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  1. Being sat here for 25 minutes while an immature soul tortures the chat on SMP2 with no staff around to sort it. The rest of us are feeling pritty powerless. So i thought I would post this.

    Back in my days of Counter Strike there was a Voteban script that gave power to the majority to enforce a server ban.

    How It Works (In Short)
    We Have 1 abusive player on the server, Please can /votekick <player> or /voteban <player>.
    Once 60% of people have voted, it will kick the player.

    Why 60%?
    If you have 3 Players, it requires 2 people to vote.
    If you have 60 players, it requires 36 people to vote.

    36 People?!?! Thats Alot!
    Yes, But in our case, we would have to use 60% of people in 'Town' Chat, as this doesnt effect people in the wild. So there might only be 30 people in town chat, and if over half of them are bothered by the player, they have the power to cast a vote to kick or ban them.

    How would it function?
    A Player would /votekick <name> .. And the server would reply to them:
    Vote Against <Player Has Been Counted.
    Need 'X' more votes to enforce kick.
    ('X' Being 60% of the people in Town Chat)
    Once 'X' number of votes have been made, System will Kick/Ban <player>.

    And thus community players will feel like they have made a contribution to making EMC a nicer place to play :)

    Will it work all the time?
    That one is up to the admins.
    It can work either only when there are no mods online, so the server can be moderated by us players.
    Or even when there are.

    I Was Banned Unfairly!!!
    Doughtful, If over 60% of people currently on the server voted to kick/ban you. You probably deserved it!

    Thoughts please? I hope this is something that can be concidered for the servers.
  2. /report is good for this. It sends a report into square and there's a good chance that a mod will see it with just one report. The more it gets the higher it's bumped up on the list. This system (I've seen it) you list is a decent idea, but can and would be abused. I know you say it's rare, but it's not as rare as one might think. With the /report system, we have a real live human verifying the person being reported against is indeed doing something wrong.

    Not acted on fast enough after your /report? Using /ignore will fix the problem 100% of the time. :)
  3. doesn't work if people aren't using chat say if they are flying
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  4. I have also seen that done before. And it was set with at least 50% of the people had to vote. And on the servers I was on it was a pain just to get 50% of the people to vote at times cause sometimes they just were to lazy or just didn't care. As well as it was abused many times. I got kicked a few times sometimes cause people much like "griefers" here just didn't like me cause I had a lot of money on the server cause I was really good or cause I had a lot of weapons and wouldn't share with the ones who liked to waste ammo and stuff and just goof off. So I would get a vote against me and the person and their friends would usually do it. The worst part was I saw the admins on the server once maybe twice at most during my time there. And I was on it for a couple of months at least.
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  5. Ya. Just because a mod isn't actually connected to the server doesn't mean they arn't watching. /report is great because for at lease chat abuses they can see if your report is true from square i believe. But /report and screenshots will always help. I f2 every time someone does something in case they start to be a nuisance
  6. I disagree, I think your under estimating the maturity of players on the servers. A vote to kick/ban system that requires most of the time, a minimum of 10 votes cant be abused, There just arnt that many idiots on the servers.

    That can always be a feature. If there are less than than 16 Players in the 'Town' chat, The vote system wont be enabled. This will ensure, there is always a minimum of 10 votes to kick/ban a player.

    With the report system, your entrusting 1 person who wasnt on the server the begin with, and there isnt always going to be someone available, to check the situation out. With a vote kick/ban Your trusting over 10 peoples opinions who are right there on the server.

    There is no reason why you cant modify the /report system into a /votekick & /voteban.
    This way your logging everytime someone makes a vote into your 'square' The Mod are able to see this, and check out any vote they suspect to be bogus, and also any votes that havent met the minumum requirement, that may be a legitimate concern. This in my opinion is a far better solution.
  7. Not really... its not hard for younger members to be "brainwashed" into jumping in a bandwagon if one person phrases things correctly to make someone look guilty.

    Then well have people wrongly accused.

    Plus, we would NEVER EVER give the power of ban to the public. No matter what is going on... we need human intervention from the staff who is chosen to be responsible about things like this to accurately identify if a person is doing wrong.

    I assure you, a majority of our players would not make the right decisions in regards to trouble makers... Giving the power to ban people to the public is just not possible.

    No offense, but our 1 view is more outweighed than the 10 on the server. If the person is legitly causing trouble, a mod will side with you guys and take appropriate action. Its our job to analyze the situation, make judgement and enact punishment. If a mod thinks a person is not guilty, and 10 others do, it doesn't mean the mod is wrong. Maybe the mod missed something that is relevant sure... but we can't blindly take input.

