The all-mighty "/back" command!

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  1. Hey guys this server is amazing and I love everything about it... almost. I think we SHOULD have pvp areas but this isn't a pvp server so i understand why that isn't the case but something we should have is the /back command to be able to go back to our death point and recollect our items! that's my 2 rupees :) see what i did there?
  2. this server is not and will never be pvp
  3. Icc DID said on another thread that they are working on something with pvp
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  4. Takes the vanilla out of EMC.
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  5. I highly doubt EMC will ever have pvp. Arenas on the other hand could have a chance of coming back.
  6. Most people are getting bored from going to the wild to mine and sell, so they are going to add some pvp and as i have heard they plan on add loads of awesome features
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  7. Do you not read the whole post? Instead of only reading
    and posting, why not READ THE WHOLE POST.
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  8. The /back command isn't vanilla. Losing your stuff occasionally is part of the game after all.
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  9. Panda STRIKES again!
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  10. I think we should have /back in the town. Just so we can go back to whever we just were easily. Such as going between shops.
  11. That's 3 points total to Panda :)
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  12. you can just press the "up" key to redo stuff
  13. Ya, but that can take awhile if you have been chatting some. /back is more conveint. Still though, if it causes any sort of lag, I wouldnt add it.
  14. Theirs NEVER EVAR gonna be a back button on utopia/Smp1-9
    'Nuff said.
  15. how about we /back this whole thread to when it was never made
  16. We are having a community discussion. What is wrong with that?!
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  17. I might be nice to have it in town. Like a browser history, so you can go back and forth between reses you have visited.
    I would not like to see that in the wild and I have lost lots of stuff in lava or just by forgetting you take fall damage there :confused:
    The /back for the wild is called "make a bed and sleep at night close to the place you mine".
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