[SUGGESTION] Minecraft XrAy

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  1. Hello there.
    I found this nifty little iPhone app and it's pretty awesome.
    Now before you go ":O you were searching for an X-ray app"
    No I simply just searched Minecraft.
    Now listen.
    For Justin He would be able to access Dynn-map, The Console, and other stuff like time of day whitelist on or off and
    For us: We would be able to see the live map on to go! and also see the chat! (Justin can disable it)
    Now I tried searching for the plugin and have not yet found it but I think this tool would help a lot.
  2. Wait, I don't get it?
  3. Me neither. :confused:
  4. Think of it like this:
    You can see the livemap anywhere, See the chat, Talk in the chat,see the current time but mostly this would benifit Justin the most.
  5. Its a remote control of the consol for the server
  6. What has this got to do with xray packs?
  7. Yes and no, it has a bunch of tools including the console.
  8. It doesnt....
  9. Why is the thread named like that than?
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but your suggestion was to get a EMC app for iphone/android?
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  11. nfell already made that :p
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  12. Well, I knew that, I didn't like it because it was only for iPhone so the resolution was bad....
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  13. What he's trying to state is that, he probably wants to enhance the app [if I'm not wrong] so that, mods/admins, possibly us too could see what people in the severs are talking about, and also allow us to view the live map....

    I think
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  14. Otherwise this thread it useless... :)
  15. True

    When i made the app i didnt intend for loads of use's mostly because i cant but Justin could 1 problem with Google it cost £25 to make a app and Apple is £99 then there is no guarantee that Apple will allow the app
  16. I mean there is already an app. Justin would just need to download the plugin.
    On the app store search Minecraft XrAy
  17. £1.49!! If this gets added thank god for jailbreak :p
  18. It cost money? When I got it it was free.
  19. Really? Unless im looking at the wrong thing XD
  20. He can already do some of those things through Square, which mods/admins use through the site I believe. And who said Justin had an iPhone?