[1.4] Invisibility Potion Should Be Blocked!

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Should It?

Yep! 14 vote(s) 20.3%
No!! 55 vote(s) 79.7%
  1. As some of you may know they invisibility come in 1.4 but may increase griefing! So should it be blocked?

    I Think yes!!

    Explain your answers!! And before anyone says "ITS NOT VANILLA!!!!" they blocked tnt?
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  2. Technically they didn't. Diamond supporters can still use that.

    No it shouldn't be blocked. It won't increase griefing at all lmao. You can still see the tools and armor.
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  3. And the player name too.
  4. No, invisibility potion hides their name.
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  5. Um not really..
  6. Uhhh..... Justin may come up with some coding so mod's and admins can see people in invisibru mode
  7. Really?
    ... yeah, i sorta can see this a griefing issue, if the griefer is iron supporter and hides from the livemap.
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  8. I think we could see them on Livemap, this is likely to help with mob hunting and evading.
  9. 1) We can still see them smashing blocks
    2) We can still see their name tags
    3) It will help with evading creepers.
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  10. I dont think it should be blocked but i think admins and mods should still be able to see you even when it is being used.
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  11. Maybe it should only be a diamond perk... :rolleyes:
  12. What a time I picked to go free...
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  13. Gold + i think as im going gold again soon (cant afford diamond all the time :p)
  14. If its gone it wont be vanilla, more like a chocolate-vanilla flavor
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  15. Diamonds get TNT thats not vanilla?
  16. Well they need a way to make money, as long as its available in EMC it must be vanilla.
  17. Ok then block it but not for diamonds
  18. We could still see people with the /ch who command and the live map.
  19. Guys, it's somewhat simple. This would be amazing for playing a harmless prank on your friends, like running around and having blocks appear in front of them. All that needs to be done is make tools visible when equipped, and make the player visible when destroying a block.
  20. You dont see their name tag and it shows them running/the potion invisibility