all the staff should have the same skin.

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  1. i think all the staff should have the same skin. because its sometimes hard to see if some on is staff or not. at 50 likes i will start talking with the admin.
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  2. Dislike, Just hold TAB to see if a moderators on, Not to mention the fact you could impersonate a moderator.
  3. Just look for freaking green or purple text. Not that hard.
  4. it would be like them wearing uniforms this is a game not a restrount
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  5. I can imgaine SO many scams for people tricking noobs into thinking their moderators.
  6. And the bear never lies.
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  7. /who. Views "staff" section.
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  8. It's like the people who say "Is (Name) online". I am like do /who, Tab, or /p. Like it irks my nerves when people have no regard for the rules and have no clue about the Guide.
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  9. I don't think you will get your 50 likes sir...
  10. I think you willm
  11. The only time I've seen a moderator in game was when one popped up next to me while I was at a grinder. I thought he was a regular player at first. I was panicked until he started chatting and I realized who he was.

    He had diamond armor on so I don't see how any sort of skin would have helped identify him unless they were required to not wear armor, which would be a pain. Sneeker's point about people using the moderator skin is a good one. You wouldn't be able to stop people from using the skin.
  12. Why, thankee.
  13. It's a good idea but if I was a member of staff I don't think I would like it. :)
  14. I just realized this nub just wanted or likes! UNBEILVABLE! !!!!
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  15. No thanks, we are players too and want our individuality :)
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  16. Uber like for you sir! :)
  17. I totally agree that it would be unfair to force staff to essentially wear uniforms. Perhaps when you are face to face with someone in the game the name that appears above their head could be a different colour. This could also be used for gold and diamond supporters as well. For example gold for gold supporters, blue for diamond supporters, green for moderators and so forth.
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  18. I create custom skins. If I was forced to have the same skin as Aikar, or IcecreamCow who are both MALE... Oh.. Oh my goodness.. I do not think I could sport a beard.

    On a side note, I love cats, maybe almost as much as this girl does. What does this have to do with us all looking the same? Uhh.. Cats. Not all cats look the same, and that would be like asking all cats to look the same. Shes awesome, btw.