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Nov 13, 2011
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North Dakota, USA

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Dedicated Member, Male, from North Dakota, USA

Got cursed at by a player for putting up a joke sign at a friends outpost around a bunch of other signs funny in nature. Then said friend completely goes silent the rest of the night then a few days later deletes me and blocks me. Did not see that coming. Apr 16, 2021 at 5:14 PM

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Apr 18, 2021 at 12:28 PM
    1. iamfuturetrunks
      Got cursed at by a player for putting up a joke sign at a friends outpost around a bunch of other signs funny in nature. Then said friend completely goes silent the rest of the night then a few days later deletes me and blocks me. Did not see that coming.
      1. iamfuturetrunks
        Especially after getting done working 8 days in a row at work, and being harassed by my boss and co-workers for wearing a mask at work. :(
        Apr 16, 2021 at 5:15 PM
      2. iamfuturetrunks
        Always seems to happen when things are pretty down, I tend to lose a friend out of the blue. This isn't the first time this has happened. I think this is the 3rd time now if I can remember correctly.
        Apr 16, 2021 at 5:36 PM
    2. iamfuturetrunks
      Stinks being harassed at work for wearing a mask cause my coworkers have a harder time understanding me, and almost no one else has worn one most of this pandemic.
    3. iamfuturetrunks
      Unfortunately it's looking like my road edits wont happen anytime soon since none of the active SR staff use litematica. :( Though still having to wait on hearing back from a neighbor about certain lamp posts. But was really hoping to get these road edits done soon. :(
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      2. iamfuturetrunks
        I also spent the past few months planning out everything especially for future builds so that way I don't have to pay for more road edits in the future. Then after having all that done did I find out all my neighbors were pretty much okay with road edits along the wider roads which then gave me the green light for another build I originally wanted to do but didn't think I would be able to.
        Apr 1, 2021
      3. TomvanWijnen
        I have a big residence area on smp1, would it help you if I offered you the space to build it there? You could also build it in the sky there (to cross residence borders!) with litematica, so you're certain everything is placed correctly. :)
        Apr 1, 2021
      4. TomvanWijnen
        For free of course, I wouldn't charge you a dime. :)
        Apr 1, 2021
    4. iamfuturetrunks
      It's all coming together so far. Just need to figure out some cool decorations for a subway system maybe. :P
    5. iamfuturetrunks
      Darn it, when you think your close to finishing something and then you realize you can maybe do something else that's really cool and so that means even more work and resources. -_- Just need to get permission from neighbors first. lol
    6. iamfuturetrunks
      Hmm so far I have gotten permission from almost all my neighbors for the road edits on the wide roads, which is cool. Now curious how much it will cost me doing all the roads :S, not to mention the amount of blocks needed (even doing cheap redesigns). But hopefully will look nice
    7. iamfuturetrunks
      Well got permission for one of the connecting roads, now just need to figure out a cool design that doesn't require expensive blocks to use. :P
      1. UltiPig
        Mar 17, 2021
    8. iamfuturetrunks
      Every time I think I have it done, I find another thing I want to add or that I forgot. -_-
    9. iamfuturetrunks
      Trying to finish up road edits while also trying to make sure I have things set up (going across roads) for possible future projects in the future on my other res's is quite difficult. Such as a roller coaster * wink wink * among other stuff.
    10. iamfuturetrunks
      With the possibility of an increased world height in next update it's giving me an idea for a future build maybe. Gonna have to do some building in creative first. Though not sure if I will build it on the server.
    11. iamfuturetrunks
      With the new snapshot showing an increase in both world height as well as going down deeper below bedrock makes me wonder how that is gonna affect town res's. As well as my road edits im working on and another thing I was planning on making.
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      2. farmerguyson
        If you find out could you let me know because I built a single large platform at y=64 above my 4 reses and it crosses over the minor roads.
        Feb 11, 2021
      3. iamfuturetrunks
        Well pretty sure that shouldn't be affected cause you can build above the roads at a certain height without problems. Though lately my redstone music note thing isn't working right thats directly above the roads. -_- It's gonna be a while (like a year) before we find out how this new world height stuff is gonna affect us on EMC though.
        Feb 12, 2021
    12. iamfuturetrunks
      Trying to get all colors of terracotta trades with my villagers. So difficult, almost have them all though.
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    13. iamfuturetrunks
    14. iamfuturetrunks
      tfw your trying to do something and the server crash's then you can't log into any others because "you can only be connected to one EMC server at a time." -_-
    15. iamfuturetrunks
      Trying to figure out where to put something in my res, but at the same time worried about placing it and then later it being in the way of another build -_-
    16. iamfuturetrunks
      Trying to design a cool underground tunnel for one of the roads on my res's in a creative world. Still not having much luck. Figured the new black stone might be an interesting choice but still not really happy with the designs yet. :(
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      2. iamfuturetrunks
        What is interesting is there are no blue blocks that come in stair form. There are some that are green or light blue but nothing like a dark blue which stinks. Was hoping to contrast red nether brick stairs. Also the tunnel is only like 36 blocks so not to much room either.
        Jan 8, 2021
    17. iamfuturetrunks
      Have a cool idea for a future project but will require a lot of resources and planning it would go along with the road edits I have planned. Still having a tough time finding inspiration for the surface of my other 2 roads though. :(
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    18. iamfuturetrunks
      Whoo! Got some stuff taken care of and advanced some builds. Some builds are still coming along slowly and not sure what to do with others unfortunately. But it's nice to finally advance in some of my builds for a change. Some good inspiration from some players. :D Rainbow!
    19. iamfuturetrunks
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    North Dakota, USA
    Check out my res at /v 1215 :p