    This is something that has to be done by a mature person...

    The only way a voting system would ever be plausible is for the sake of "muting" someone... Removing people from the game needs our eyes..
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  8. Btw, Justin Said there would be some kind of additions to /report, in which players that are trusted by reporting correctly and helping staff would get more attention into their /reports.
    And other smart additions so that it would be faster and easier.
    Any updates Justin?
  9. As usual it is on my list with about 5,000 other things haha. The plan is to grow Square to the point where it is smart enough to temp ban people that get a certain amount of reports (and the trustworthiness of the people submitting reports).

    The problem with any community "ban" system is that all that happens is one person type something in caps and then people are screaming in chat for everyone to vote for a ban. The system would be come even more disruptive than the offenders.
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  10. you could add functionality to it, for example people can report based on different predefined templates, those 'templates' can be readed by square and square can take those as advantage in temp ban, kick or ban.
    For example /report hacking, /report spamming, /report caps all those can be readed and calculated by square so that it makes different punishments to differnt stuff going on :)
    Thanks for the answer btw.
  11. The problem with anything based around a group vote is that anyone with the desire to be a nusiance can easily get the numbers required.

    There are numerous groups and boards on the internet that would happily invade a server and with 30+ of them, simply vote ban or kick all the real players.

    The abuses are there to be taken and they would be.

    The slight alteration I'd suggest here is that if there is a /report ranking system on Square, then perhaps a Report could be given an 'Urgent' status, or something similar, if a Supporter has made that Report? Without any disrespect to the non-supporters, if a Supporter places a Report, from what I've seen and done myself, it tends to be a merited report as they know the system for Reporting better. (Not always though, I do admit that.)
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  12. I know I am jumping onto this wagon pretty late, but I think that idea is ridiculous. There are many young players who can't make informed decisions. With a Population of about 90% non supporters extra cash could come in handy. If 55% of the people vote... 500 extra rupees goes a long way. I like Justin's idea where based on the amount of times you have been kicked or temp banned or /report[ed], the punishment gets harsher. Works in school ( Kid gets detention everyday he eventually gets suspended because the detentions don't affect him. Gets suspended enough he gets expelled). I don't think that regular players (non-ops) should have the ability to Ban and Kick it would almost make Mods obsolete.
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  13. Yeah honestly we have so much data coming in from /report, that we just need to do a better job sorting, organizing, and acting on it. For example we get tons of un-needed reports like "said a bad word" when someone says dammm, or "caps" when someone says "AHHHH creeper!". That causes the reports we want to see to sometimes get blurred in with the crowd. The system isn't perfect but I am improving it and it is for sure better than it was 3 months ago ;)
  14. Yeah to be fair I think for people to come up with ideas for this they need to know what square already has like a list and a picture of what shows up when I report comes in... but them again that gives people the chance to use that to work out how to abuse a glitch... :/

    also I do feel like I can't do anything when someone is spamming/using caps because just /report doesn't feel right and I don't even know how to explain why :/
  15. I'm hoping Jeremy's new Social Reference Guide categories will help people to put together better reports and eliminate some of the "Bob looked at me funny"-s that we get as reports right now. Of course it won't help with the people who don't read it.
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  16. I also think it would be nice to see who has been reported because when you are hiring people to work on your res you NEED to be able to trust them so I think it would be good if their was a way to see how many times they were reported and for what reason but not who reported them...
  17. With referene to the above two posts. I agree that a better understand of the /report system would have influenced my decition of making this thread. Which i am fully aware is on it's way in the new Social Reference Guide.
    It seems like a dark area with lots of things to conider and many opinions.
    If Justin says he's working on it, i believe he will come up with a solution just as great as all the other additions hes made to the servers.
    If he can make a temp ban enforced by the /report system based on trusted players and the quality of their reports.
    Then i'd settle for that ;)

    But yes i understand there are probbaly 95% of reports arnt worthy of any action.

    As for Squizzel_Boy's post i dont think people on minecraft should have a 'Criminal Record' as the number of false reports right now are too high.
  18. Yeah I know but its really hard to find a trusty player on EMC but I have had to /res pset name move false about 4 times when they were trying to grief me :/

    But I meant that only reports what lead to anything
  19. I know what you are saying. If I say "Hi guys I am SO excited" they are like Cpas CAPS caps he using caps. I fell like /report is only for excessive use or if I ask [person] to stop and it does not stop.
  20. Yeah we don't really want to give away peoples report reason willy nilly... As said above, some people will not "read" it accurately, and nor would it show proof of if they were found guilty or not.

    lol look at my reports against me:

    Looks pretty bad w/o context huh :p
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