Mod Request: FalseBook

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by ianrich, Aug 14, 2012.

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  2. Sounds interesting.
  3. That is a cool mod, but it's not good for EMC. It adds non-vanilla blocks (as we like to be as vanilla as possible with a few essential plugins), and it could give players without the mod an advantage over other players. Teleporters? :D
  4. I love falsebook (craftbook) on my personal server long ago. It looks like they've changed some of the expoits of the system in here, but I'm not sure how it would lag the server creating all those blocks. We've got a better teleport system in place as well.
  5. the server already has a HUGE piston lagg
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  6. We had an old thread for CraftBook, which is now maintained again, so we would use that if we went forward with this...

    I do like what CraftBook promises, and we will investigate it as it simply does alot of what EMC is already doing -> adding features by signs and such, but it will require alot of tuning and tinkering to enable/disable stuff that can be abused/used for cheating.

    But this is a plugin not a mod request so moving to suggestions
  7. It's not creating blocks, it simply does what EMC does, and adds click event handlers to signs and such to add features, so the lag addition should be minimal, but depends on feature.
  8. I saw this when it was created but I didn't repond because I didn't know if it was a mod or plugin.
  9. This mod is cool, but it gives a unfair advantage for people who dont have it so.....

    How About No

    Didnt use the bear, and still got the same message...
  10. It's a server wide plugin - not a mod so everyone would have access so it. Therefore:
    How About Maybe
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  12. Lol in server that have these I exploit the gate by farming the fence.