Dec 13, 2014
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Ice cream! Rainbow Swirl will have ice cream! I already have all of the skins. I just need to farm them now :D Apr 21, 2021 at 1:25 AM

    1. SteamingFire
      Ice cream! Rainbow Swirl will have ice cream! I already have all of the skins. I just need to farm them now :D
    2. SteamingFire
      I'm going to need to place 30 DCs of concrete...
      1. Big__Kev likes this.
      2. Big__Kev
        I’m half way through 20dc and still need more. See Katydidbuild
        Apr 21, 2021 at 12:21 AM
      3. SteamingFire
        I already ordered all of it from Yixomua :D
        Apr 21, 2021 at 12:22 AM
    3. SteamingFire
      I just economized a build for the first time ever. I made the cost drop from 648,000r to 250,000r. And I got a discount, thank you, so the total cost of the Rainbow Swirl will be about 208k. Now I can pay for labor work! >:D
      1. SteamingFire
        I just remembered that I'm building it in a special way, so the cost rose to 256k. Still much better than 648k!
        Apr 20, 2021 at 7:26 PM
    4. SteamingFire
      I am incessantly checking my latest forum thread, [Hype] Rainbow Swirl, to see if anyone has commented. The answer is no. I'm still checking. I have a problem. The only one hyped is me xD
    5. SteamingFire
      I have found a res for Rainbow Swirl. Nearly done test-building in singleplayer creative. Hopefully my Supporter kicks in soon so I can start building for real! Oh and um. It's gonna be expensive to build xD
      1. MysticalFelineOG likes this.
    6. SteamingFire
      I think I'm going to tear down my 3rd res to make yet another hotel :D The Rainbow Swirl. Complete with colorful rooms xD
    7. SteamingFire
      Can someone gift me a Max Res Voucher so I can make YET ANOTHER HOTEL?!
    8. SteamingFire
      My TreeHouse Apartment is finally full xD No more available rooms! And there never will be because everyone has permanent stay lol! Unless someone is nice enough to forfeit their room and give it to you :P or if they are banned or break the rules...
    9. SteamingFire
      My Chaotic PvP minigame is very profitable for you guys. One person won 20k within 15 minutes.
    10. SteamingFire
      Want to show off or advertise your res? Lend it for Hide 'n Seek! More info in Public Member Events forum thread [Event] Minigames Galore!
    11. SteamingFire
      My first official minigame, only a handful of people participated. But the 2nd game, which was unofficial, had over 10 participants lol.
    12. SteamingFire
      I significantly increased some of the minigame prizes :D Potential giveaway will be 1,020,000r, not including the monthly donation boxes.
    13. SteamingFire
      I calculate that before I quit all games on July 25th, I will be giving away up to 720,000r through minigame prizes. That's less than I thought. My previous quitting giveaways were so much more expensive xD
    14. SteamingFire
      Funny difference between my Guild Wars 2 and EMC minigames: In EMC, I easily obtained all funding necessary on my 2nd day back. In GW2, after 5 years, I only have enough funding for 9 weeks LOL.
    15. SteamingFire
      My "last day" hosting minigames in Guild Wars 2 and enough people showed up with enough interest that I decided to continue GW2 minigames on a weekly basis. So what about EMC minigames? Depends on who shows up the first and second times.
    16. SteamingFire
      I guess I'll be re-quitting EMC for the last time. It's looking more 'n more like no one will attend my minigames. The only thing that I wanted to do was host minigames.
    17. SteamingFire
      I guess I was wrong. No one likes minigames.
      1. BlackKnightess likes this.
      2. SteamingFire
        Still haven't been proved wrong.
        Apr 16, 2021 at 1:04 AM
      3. SteamingFire
        Why are you liking this status ;_; it's just sad.
        Apr 16, 2021 at 9:38 AM
    18. SteamingFire
      Guild Wars 2 isn't very receptive to minigames. I'm quitting all games on July 25th, anyway... maybe I should spend my last few months in EMC. Host lots of minigames in EMC. But I already gave away everything xD
      1. SteamingFire
        I will most likely be back after Sunday.
        Apr 14, 2021
    19. SteamingFire
      1. Internet_Creator likes this.
      2. SoulPunisher
        you’re not allowed to do that
        Dec 31, 2020
      3. Internet_Creator
        Its a Witch!
        Jan 1, 2021
    20. SteamingFire
      My last day.
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