep 24, 2020
      4. wafflecoffee
        aw :/ If you have no one else to give them to then give them to me :P but you should stay so you don't have to!
        Sep 24, 2020
    19. SteamingFire
      The TreeHouse Apartment at utopia /v +treehouse has so many board games and other recreation! Ice boat racing was recently added, and for my last project, there will be pig racing! 4 different variations of pig racing :D Hope y'all are enjoying the res!
      1. khixan
        I just realized you sent me rupees? Thanks? Not sure why LOL. I can send them back to you if you like :)
        Sep 6, 2020
      2. SteamingFire
        Did you participate in yesterday's Ice Boat Racing? If so, it's probably your reward.
        Sep 6, 2020
      3. khixan
        Ah, erm, ok then. I just did it for fun, no reward needed, but thank you :) The track was great!
        Sep 6, 2020
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