[IDEA] Vote to kick feature

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  1. I think it would be a good idea for a "vote to kick" feature to be implemented. Although I do understand why this wouldn't be added if it wasn't. It would most likely be overused. Although If say, maybe 20% of the online server were to vote to kick then perhaps it could work out.. Post your opinions below!
  2. Trolls will all just say YES kick him!!!
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  3. Point taken Miguel.
  4. I vote no, same as Miguel.
  5. I vote no.
  6. Hmmm. No if it was 20% because the 7 people on smp3 i could just put my alt online and kick everyone.
    I think it should be 75%
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  7. I think 40% would = kick, so I say yes.

    I'm pretty sure Justin suggested this when Square was realised.
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  8. Anyone who's played WoW (other MMOs are available) will know how a vote to kick system would turn out. Oh the fun I've had abusing that feature.
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  9. I'm thinking it should be like 80-90% if there are just a few people on and a certain number if there are more than 30 on the server.
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  10. This has been brought up time and time again, as good of an idea as this is, player who have made much more concise arguments have been rejected for it.


    Please accept that the Systems we have in place at current are the best we can possibly do, Moderators can not be everywhere at once unfortunately, they're not superheros.

    The /ignore commande is your best friend in situations where people are spamming the /chat town repeatedly.