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Nov 13, 2020
Dec 7, 2014
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, Male, from The Netherlands

Let's write an EMC review together: (you suggest topics, I'll do the writing ;)) May 30, 2020

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Nov 13, 2020
    1. Nickblockmaster
      Happy Thanksgiving!! 🍽🦃
    2. TomvanWijnen
      Hey there! :D
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      2. ShelLuser
        m000 long time, no see! Yah, rough times but can't ignore EMC during Minecraft snapshot season!
        Oct 7, 2020
    3. 607
      Wow, thanks for the gold supporter voucher! :o
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    4. 29672057602
      Heya, couldnt help notice your pic! I recently started watching neon genesis evangelion and tbh Im pretty hooked into it hahaha.
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    5. ShelLuser
    6. ShelLuser
      Back to gold :) The fun part is that I don't even really need it but we all know that gold is gool :P And one last public "thank you" (again) to Kryssyy for her help with my "support mishap" (you can't get 4 resses back when gold ;))
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      2. Joy_the_Miner
        Welcome back my man. :D
        May 28, 2020
    7. ShelLuser
      Minecraft had a 200million player peak. I am happy to have been player 199,666,513 who made it all possible ;) ( I made up the number but NOT the total amount).
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      2. 607
        Considering what happened with Aya, I wouldn't have been surprised if you were player 200,000,000...
        May 26, 2020
      3. ShelLuser
        No idea what you're talking about ;) Anyway, I'd be surprised considering that I've been playing Minecraft for over 5 years now ;)
        May 26, 2020
    8. Stnywitness
      Hiya Peter! How's it going?
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      2. ShelLuser
        Actually quite good :)
        May 19, 2020
      3. Stnywitness
        Good! Glad to hear it :)
        May 19, 2020
    9. GripCEO
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      2. AyanamiKun
        yusss, I rule <3 and grippie has a point here, lol!
        Apr 10, 2020
      3. ShelLuser
        ... that auction hasn't ended so far (well, it did, but.. you know) and thus as far as I'm concerned GripCEO did only make 1r profit ;)
        Apr 10, 2020
      4. ShelLuser
        It's really too bad that we added links DOWN but not UP :P
        Oct 7, 2020
    10. TomRichey
      If you’ve got more than one derelict voucher to give I’m interested:D
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      2. ShelLuser
        Apr 9, 2020
    11. ShelLuser
      A geeks solution for explaining what Minecraft is: make a PowerPoint presentation 😎
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      2. FadedMartian
        Apr 8, 2020
      3. ShelLuser
        I confess!!! :P Got a new surface tablet from work and its quite addictive ;)
        Apr 8, 2020
    12. ShelLuser
      Well, with _a lot _ of help from Krysyy it's finally going to happen! I'm getting my residences back to the way they were.. So... /home will once again work as expected for me :)
      1. Unoski
        What happened
        Apr 4, 2020
      2. ShelLuser
        Long story... because I wasn't perm. protected I moved both my resses onto GripCEO, so I was left with no resses ;) But now that I also have perm. protection I wanted them back. Yah... But I was under a 6x gold support session, so... I could only get 2 resses. Krysyy helped me so I could redeem a dia voucher and restore everything.
        Apr 4, 2020
      3. ShelLuser
        So now I'll be dia until 2 days after my birthday (which is a nice touch) and then I'll go back to being gold for 6 months. We'll see what happens after that ;)
        Apr 4, 2020
    13. ShelLuser
      You may have comments about staff. I know I had in my days and I still have "certain opinions". But you *cannot* deny the fact that they will give it their utmost best to ensure that we get to enjoy a enjoyable playtime. Perhaps more than you'll realize....
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      2. ShelLuser
        I can now honestly say that I speak from personal (yet obviously indirect) experience. Because I did something "weird", you'll see soon enough... And deep respect towards staff for helping me make this idea work! (no, it's a very selfish thingie ;))
        Apr 3, 2020
    14. AyanamiKun
      EMC decided: u smell funny… pls get a better deodorant! ^.^
    15. ShelLuser
      Finally at home again (been at work since last Sunday, long story...) and just like the old days I'm looking forward to a nice long EMC session!
    16. ShelLuser
      Gratz to EMC for having upgraded to 15.2! It took you guys long enough ;)
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      2. Krysyy
        And overall, as I said my my comments below on your other status, we actually managed to not break too much =) I consider that a win, though it was an agonizing wait at times.
        Mar 29, 2020
    17. 607
      Lol, your about page is getting extremely long. :P
      1. ShelLuser likes this.
      2. ShelLuser
        I started using it as a bio :)
        Feb 14, 2020
      3. ShelLuser
        So now I actually re-read it myself and I have to admit: it needs an update!
        Mar 4, 2020
    18. ShelLuser
      As much as I love the Empire I'm also getting mixed feelings... No offense but: still on 1.12? How many years has it been and even more so: how many servers already successfully upgraded? I have a theory: "overspecialize and you breed in weakness"... (see comment section).
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      3. ShelLuser
        Now why can't I like comments? (ok, ok, I am pushing it, I know, pls no kill me!) :)
        Feb 12, 2020
      4. Krysyy
        Another bit of info, this is the first update we've had in quite sometime that you can expect some actual server offline maintenance to make sure the conversion happens safely and securely.
        Feb 12, 2020
      5. TomvanWijnen
        Regarding world resets: it's quite likely that I, amongst many others, would see a world reset as a good reason to leave, so I'm happy that a lot of effort is being put into ensuring the conversion will happen properly. (it's of course a pity that this effort has to be used for this relatively "stupid" thing, but alas.)
        Feb 12, 2020
    19. ShelLuser
      You know you haven't played Minecraft in a while when you see horse armor in your inventory and think: "Wow, Oppressor MkII in Minecraft?" :P
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    20. ShelLuser
      Well, one thing worked. I'm still gold :)
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    Kind regards, Peter
    [IMG] & [IMG]


