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Nov 13, 2011
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North Dakota, USA

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Dedicated Member, Male, from North Dakota, USA

Have a cool idea for a future project but will require a lot of resources and planning it would go along with the road edits I have planned. Still having a tough time finding inspiration for the surface of my other 2 roads though. :( Jun 22, 2020

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Nov 27, 2020 at 9:17 PM
    1. iamfuturetrunks
      Have a cool idea for a future project but will require a lot of resources and planning it would go along with the road edits I have planned. Still having a tough time finding inspiration for the surface of my other 2 roads though. :(
    2. iamfuturetrunks
      Whoo! Got some stuff taken care of and advanced some builds. Some builds are still coming along slowly and not sure what to do with others unfortunately. But it's nice to finally advance in some of my builds for a change. Some good inspiration from some players. :D Rainbow!
    3. iamfuturetrunks
    4. iamfuturetrunks
      Well that's enough crazy for one night. Way to many builds I saw in such a short time. They have so many twists and turns. And here I thought my plans were gonna be complex.
    5. iamfuturetrunks
      Hmm need just under a stack of beacons for some decorations. -_- Either need to find a good wither skeleton farm, make one, or buy the beacons (which even with them being cheap would rather not waste a bunch of rupees on something for decoration). Gonna be a long process I think.
    6. iamfuturetrunks
      Got some of my storage situated for a change, new elevator working, and getting a bit more progress on some blocks. Still a lot left to do but it's a start.
    7. iamfuturetrunks
      Noticed one of my anvils is slightly damaged even though iv never used it and all the anvils I placed in the past were new.... <.<
    8. iamfuturetrunks
      Darn it. When you misremember something (like a build for instance) and you go looking for it and then you find it and it is not at all what you though it was. :( Was hoping for inspiration for a build im working on. Now ill have to look some more for something else perhaps
    9. iamfuturetrunks
      Oh man, the edits between my res's are gonna be so cool. Working on them currently and they look awesome. Just so much work. At least in creative mode it goes slightly faster. But trying to make sure not to forget anything is going to be stressful.
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      2. iamfuturetrunks
        Don't want to spend the rupees on the edit then find out I forgot this or that. Which would be so annoying. But it's gonna look cool hopefully.
        May 17, 2020
    10. iamfuturetrunks
      Finally using world downloader to make changes between the roads. Unfortunately don't have nor know how to use mcedit (or whatever else there is) so having to use TNT and left clicking in creative to try and clear out all the dirt. Kinda annoying.
      1. khixan
        May 17, 2020
      2. iamfuturetrunks
        lol just found that out today and made it easier. I remembered something like that but figured you had to use command blocks etc. Was a bit of a pain though. Now having to figure out where I want/need passage ways and stuff to go is going to be the hard part. Especially when multimc keeps crashing every now and then. -_-
        May 17, 2020
    11. iamfuturetrunks
      When you see something and are reminded of something else but can't quite remember what it was way back when. When it's on the tip of your brain but just can't think of it. Really annoying.
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    12. iamfuturetrunks
      What would be funny is if you were up really high in the sky and wanted to get down fast and saw a pool of water and jumped down without realizing you weren't wearing feather falling boots but instead frost walker ones. :O That would be funny. *insert spongebob meme* "MY LEGS"
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    13. iamfuturetrunks
      When your back is sore cause you were doing something the day before that must have caused it to mess up and now its sore even when trying to sit or lay down. :P
    14. iamfuturetrunks
      Just saw that im considered a "Dedicated Member" hmm idk about that. Sure iv played on here a long time but I wouldn't say im "dedicated" idk.
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    15. iamfuturetrunks
      Found a HUGE village out in the wasteland that was all just one big island that was floating on the water. Was pretty cool. To bad it's wasteland and eventually will be gone. Still looked cool. Not much else to it though.
    16. iamfuturetrunks
      So many things to collect, so little time to do so. Well I already have most items and mobs collected. XD All with just one day off from work. Unfortunately the trident drowns are glitched so couldn't get a trident or two. :( Server lag was really annoying when mining blocks.
      1. UltiPig
        "so little time?"
        Mar 17, 2020
      2. iamfuturetrunks
        Yeah, having work and if you wait you miss out on everything cause people get most of the good stuff. :P
        Mar 17, 2020
    17. iamfuturetrunks
      Was reminded of the quad cave spider farm WAY back before map hide for regular players was available or protecting blocks. Staying up late with hardly anyone online and the server slowing down from so many spiders and then BOOM so much string and spider eyes everywhere.
      1. TomvanWijnen likes this.
      2. iamfuturetrunks
        So much XP but back then we also would use up all 30 levels to enchant one item. lol

        Those were fun days except for when a griefer would come and destroy the spawners cause they could see where you were on live map at the time. lol
        Mar 13, 2020
    18. Nickblockmaster
      Happy New Year :D
    19. padde73
      Always fun to visit your res from time to time! It brings back memories from the old days, also when I first saw the dragon, awesome btw.
      1. Nickblockmaster likes this.
      2. iamfuturetrunks
        Hey thanks, saw you got some wool the other day. Forgot to refill it, but your post reminded me of it. :P

        Just to bad the server is stuck on 1.12 when 1.15 is almost out. <.< lol
        Dec 4, 2019
      3. Nickblockmaster
        Oh cool, you still got the same area. Wow, it's been a while. Thank you for preserving it. Yeah, still hoping we get that update soon.
        Dec 31, 2019
      4. iamfuturetrunks
        Yeah I wouldn't let all my hard work just disappear. :P
        Jan 1, 2020
    20. iamfuturetrunks
      Hmm servers are looking quite dead still. And a new update is coming out for minecraft. To bad were still stuck way back on 1.12
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      3. TomvanWijnen
        Yeeaahh, the amount of active players has indeed decreased significantly again. :/ I hope this issue will be properly "adressed" soon.
        (@Soul: 1.14 has been out already for months, 1.15 is the new upcoming one :P)
        Oct 5, 2019
      4. Nickblockmaster
        Yeah I sure hope the servers become lively again. I hope that the time it takes to update the servers, doesn't come at a cost too great to matter.
        Oct 5, 2019
      5. iamfuturetrunks
        That's what im worried about.
        Oct 6, 2019
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    North Dakota, USA
    Check out my res at /v 1215 :p