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Mar 4, 2020
Aug 19, 2014
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Distinguished Member, Male, from Belgium

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Mar 4, 2020
    1. jacob5089
      Although we never talked, I hope that you can find a place that you enjoy playing on and restores the relaxation for you
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      2. lauwenmark
        That's very kind of you, thanks! And yeah, don't worry, I have several other ways to have fun and relax; I also have several games on Steam awaiting for me to get back to them. I may also test Terasology and start contributing to it.
        Have fun!
        Jan 15, 2020
      3. jacob5089
        I'm practically gone here myself, but thank you :)
        Jan 16, 2020
    2. wafflecoffee
      did you make that sig? or did you get it form one of those signature websites?
    3. FalloutHood55
      I will find out how dotistically sceptical is mean
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      2. lauwenmark
        Mean? heh, I don't think it is! Merely, well, full of dots :D
        Dec 25, 2016
    4. 29672057602
      I will one day know how your sig works :P
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      2. lauwenmark
        Oh, there is nothing secret about it! Just some simple Python script. Want to make it better someday. If you are interested, PM me, and I'll transmit you the source code with full explanations.
        Oct 31, 2016
    5. Gawadrolt
      *not part of the creepy fan club* .... ..... ..... maybe....
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    6. 607
      You seem really familiar to me... and yet I wouldn't know from what.
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      3. 607
        Well, I might've just seen one of your posts somewhere and had the name stick. That seems plausible, as it's quite an interesting name.
        Jul 23, 2016
      4. lauwenmark
        Half of the emc players call me 'lauwen' and think I'm a girl. The other half strongly believes my name is 'mark'. I guess interesting names have some sligjt drawbacks... :P
        Jul 23, 2016
      5. 607
        Haha... :P The only drawback that my name seems to have on EMC is that when on smp1, /home will bring me to residence number 607 which is not actually my residence :rolleyes:
        Jul 23, 2016
    7. AnonReturns
      Maybe one day we'll talk without there being a griefing incident!
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      2. lauwenmark
        Anytime ! I like to speak to anonymous people ! :D
        Jul 22, 2016
      3. ShelLuser
        Lauwen, this might be a good time to point your attention to GRIP, please see this link => Tell us what stuff got stolen and I'm sure we can help you get it back.
        Jul 24, 2016
      4. lauwenmark
        Oh, I know about GRIP. The issue isn't really about missing material. Otoh rebuilding is costly in time. There is little fun in building again and again. At some point, one just stops caring.

        But that's not a problem, since we were told that antigriefing is 'REALLY close to being here'. That was in mmm... Lemme check... March. Early march. So nothing to worry about, really.
        Jul 24, 2016
    8. mercenaries2009
      Here's a Mario :)
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    9. mercenaries2009
      Here's something to make you feel better!
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    10. ApPl3ZZ
      First Follower :D
      (you're whalecome)
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