    Home page:
    The Netherlands
    I suppose I fall into the 'geek' category. I'm an IT professional and I basically learned most of it myself. "In my days..." we didn't have much I(C)T studies; perhaps apart from learning how WP5.1, Lotus 1-2-3 and dBase worked.

    Messed with computers most of my life (started with a C64, BBC Electron and later expanded to 286, 486 and the more modern machines) and often went way beyond merely "starting programs".

    Main hobbies: Scooter, synthesizers / sound design, Minecraft, watching a movie with my gf on a Saturday evening (<3), reading.

    About synthesizers:

    My tools of trade are Ableton Live (suite edition) powered by the midi controller known as 'Push'. Reason, which is plain out a music platform of its own and Max... the multimedia visual programming language which pretty much allows you to build anything you want. It's also incorporated into Live and known as Max for Live ("M4l").

    For the record: I own both... M4l as well as full Max license. This stuff goes deep.

    About Minecraft:

    My girlfriend introduced me to Minecraft in March 2014, and I was quickly hooked. Especially the redstone parts managed to grasp my interest, even though I had little clue on how to use them.

    3 days after discovering Minecraft I discovered the multiplayer communities, found a server I took a liking to and it was a very nice and educational experience. Eventually I lost my motivation; partly because of the way the server was run but mostly because of an upcoming map wipe. After playing and working very hard for 6 - 7 months only to realize that it would all go kab00m was too demotivating for me.

    "If I need to start all over anyway, then why not look around for other alternatives?".

    This is where I found the Empire. December 2014.

    I've been online for nearly 2 months at the time of writing, and I've now reached a point where there's no more doubt in my mind anymore: this is where I belong.


    It seems that my opinion is shared by "the powers that be", because on March 2015 I got invited to become part of the EMC Contribution Team, an invitation I obviously took on both handed. I'm very excited, mostly because I take joy in the fact that people recognized and appreciated the things I've done so far; and have now put an official "label of approval" onto it.


    As of October 2016 I quit said contribution team because I didn't feel motivated enough anymore. EMC is all about having fun for me, and as soon as something stops being fun then that's where I'll have to draw the line. For me a title becomes meaningless if you can no longer enjoy it, and I'm not really the kind of guy who needs to have status symbols. I'd rather let my actions speak for themselves :)

    Update (17th November 2016):

    It appears there are some wild rumors going about regarding me leaving the contrib. team, and I feel I need to squash those because after my last somewhat critical public remarks (critical is -not- the same as negative!) some people apparently thought that I somewhat became anti-EMC or something.

    Yes, I might sometimes criticize the staff and/or their actions. But that does not mean that I suddenly started hating on them or something. That's plain out ridiculous.

    Update (20th January 2018):

    As of some time I can no longer like other peoples posts. Nor can Aya who has been somewhat associated with me ever since we met (none of us mind). But if you wonder about it, now you know why.

