[IDEA] Fire damage

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Do you want NO fire damage?

Yes 3 vote(s) 25.0%
No (Why-Comment Below!) 9 vote(s) 75.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Maybe for Gold and diamond they get to have no fire damage! I was in the nether with my friend and he fell in lava! I was so mad that he went in lava i made this thread! Post comments below to see your feedback! :D
  2. Nah, EMC would = easy minecraft. Imagine this on Utopia? No fall, fire damage, perm day time. Would just take the fun away :)
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  3. You could swim in lava. No.
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  4. Maybe if you stocked up on fire resistance potions.....
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  5. Yep, problem solved C:
  6. Hmm, i think it would take out to much of that survival aspect of minecraft. Almost everybody that has ventured in the Nether has died and lost their stuff. I think people would also take advanage of it. (Who wouldn't) it just would not make any sense
  7. I see. Like you know how lava sometimes lead to diamonds? It'll make it easier....
  8. The lava=diamond rumour isn't true, I'm pretty sure.
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  9. Yeah I have heard that as well, one of the goals of EMC is to keep the wild as vanilla as possible- they can only take supporter perks so far until it becomes unfair for everyone else.
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  10. ..and the perks are generally to make the EMC experience more... Interesting? Not to make it easier, except for the few perks on Utopia.
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  11. This thought is common because lava and diamonds are generally near the same height. And there is a lot more blocks showing around lava. Same idea as caving except more extreme.
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  12. Yeah the height statistics are true, but you have just the same chance as finding diamonds away from lava than you do without it.
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  13. Actually Alex, you DO have a higher chance of finding diamond because there is more surface area when you clear out a lava pool.
  14. That's OP!
  15. I clicked Yes because I thought he meant in Town......

    Epic Fail by me, I totally say NO!
  16. No, but the actual idea of diamonds having a higher chance of naturally being NEAR lava isn't true.
  17. Someone put up the bear...
  18. This bear? how-about-no-bear.jpg
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