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Nov 8, 2011
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    1. xHaro_Der
      Hey Random :D
    2. mercenaries2009
      Congratulations, Your profile is now Illuminati Confirmed!
    3. Kytula
    4. mercenaries2009
      Here's a Mario :)
    5. Matherox
      I forgot to follow you..

    6. CyborgTed
      How was I not following you? O.o
      1. Matherox
        I was thinking the same..
        Jun 15, 2015
    7. mercenaries2009
      Random and his evilness... HIding that chest somewhere!!! *100% Insane*
      Hahahahaha... The Chest is somewhere... Playing hide and seek!!! *Even More Insane*
    8. battmeghs
      hey, you've won the 4 vault vouchers! :) you owe me 51k <3
      1. battmeghs
        thaaaaank you <3 hope you enjoy.
        Jan 3, 2015
    9. iamfuturetrunks
      Hmmm a disturbance in the force I feel. Lot's of dirt blocks crying out at once then silenced, I see in the future. Hmmph shrouding the dark side is. :P
    10. MR2R2M
      You do realise it costs 10k in game to expand your vault? So why did you bid 12k on a vault voucher lol
      1. View previous comments...
      2. RandomZh
        Well I'm at the 50 vault pages limit now...
        Nov 6, 2013
      3. Olaf_C
        Nov 6, 2013
      4. EquableHook
        if u get 5 pages also you get free vault access
        Dec 4, 2013
    11. TH3_LEG3ND
      Can you please tell me why I can't connect to the server? It just says "can't connect to server"...
    12. brickstrike
      Your profile is lonely, what gives? :P
      1. Mirr0rr likes this.
    13. EvanTheShrub
      :C Jealous of your sugar cane farm.
    14. brickstrike
      My brain hurt after seeing your sugar cane farm that one time.....
      1. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx likes this.
    15. Roslyn
      Seeing your 4 beacon auction, it's better to auction one at a time because they are more affordable to the community that way, 4 at a time is just too much for most people to handle for some odd reason. Plus you'll get more than 40k if you auction each one off at a time. You can get 15k for each one, making 60k , 20k profit
      1. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx likes this.
      2. RandomZh
        Well yea i know thats a bit true. but ive also had a single beacon auction starting 14k, while two other single beacon auctions at same time people would bid 14500 at the other, and up to 16k at the second other - no one bids 14k at my auction. I guess I was lucky - just somewhere else than in auctions XD
        Jan 30, 2013
    16. hoi
      gime al ur witer skulz & al ur beconz or els i hax.

      1. Olaf_C, MissMadison910 and TheSpyPie like this.
    17. nfell2009
      What makes you the master of stone gens then? :3
      1. RandomZh
        What makes me master of stonegen? Well meet me at 1728 sometime, ill show you how everyone can mine over a stack stone per 5 seconds at the public free stone gen that generates 60 smooth stone per cycle. (If you have an eff5 diamond pickaxe.)
        Its got an redstone-auto-unstuck mechanism for to automagically start when it's loaded.
        Jan 25, 2013
    18. floflo120
      Your Redstone access chest has been set up for. By the way, I just noticed that we're pretty much neck to neck on xp's. I think I'm about the same as you.
    19. Doorfne
      How on earth did you get all those beacons and wither skulls?
      1. RandomZh
        i hunted wither skels for more than 50h
        Dec 7, 2012
      2. Doorfne
        You know, that would do it.
        Dec 7, 2012
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