[Forum Suggestion] The Facebook of EMC.

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What's your opinion on this?

I like it. 12 vote(s) 80.0%
I don't like it. 1 vote(s) 6.7%
I think it needs work. 1 vote(s) 6.7%
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  1. TL;DR "Facebook" aspect on the forums for community members to communicate/advertise small things without starting a whole new thread about it ;D

    So today I was browsing Facebook.. procrastinating as usual.. and I had a thought/suggestion for the forums. Sorry if this has been suggested before or if there is a way to do it already..

    Currently, we have the ability to follow/be followed similar to Twitter, but apart from it showing up on the side of your profile it doesn't have a lot of use (that I am aware of). If there was some way possible, I suggest more of a social media aspect to the EMC forums. There will be a page called Newsfeed or something similar. Whenever you post a status on your profile it will come up on the Newsfeed. Players will have the option to see ALL feed on the page, or only those who they follow. They could also only have the option show up to those who they follow/are followed by (i.e. "This post will only be viewable by players who you follow"). Oh, and also be able to have it not show up on the newsfeed at all, and just your profile - for more personal messages maybe?

    I basically see this as simplistic way for players to advertise job offers, their shop, products they need to be stocked/sold to their shop, journeys out to the wild (who's interested sort of thing), wanting to be hired, etc etc. It is a way of getting your message out to the community without having to start a whole thread about it. I know that we technically do have a Facebook page for EMC, but not all players have FB whereas everyone who is a member on EMC is a member on the forums. This would also give more reason for players to visit the forums, and make them more alive and busy.

    Restrictions could include the ability to post once per half hour and there could be an ability to report the post if you think it is not appropriate. It will not be for auctions and community discussions/suggestions can stay in the appropriate places.

    • A "Newsfeed" page on the forums for advertising/communicating small messages to the community
    • Have your post available to the whole community, only the people who follow you, or the people you follow
    • See posts of only those you follow or of the whole community
    • Report players with inappropriate posts (see below)
    • Hide the posts of certain members that you don't want to see
    • Only one post per half hour (to avoid spamming) - could be a different time limit
    • No posts will be about auctions, community suggestions, bullying, name dropping, etc.
    • Bringing the community together
    • All EMC players are members on the forums whereas not all are on Facebook
    • Encourage more players (especially new ones looking for jobs) to visit the forums more often
    • Another way of advertising shop without spamming the chat
    • Another way to find workers/suppliers/jobs
    • You choose who sees your posts
    • None?
    I will add any thoughts that you guys have to this list. I wrote it up because I realize my first few paragraphs are just a heap of rambling. I do that sometimes. I want all your feedback, suggestions, constructive criticism and compliments! Thanks <3
  2. Reserved for me, like a baws.
  3. Good Idea,Like it alot :)
  4. Sounds alright, I just don't want people to get the impression that it would be intended purely for advertising goods and services, essentially turning it into a trade chat. In fact, I think it would be wise to prohibit such advertisements were this to be implemented.
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  5. What would you suggest it be for then?
  6. The same random stuff people post on Facebook?
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  7. Hey, great idea!
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  8. I suppose that could be okay, but I probably was thinking of a trade chat without actually calling that.. sort of. As well as a way to organise wild expeditions and hire/be hired.
  9. The way I see it, people already have numerous avenues through which to advertise their enterprises; in-game, on the forums and even external websites. All that's left for real social interaction, which is what I initially assumed was the point of this, is the Miscellaneus forum and commenting on profile pages.
  10. Ah okay, fair point. One reason I thought this would be a bit different was it would be across ALL the servers, but I definitely see your points.