Uh Oh - Another PVP Thread

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  1. First off - Let me say -

    I am not looking to debate anyone. This is not a should we shouldn't we thread. This is my random my opinion thread. I will not debate with you, but by all means if you want to argue with yourself - bump my thread all you want. :)

    What would I like to see on EMC? SMP10: Prison Server.

    What is a prison server:
    A prison server is a very controlled pvp setting where players use currency to rank up through a series of "prison blocks". Each time a player ranks up they are allowed access to more space and more perks. The goal of this is to get to the highest rank - where you have the most perks. This is not a run around and kill people where ever you want - kind of pvp. This is set up where you PVP specifically in certain areas. Other areas are set up where you have access to "work" areas where you can mine and gather. Often you have to pass through pvp areas to move to get from one safe zone to the next. There are moderators called "guards" who parole the prison and keep people in order. There is a lock up area where guards put players who are found breaking rules. You can make currency by gathering in the safe zones and selling to server or player run shops - or by pvping and stealing from other players. While PVPing is an acceptable hobby on these servers - anyone caught doing so will be placed in the lock up for a designated amount of time. 5 minutes or so. They will also loose items that are considered contraband - like weapons and armor. The fun of this type of play is trying to be sneaky and not get caught by the guards.

    Why PVP at all:
    Vanilla MC is an amazing amount of fun. I love building and exploring and mining. Sometimes you just run out of things you can think up to do. PVP is a completely different experience. That allows you to take a "break" from vanilla life. I honestly believe that people getting bored (which happens to everyone in MC - it can get repetitive) is very likely in direct correlation with people causing trouble. Often - people just need a new outlet.

    Why a prison server:
    A prison server is strictly controlled pvp. It is also very fun and goal oriented. Instead of just running around seeing how much damage you can do - you have to constantly reach goals in order to proceed.

    What Can EMC offer to a prison server that other servers fail at:
    Well, we all know how fail other servers are. EMC would give to a prison server: an amazing moderating staff, proper organization, and structure in an already strong and thriving community.

    How to make it work:
    1. It needs to be separate from all other EMC servers. No vault, no cross currency.
    2. It needs more staff. In addition to the current moderators it would need to have more "gaurds" that we are used to seeing on any varying server. It is nice to have one or two on most of the day. The guard job is a very fun and active roll and part of the game - not just sitting around problem solving and answering questions.
    3. There needs to be no tells or whispers on the server. This cuts down on arguments that can not be monitored by guards. Guards can quickly put an end to any disputes by placing parties into a jail cell for a 5 minuted muted time out.
    4. A very strict set of written & visible guides/rules for both players and guards to follow. (If anyone is interested in seeing what this might look like please let me know - I will write something up)
    5. No supporter perks on the prison server. There needs to be an even playing field.
    6. Players should not be allowed to join this server until they have been an EMC member for at least (insert amount of time here - possibly a week to a month of time) This helps keeps strictly PVP players out of the game. I think opening up a PVP server by itself could bring in undesirable players. So avoid this - and give the EMC community a new venue while avoiding any problems.
    Anyhoo - This is my idea. Take it or leave it. I think it would bring something amazing to EMC. I have been playing on one the past few days - and except for the constant "vote for us" spam, the player cursing spam, and not being able to find help for any problems - It has been a super fun and exciting time! It is worth noting that I would not spend any time at all on a server like this if it were not one of the best game play (not best server) experiences I've had in a very long time. The server lags worse than any I've ever been on, and chat is mostly intolerable - but I am completely addicted.

    I also would like to note that I have never been a big fan of minecraft pvp.

    Any questions, I would be glad to answer what I can.

    Let the no memes begin. :)

  2. Well before anyone shoots you down tremendously ;) I think it would be a great idea to grow EMC in this way eventually. If EMC grows big enough, it could have a sister server which would have pvp; but still mostly vanilla. I most definitely agree it HAS to be completely separate from the mainstream EMC servers. (It would be nice if the same people participated in both) Although they might not receive any important benefits, supporters would still have a cool colored ign... In summary- Great idea later, after the community grows more.
  3. i like this idea and emc is such a well controlled server i think it could work well and be extremely fun
  4. sounds fun :)
  5. Just thought of the most important thing. We would not want to rush into this. Plenty of time, research, and planning should be done by everyone in the EMC community before this could happen properly.
  6. I have two thoughts: It shouldn't be SMP10. How about Empire Prison or something like that? Also, your rupees should be separate from the SMP servers.
  7. I think we could keep the same website for both; but there needs to be a clear division so any new members don't get extremely confused where each side of the die lands. Different server names, but something simple... Till all the bugs are worked out- maybe it could be opened to a limited part of the community. Not just supporters though. Yes I realize I am a supporter
  8. Maybe people who have been on the Empire 150+ days?
  9. Yeah, something like that- People can join and be supporters the same day... I like your post on the thread factions...

    I would still want there to be a fun community atmosphere even though you may still kill each other.
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  10. This is most certainly something we can explore down the line. We're at a point now where we're starting to explore other server times for EMC. We have a secret PVP project that Aikar is working on that we'll be announcing shortly. As we grow, the more things we can branch into, and this could be one of those things at some point. :)
  11. Yay a secret Project- I love those!!! Can't wait!
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  12. Note to self: Re-pressurize brain for next blowing after ICC reveals his new logo.
  13. Sounds awesome, you really put a alot of work and effort into this thread, good job.
  14. But memes are fun :(
  15. I think she means the HOW ABOUT NO bear.
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  16. Its glorious.
  17. I wanted to edit it to say- "how about,not yet" or something like that. But I didn't really want to spend to much time on it. Sigh
  18. Not sure if already said but

    I HATE prison servers. You just read that article off the wiki and thought it be cool. ITS NOT!!!! They suck. It is literately the least fun type of server ive ever played on. For one, the concept of pvp will result in newcomers first going to that server, and then going to a server like smp1 that pvping someone in the wild because they think its allowed. I, and many other members would not like to get pvped in wild by a newcomer. Tis would change how newcomers would think about the servers being not pvp. Just no, this would end in more pvp on the smp servers.And supporters paid LEGIT MONEY for their perks. This in all is a horrible idea. Any pvp in emc would be.
  19. An exact "prison server" setup would not work for EMC. Which is why I posted this...
    Most pvp servers aren't new member friendly; and I think it would be important to do the proper research to avoid this. The Secret PVP project posted by IcecreamCow was enough to spark my imagination about what they are working on. Clearly it is to far out to make an official comment on it- but it also keeps me salivating for more...