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Stand Back... I'm going to use Science! Nov 13, 2023

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    1. Acemox2k
      Stand Back... I'm going to use Science!
      1. SteamingFire
        Reminds me of Dr. Stone, which I just started watching yesterday.
        Nov 17, 2023
    2. Joy_the_Miner
      Vaya con Dios! 🎊
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      2. Acemox2k
        Bendicete y muchas grasias.
        Jun 6, 2023
    3. Acemox2k
      Trying to find the path the Lord has prepared for me.
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      2. ultipig
        on emc
        Jun 3, 2023
    4. Acemox2k
    5. Acemox2k
      Been gone for awhile and being back is no different than being gone, except there is more reading to do being back.
    6. Acemox2k
      If I could save time in a bottle...
    7. synth_apparition
      I'm reeaaallly curious as to what that image in your thread about the ad was...
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      2. Acemox2k
        Hi, i need to come through here more often. Well, after driving back and forth across this country twice. yes, it took driving the wagon out from one coast and then drove back for another. The add, it would seem, is a wonderful contribution from google. It is a type of ad that does seem to track and change according to some criteria.
        May 20, 2017
      3. Acemox2k
        As far as hotels I stay in, i prefer a "certain" level of comfort and cleanliness. I guess the $100 range give or take. Which of course means nothing as far as clean wifi.
        May 20, 2017
    8. Acemox2k
      3 months of packing, sorting,throwing away stuff and filling two storage units. Now i am in a hotel for the drive to the west coast.
      1. Acemox2k
        I got lots of moving and cleaning to do for my birthday. Cant afford to take for everything right now so i have to go for the house signing right now with my utility trailer loaded, then i drive back to east coast get a 26' truck and drive back to west coast.
        Feb 16, 2017
      2. Acemox2k
        Then I do it one more time for fun just to get the rest of our junk. For the moment am homeless and traveling the country until I sign for and fall flat on the floor of our new home.
        Feb 16, 2017
    9. Acemox2k
      I will be back soon, I have spent the last three months only popping in to do an occasional vote and sign-in. Cross country move is rough
    10. ItsMeWolffpack
      Congratulations, Your profile is now Illuminati Confirmed!
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    11. Acemox2k
      Things are not anything until we make them something. Make your things Epic, Awesome and Enjoyable to share with others while You are here.
    12. Acemox2k
      meh, whats the point.
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      2. Dufne
        Do you need to talk?
        Nov 14, 2016
    13. Acemox2k
      yea, 365 days! it snuck up on me.
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      2. Dufne
        Congrats! Your second year will be here in a snap. Keep moving :)
        Oct 1, 2016
      3. RainbowPony
        ^ what Dufne said, but to the point where you'll most likely miss it. Or maybe that's just me.. haha Congrats!! :)
        Oct 1, 2016
    14. Acemox2k
      As I work on my Obsidian Generator and look back at the names I have given each model, The names have gotten shorter but the device is biger
    15. Acemox2k
      Obsidian generator 1.0 was a success! Obsi Gen 1.2 shows merit. Back to the lab to work on ObGen 1.3
    16. Acemox2k
      Acemox2k is not here right now, he is busy trying to swim in lava.... Again
    17. Eviltoade
      Thanks for the follow :)
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    18. Acemox2k
      Life is a science experiment and I am working on a hypothesis.
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    19. Acemox2k
      I think I am going to miss 1.8.
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      3. crystaldragon13
        cause they're both rather naughty. =]
        Jun 21, 2016
      4. ShelLuser
        ^^ This is why we need the option to like comments ;) But yeah, I see what you mean Ace. 1.9 sure takes getting used to, I agree. I stepped in at 1.7 and I've seen a lot of changes as well. But I'm sure that Aikar will fix a lot of those annoyances. The Turkeys you find now are pre-1.9. I'm sure the new ones (I really hope they'll come!) will be better suited for 1.9, I'm sure of that.
        Jun 22, 2016
      5. crystaldragon13
        yea.. the earlier ones took a while to kill but now with the having to wait between strikes or less damage thing.. uuugh .. I'm sure it was an eternity.
        Jun 22, 2016
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