Dec 26, 2014
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, Male, from Alabama

Drop me a message with a price quote if your selling an SC or DC of Diamonds. Thanks in advance. Nov 17, 2019 at 3:13 AM

    1. BreezyMan
      Drop me a message with a price quote if your selling an SC or DC of Diamonds. Thanks in advance.
    2. MoreMoople
      Welcome back :D
    3. NuclearBobomb
      One of the great devs of EMC.. we will always remember you...
    4. derp_duckie
      Thank you for your service! =D
      1. Silken_thread and We3_MPO like this.
    5. FadedMartian
      I appreciate your service to this great server! Hope to see you around in the future!
      1. We3_MPO likes this.
    6. Kryarias5
      Thanks for all your service and help!
      1. We3_MPO likes this.
    7. MoreMoople
      Thank you for your service!
      1. We3_MPO likes this.
    8. We3_MPO
      Thanks for your service! Hope to see you back soon! :(
    9. MoreMoople
      Hey Breezy, haven't seen you in-game or on forums in a while. You doing alright? :)
      1. We3_MPO likes this.
    10. We3_MPO
      This isn't the first time I've said this, and I'm not the first one to have said this for this period of your inactivity. But what in the universe even happened to you? And will you ever truly be back?
    11. FadedMartian
      *pokes Breezy*
      1. We3_MPO likes this.
    12. ShelLuser
      Where the heck are you? 77 days, no mention of vacation or anything.. dude! I will have you know that you are one of the few staff members I respect the most. Also because of "that" incident. You care about the truth and what REALLY happened. And I also know what you did with my griefed waste outpost.

      At the very least.. please don't just run away.
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      3. We3_MPO
        We3_MPO we've known each other since before either of us were 100 days old on EMC, and were two of the four initial MPO founders, but the truth is, I do have respect for all EMC staff, as well as the community in general. But the fact that he's left for this long, even when he planned to come back, has me shook and worried.
        Jun 5, 2018
      4. We3_MPO
        I'm actually surprised he hasn't gotten a forced-due-to-extreme-inactivity retirement like Blackstone71, highlancer54, amadai, etc. did, but I hope he'll return soon before that does happen.
        Jun 5, 2018
      5. We3_MPO
        And sorry Shel for not responding until now, but I only just now saw this. However, I do check staff profiles and the profiles of MPO members frequently.
        Jun 5, 2018
    13. BreezyMan
      Updated my profile pic. Seems to be a trend now. :P At least that I have seen lately.
      1. q1zx
        Much better. xD
        Mar 1, 2018
    14. q1zx
      I really like how you blow people away. You're just so FANtastic. I mean, I am such a fan. Of your FANciness. Sometimes. I hate it when you blow hot air around. :P But I'm sure it helps people get the wind of things.
      1. Tuqueque, BreezyMan and We3_MPO like this.
      2. TomvanWijnen
        BreezyFan ;)
        Mar 31, 2018
      3. We3_MPO
        It's only a breeze if it's cool air. But yes, he is a breeze (figuratively, of course, for any fellow autists who may be reading this and not understand).
        Apr 19, 2018
    15. We3_MPO
      I'm sorry if I put you or any of the other staff into a difficult situation or accidentally wasted time for you. I was just misinformed and now I'm facing a very difficult situation. I just feel like now I might need to take another break.
    16. We3_MPO
      /summon breeze
      1. BreezyMan likes this.
    17. BreezyMan
      17 new awards all at once. I was like... O.o :P
      1. Tuqueque, MoreMoople and We3_MPO like this.
      2. DarkModFallen
        Welcome to last week!
        Jan 7, 2018
      3. BreezyMan
        Catching up as fast as I can. :P
        Jan 7, 2018
    18. We3_MPO
      Congrats on Elite Member!
      1. Tuqueque likes this.
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