    Update (1st February 2018):

    I'll still be doing plenty of posts (and occasional tutorials) on the Empire, but have decided to limit myself to EMC topics only. Every other project which addresses Minecraft in general will be posted to another location:

    Think about redstone tutorials, plugin reviews, command block tips and tricks, and even a way to create your own Herobrine mini boss :D If you're looking for me then that's where you'll find me.

    Update (August 2018):

    Having been honored with the 'Member of the Month' award earlier this year led me to re-evaluate some aspects and I decided to try and discuss my previously mentioned withdrawn like ability with the staff. And we came to both an understanding and mutual agreement which fully resolved that problem.

    Update (September 2018):

    I'm a little bit in a pickle right now because the person who sporadically plays using the AyanamiKun account has shared some discomfort with me regarding some previous aspects. They found "another place" and intend on playing a bit more frequently "over there". Where this leaves me, I dunno, but the one thing I do care about is GRIP (even though it's pretty dormant) and I've made preparations to secure the community efforts no matter what.

    tbh this is pretty much the only place you'll read about this and this is also all I'm willing to share. But being me I just had to share it somewhere, even though I'm convinced no one is going to read this :)

    Update (late September 2018):

    I am no longer actively playing on the Empire. No hard feelings, I still respect & admire this place, but on the other hand I also think the developers are turning the survival experience into something unrealistic and highly unbalanced; this isn't expanding Minecraft; it's contradicting it (hostile rabbits? yah, duh!).

    One of the reasons I took a liking to EMC in the first place was because it didn't alienate players from Minecraft itself. I can no longer say that.

    Update (2019 - now):

    Despite everything I said above I cannot help shake of the feeling that no matter what: I had a good time. And it was all provided to us for free. Yah, I can't let that slide by.

    I've had some luck on both the stock exchange as well as spiking up interest in my (small!) IT business and getting someone crazy enough to buy it from me.

    Of course they were after my customers but heck, that's business for you (and I not only informed said customers, I also helped 2 of them move onto another provider for a small fee. Should I ever re-start a business of my own they're seriously going to consider jumping back). Time will tell of course.

    But because of this I kinda felt like having fun. Both Aya and myself are now protected under the cloak of the permanent derelict protection. For the record: no abuse (or overuse). Aya always fancied a quarter (4 resses) and she got 'm (again) on SMP8. Me? Yah, I'm happy with one on Utopia and one for myself on SMP2. .. and my 2 official 'previous' resses of course. As for the 3rd derelict voucher.. I don't even recall what I did with that but I do know that it went to a good cause :) (I probably undersold it because at this point in my EMC life I don't care about money so much anymore).

    Then I decided that I should talk it out with staff and I did. I got to understand their point of view and they honestly saw mine for what it is. Results? Aya has normal forum access again, no holds barred, but staff would appreciate it if we didn't bid up against each other anymore also because in the end we kinda share the same assets.

    I do miss the sprees but then again I also understand staffs point of view (somewhat). They have a point when they worry about "foul" play, in the sense that an auction gets more value while in the end most in-game money comes from the same source (it wouldn't be the first time when Aya or me dumped some extras onto the other to cover for costs).

    It's a fair point I suppose.

    In the overall I'm slowly picking up some pace again. I won't be involved as much as I was at the start (so I think) but ... EMC is special in its own way.

    Comments about staff leaving?

    Note: I'm only talking about the staffers who some people started asking me questions about. Questions I never addressed until now.

    Yah... I can understand the motivations behind it. Because in the end the whole show is ran by one person and their will is law. And honestly? They're not very flexible about new ideas if you ask me. In fact... they're more like a control freak. When things get out of their control they don't try to deal with it and steer things into the right directions but instead try to enforce whatever they want.

    Works great if you're into that kind of thing, but for creative people who try to go broad it's a nightmare.

    Supervising people isn't only about telling them what you want them to do and spelling it all out, it's also about putting trust in them to do the right thing. Even if that sometimes goes outside of your comfort zone, especially if you're well aware that the intentions are all the same.

    Comments about 1.12 vs. 1.14?

    "Overspecialize, and you breed in weakness". No offense intended!

    EMC has some very interesting custom features but in the end it's also limiting them from upgrading. That's roughly all it is. And the stories about "instability" only get you so far, especially if you take into consideration that the Spigot project is already using 1.14.

    That's the project EMC is build on. Well, it's based on Paper and PaperMC is based on 1.12 whereas Spigot, the project they forked, is now 1.14.

    At this time I don't understand anymore. What does better speed gain you if you're way behind the facts?

    ... overspecialize...