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  1. I recently made this diagram to post on my seasons thread...

    ...and made and posted this shark picture here to appease Baradar:
  2. I made this (poorly detailed) world map:
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  3. I just drew this for a Valentine's Day thread here on EMC:
  4. I drew this picture just a few minutes ago for no other reason than the fact that I'm bored. I call it "Summer's On My Side". (Yes, that teen guy is meant to be me, and that dog is meant to be my precious Pippa the Jack Russell Terrier.)

    It actually turned out to be pretty pretty. It reminds me of June (which is pride month, hence the rainbow I drew above, and also when my dog's birthday is). :)
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  5. I also made these three pictures just now. These are of one of my Sims, named "Gavin", in the game The Sims Freeplay (see emc.gs/t/75104/ for more info on what non-Minecraft games I play) in different scenery. I drew these because I personally (even though he's not real) have a crush on him (hence the rainbows, which once again stand for LGBT, as I'm a guy and Gavin is a male Sim) and so I wanted to see what he'd look like in different seasonal scenery.

    Gavin in the Spring:

    Gavin in the Autumn:

    Gavin in the snow:

    Which of these do you prefer? I personally prefer the Spring one because I hate when deciduous trees go dormant or change colors, plus I like flowers, but I am still of course very curious to hear the opinions of those of you reading this.
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  6. Seems I missed seeing a few of these earlier! =o
    As for the ones you just posted, I prefer the spring one as well. =)
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  7. Minecraft Tropical Biomes But Not in Blocks:

    From left to right: Mesa Plateau (Forested), Mesa, Desert, Savanna, Jungle

    Personally my favorite Minecraft biomes too.
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  8. FadedMartian0 also asked me to draw this sketch what he looks like IRL:
  9. I drew this picture just now. I call it "Spring in the Snow":

    My area looked much like this on March 8th, 12th, and 20th of 2018. Also, those yellow bushes are meant to be forsythias (they're usually in bloom around those dates for some subtropical regions, including where I live).
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  10. I drew this picture just now of a "Rainbow Forest", with the following tree types:
    1. Early Fall/Autumn Yellow
    2. Mid Fall/Autumn Orange
    3. Late Fall/Autumn Red
    4. Violet/Purple Spring Flowering
    5. White Spring Flowering
    6. Palm (a popular, well-known type of plant that many call a tree and is tall like a tree, but isn't truly a tree)
    7. Colorado Blue Spruce
    I plan to actually make a scene like this somewhere in my house at my annual Independence Day celebration that will be on June 30th this year, and the colors picked are intended to match the USA colors (red, white, and blue) and the LGBT colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet/purple).
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  11. New drawing! I meant for this to look like a humid subtropical forest in Spring and Summer, so it's mainly based off of southeastern China and the southeastern U.S.

    EDIT: Also, sorry that I'm so bad at drawing fan palms. :/
  12. Can u draw me in a village 😛
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  13. Looking good! I think that's my favorite one yet :)
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  14. Here, here you go! The villager in your avatar in a desert village:
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  15. I drew a special picture for MoreMoople. She requested an orange cat in Spring scenery:
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  16. Forest of Colorado Blue Spruces and Weeping Cherry Trees in mid-March:

    Those flowers on the forest floor are meant to be pansies - a very colorful type of flower that blooms in all Autumn, Winter, and Spring months where I live. And yes, my mom and I have planted Weeping Cherry Trees and Colorado Blue Spruces (the former of which are actually pretty big and good shade trees now!).
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  17. You have a very unique style of art I have never seen before :)
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  18. Thank you! And what makes you say that? The nature?
  19. Gunna test your art skill, make this :p It's what Colorado looks like right now in the High country.
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  20. I hope I did OK. I doubt I did, but I tried pretty hard and spent about 30 minutes making it:

    Also, I like the snow-topped mesa in the background! Are those common in Colorado?