[Auction] 500 DCs of melon slices (1,728,000 melon slices)

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  1. Expect typos.

    Item: 500 DCs of melon slices (1,728,000 melon slices)
    Starting bid: 1r
    Minimum bid increment: 1r
    Auction ending time: 72 hours after last valid bid.

    The winner of this auction will be given container:chest access on /v 11192, SMP5 in order to pick up the winnings. If you would like me to deliver, I offer that service for just 785k. If you are moving them yourself, you can take about as much time as you want but please don't put it off for a billion million years.

    Unless you plan on eating these or throwing an *interesting* party, I suggest you use these to make blocks to trade to villagers.
  2. 1r
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  3. 2r
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  4. um ... 3 rupees although i am a little nervous of 500 dc of melon.
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  5. That's it 538r
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  6. 1738r
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  7. i lied he beat me
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  8. 3k
    and the 500 dc have individual access signs right? I'm not going to wait for the 500 dc to pass through a hopper.
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  9. just saying
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  10. 16k.

    (Nick5013 would approve)
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  11. 20k
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  12. 25k
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  13. *changes name to Nick5013* 25,001
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  14. Beat this devastating bid of massive proportion, so massive you need to get into Harvard and prove yourself more than worthy by debunking the undiscovered world of math finding out a way to simplify all math, nullifying all other forms of math causing the massive headache pile of mathematics to be narrowed down to just one simple math equation saving the youth years they'd spend in school, because all they'd need is to learn is one math equation, in just one day
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  15. I do not need this in any way shape or form

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  16. ... i'm not here to bid, but i can't pass up commenting.

  17. Have no fear.... the melon god is here...