Changing the voting rewards

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Is this a good idea?

Yes 6 vote(s) 54.5%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
It needs tweaking. 5 vote(s) 45.5%
  1. Hello EMC,

    I have noticed Just about everybody has noticed that the slots are never full anymore like they were in April. This is linked to voting, which will help new players find EMC. However, nobody that doesn't use the forums votes! I'd like to propose a few suggestions so that we can get to the front page of Minestatus.

    • Increase the rupees from voting. Since MCSL is disabled, less people have voted because they only get 50 rupees. I suggest 100-150R for voting.
    • Alternately, ditch the rupees all together and provide an item when you vote. This could have a chance to be a really cool item, like a diamond, an emerald in 1.3, or a chainmail chestplate. However, items like logs and paintings would be common.
    • Place a vote button on the main page. It should be on the right side, above everything else. This way, more people would see this and vote.
    • Make a tip in-game that says "Want [free stuff/rupees]? Vote for EMC at [ link]! This could pop up every 15-30 minutes.
    • The next supporter contest should be based on Minestatus votes. That way, people would NEVER forget to vote.
    So, what do you guys think? Tell me below!
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  2. we do need a better reward for voting
  3. It's almost not worth the effort of going through it all at the moment.
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  4. When 1.3 comes out, I predict a rise in new players.
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  5. There should NOT be a tip that shows upfrequently to voe for EMC, maybe add it into the mix of tips. But we don't want to be server that begs votes out of the players. I do agree that it wouldn't be a bad idea to increase the rupeeamount just enough to offset MCSL not working
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  6. I agree with the higher award for voting and the main page button.
  7. Maybe a 100 rupees bonus would increase the number of votes
    I agree
  8. Or. The more days in a row you vote, The more rupees you get, So for example

    Day 1: 50
    Day 2: 75
    Day 3: 100
    Day 4: 125
    Day 5: 150
    Day 6: 175
    Day 7: 200
    Day 8 225
    Day 9: 250

    And then it stays at 250 and drops down to 225 if you miss one day, 200 if you miss 2 and so on.
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  9. ^^^ I really like this idea; but it would be easier that if you miss a day the counter just resets rather than having to keep track of someone's totsal for 9 days if they suddenly decide to quit voting
  10. What if you can't make it for a day or if you just forget.
  11. Then the counter resets. If we would add this feature- we would want people to vote everyday. With that setup, the minimum is still the same as it is now.
    I vote as often as I think about it but if I had an extra insentive why i would want to go out of my way to vote everyday, i sure would try. 250 rupees already 2.5x the daily rupee bonus of a regular member. It would be a great supplement to people's wallet, but it has to still be earned (vote consecutive days)
  12. To be honest, If I missed a day, there wouldn't really be an incentive to vote again seeing as it is 100% reset.
  13. Maybe it wouldn't need to take 9 fulldays in a row... this may seem a bit stretched... what about you get to the max. after only 4 days because not everyone can get on every day of every week. Food for thought...