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Sep 18, 2019
Apr 15, 2012
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Is it worth it to do summer college sessions? I'm about to be a freshman at UCSB, wonder if it would be worth the heartache. May 1, 2019

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Sep 18, 2019
    1. xxcapmanxx
      Is it worth it to do summer college sessions? I'm about to be a freshman at UCSB, wonder if it would be worth the heartache.
    2. xxcapmanxx
      Anybody know some good games to buy from the steam sale?
    3. xxcapmanxx
      2 hours, catching up on homework, so close, I could smell the victory. Smells like grilled cheese with some choice bacon. Would that be healthy? I have had an epiphany, bacon grilled cheese. I'm hungry.
    4. xxcapmanxx
      Anybody know some ways to get around procrastination? School is here and I could really use anything.
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      2. Otus_NigRum
        Thank you elfin, this was helpful, and I'm hoping to make changes to when I start HS. In grade 7 and 8 I slacked off so much and was super behind, hopefully I can change that. I notice that the more I put stuff on hold, the more I get anxious and stressed
        Aug 28, 2018
      3. AlexC__
        I HIGHLY recommend a desktop app called Cold Turkey. You can block specific websites and app using it and it's almost impossible to circumvent. This might be a paid feature, but you can block out times of the week using the calendar as well as using timers. I use it whenever I have big projects due or exams
        Aug 28, 2018
      4. Alukiann
        I think you just need to say, I'M FINISHING THIS NOW AND I WILL NOT DO ANYTHING ELSE UNTIL THIS IS DONE and then imagine something really bad will happen if you do otherwise. You can imagine that your crush will never like you if you procrastinate...?

        And then when you're done it will make the fun things more fun... And I'm procrastinating on chores right now so Imma goo...
        Aug 28, 2018
    5. xxcapmanxx
      Anybody know a good backpack brand I could buy from?
      1. Prairie_Fire
        Aug 4, 2018
      2. OriginalScuf
        I personally used North Face and my backpack was perfect for years. Heh it still is
        Aug 4, 2018
    6. xxcapmanxx
      I need a vacation
      1. cTJx
        Mmm, yeah, I need a six month vacation twice a year
        Nov 13, 2017
    7. xxcapmanxx
      Lactose intolerant I may be, but it'll never stop me from consuming the greatest dairy product-Cheese!
    8. xxcapmanxx
      The price for a bag of chips went from $1.50 to $1.69, good things never last do they?
      1. Roslyn
        Some men just want to watch the world burn.
        Feb 9, 2017
    9. Tuqueque
      can you come online again?
      1. BreezyMan likes this.
      2. xxcapmanxx
        The sign is now fixed, I did the [ access ], it works off of my knowledge, sorry for taking a while
        Jan 31, 2017
    10. xxcapmanxx
      Nothing like having to wait 1-2 billing cycles to get the money I was planning to use on black friday, fan freaking tastic! :c
    11. AyanamiKun
      thx 4 gift ^.^ shelly gave it to me, very nice of u!
      1. BlinkyBinky likes this.
    12. xxcapmanxx
      One of the worst types of school work- Weekend homework :(
      1. nuclearbobomb likes this.
    13. Moms_CreditCard
      ... ... ... ... ... (I never seen you before)
      1. xxcapmanxx
        I've not seen you before either... :/
        Aug 1, 2014
    14. xxcapmanxx
      Funny how the only reason why I play minecraft is to get on the emc servers so ya as long as emc is up I play minecraft.
    15. xxcapmanxx
      anybody notice that you can build out of your res with sand I am just pointing this out, you build a 64 block high tower and drop sand
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    16. xxcapmanxx
      would buying a soda drinking hat be a good idea? :/
      1. BlinkyBinky likes this.
      2. TetraClap
        Jul 9, 2014
      3. xxcapmanxx
        do you know where they sell them at or are they only available on the internet?
        Jul 9, 2014
    17. xxcapmanxx
      man the orange moon is nice
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    18. TrapThem
      Hey, you won my auction please pay then pick up
    19. xxcapmanxx
      woa it's late and imagine rupee notes :)) it's a small cheap idea
    20. QuarterStop
      Hey, i found your base nice job, i hope you dont mind me using your farm i replanted and left some of the wheat, and seeds i got from my bone meal. I had to seek shelter on the way to my base from mobs. ;)
      1. xxcapmanxx likes this.
      2. QuarterStop
        This was a while ago, but thanks cap!! :)
        Feb 24, 2014
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    The name's cap, capman, I'll be more than glad to help in any or many situations as long as I am capable of doing it, I also got a youtube channel though digging after it to find it is tedious, because appearantly someone already took the name Quarter Guy, so I'm now under the shadow of a youtuber with 20k subs