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  1. Hello.
    I found this plugin.
    It ties in with minebook.me (its awesome)
    Have you ever lost a friend due to him/her updating or anything else?
    Well you will never see him/her again. Unless You Use Minebook :D
    Everyone is already pre-signed up but the plugin gives you new features like being able to see what server you are on IF that server has to plugin too.
    I think that if Justin used Minebook it would be free advertising because first of all on your friends list it would say Playing smp1.empire.us and if you set it to public the whole world could see that you are playing on EMC which is free advertising!
  2. However, wouldn't it advertise other servers for our players too?
  3. Well. go on any place the EmpireMinecarft advertises. Of course it shows other servers too BUT the other servers would need to plugin too. Also it doesn't matter since we are the best.
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