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  1. Looking for shops that actually have items in stock? Or how about trying your hand at some parkour, or a maze? Maybe you just want to see some unique builds?

    Well I've been watching chat on smp1 for awhile now, and thought, "I wish I could tell people we had a directory, or list of all that smp1 has to offer.."

    And now we do!

    I've replaced my own little treetop shop, with the treetop shop hub. I am gathering all the stocked shops available on smp1, in 1 location.
    Also I am including any public and free services smp1 players offer in town.
    And finally, I will include interesting and fun builds, like player built parkor courses, mazes, other games, and unique and inspiring builds.

    This is all located on my main residence #2112

    Below is an alphabetical list of the shops, free farms, and interactive builds, currently advertised. Please pm me, or reply to this thread, if you would like to have something of yours added to the hub.


    • Datzmine /2624 (23 lot large City build)
    • Hasorko Adventure Map coming soon
    • 8comimi /2146 (Parkor, Mazes, and more)
    • Melk73 /2378 (Maze)
    • Kytula /2112 (Hedge Maze)
    • Chickeneer /211 (Empire Pool)
    • Dj__Krazy /1778 (Theme Park)
    EMC Builds
    JustinGuy Tribute /v jgtribute
    IceCreamCow Tribute /v icctribute
    Graveyard /v graveyard

    Last updated 6/6/16

    2131 247defed
    1758 Panda Inc. Mega Mall Panda_Paradise
    2345 Fishmeal
    1112 Galeria LAfayette owned by Faith Inc. Faithcaster
    2000 ToddV
    1967 derelict madfrogg
    930 Supreme EMC Dannyyy
    1137 derelict applenper
    2810 Unicorn Pasture Mall charlie_boi
    2430 Modern Inc by ModerInc
    1188 eatumup
    1269 Diamonddevel737
    1118 Tower Mall trendornbush
    727 The Swamp Shop Eviltoade
    1179 astrojet2
    2008 bemvino87
    1033 EssentialPlex Main section CrimRyuken
    1605 derelict jgfhfdhdfxhx
    1226 crazycreeper29
    1341 kattentemmer
    1962, 8075, 10646 Pea Inc. Mega Mall Sweetie_Pea
    141 _Shadow_Fox_
    1591 Flipflopphil
    1318 derelict DrewMJohn
    230 Wyvern26
    604 QuirkyAvocado
    703 TheMLGTiminator
    2984 derelict firebros
    1507 Ravenswood-Beta Quadrant CrystallineRaven
    2195 W0013G
    239 TheHoodMonster
    1768 JakobKuisl
    1283 CASINO Card_RubixCube
    539 TheSkeletonOne
    1007 SavageKyle
    218 mart1111n
    515 hunter1256
    1173 Thehotwildfire
    261 Witheragon
    701 Blackhksel Ahksel
    2725 Firework Shop Card_RubixCube
    1946 Severuex
    2316 Tizoczuma
    960 eatumup
    1391 Empire Outdoor Flea Market Zinon71
    2010 BigBlocDude
    2170 Reidlin
    2424 QuickStore DH32
    2211 azoundria5
    911 azoundria
    643 Killshot18
    1802 jhornak
    1229 BlaisenFire
    2965 derelict KurnelApocCB
    966 Magnus Mercrator
    2233 polo002
    171 Death Mountain Magic no_thing
    2809 charlie_boi
    859, 966 TomvanWijnen2
    123 Illuminooty
    108 weeh
    829 derelict QueenPsychoCrazy
    311 Zegridathes
    1944 Purpr
    1386 Flipflopphil books
    947 Thamadd bookstore
    185 MissKells
    405 samsimx
    1728 Mega Mall RandomZh
    255 Skyline Mall iamnismo
    611 Uzack's Mall
    1593 derelict seatran
    125 Low Priced Mall ttyler333
    2909 Mystul

    last added to 1/12/17

    Thank you to Trapper777 for The new Directory Logo https://empireminecraft.com/threads/trappers-free-graphic-design-yep-completely-free.65096/

    *Note: MercenaryCrow was integral with the concept of this idea.
  2. Check out the Directories / Teleport Hubs on the other SMP's


    If you create a shop add the shop tag! /res tag add shop
    Otherwise players who do /v +shop won't find you.

    The wiki link: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/residence-tags/

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  3. Nice will try and stop by soon
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  4. I've actually been referring some people to go there because I can never remember the shops that are stocked XD
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  5. Thank you so much! I'm not the best at advertising things lol I'm afraid of being pushy :oops:
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  6. No worries! I think it's awesome to have a directory. ^^
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  7. Could you please mark mine as Under Construction?
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  8. Fixed it for you!!
    • Atti824 /1202 (Map shop featuring all the numbers and letters you'll ever need)
    • aydencw /1991 (Extremely mini shop)
    • Azoundria /911 (Specialty mall)
    • Chattychatot822 /1274 (Under construction)
    • DanialBuchinger /1547 & /1752 (Specialty Mall)
    • Diamondemerald15 /2355 (Small shop with outdated prices, probably out of stock on most items)
    • Faithcaster /1112 (Good Mall)
    • fieldhockey1313 /1763 (Decent shop)
    • iGTR /123 (Promo shop)
    • Jelle68 /1145 (Good Mall)
    • Kytula /2113 (dye shop)
    • MercenaryCrow /1307 & /1507 (Still looks under construction)
    • NickkG /2222 (Good Mall)
    • nonames1_2 /1243 (Melon, pumpkin, sugar cane shop farm)
    • omarsgifford14 /2000 +books (Good Mall)
    • QueenPsychoCrazy=HeyImSian /529 (Under construction)
    • RandonZh /1728 (More of a sell to player shop and get ripped off big time)
    • Rosy2696 /1944 (Very few items for sale)
    • Tahitan_Mall /707 (Not a shop, only a few items for sale)
    • Todd_Vinton /2000 (Very good mall)
    • Vakito /1521 (Good Mall)
    • Vestle /215 (Empty res, no shop there)
    • Weeh /1555 (Good selection)
    • Willies952002 /519 (Under construction)
    • zer0skills /843 (Wood shop)
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  9. Lol! ^0^ thank you very much. I just updated the main list now.
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  10. The top floor is needing addresses of player made builds. I included the EMC attractions that are on smp1 so it doesn't look so empty.
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  11. Just updated the List of shops. Added a list of interactive builds, like mazes, the Empire Pool, parkor and more!
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  12. Ah Kytula, yer so sweet. <3

    Great Idea! =D

    edited to add:
    Just saw that Merc was involved :rolleyes: I'm not surprised. <3
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  13. *^-^* Thank you.
    And yes MercenaryCrow commented on the small little shop hub I had before expanding it. Merc then said how smp1 used to have a Teleport Hub once upon a time, and was thinking of recreating it. Well :p I stole the idea and enlarged what I already had.
  14. Ah that's why you took your shop down. This is awesome kytula, I'll definitely be sure to spread the news :)
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  15. Big Thank you to, Todd_Vinton for including a teleport to the hub in his shop! Also
    Thank you Chespy for changing your signature to help spread the word. ^_^
    And to everyone else who is telling people about it, thank you. It makes me happy to see the community using it. I hope to not let you guys down, and keep it up to date <3
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  16. Can you add mine? /v 1778, it's a theme park...
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  17. Added to the list and the Hub. Thank you!
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  18. Wow, very cool! I'm logging in to go see it now! And let me know if there's anything I can do to help you with this! ^_^
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  19. Oh, nice!
    I had something like this a while ago, but it's probably hugely outdated, so it's great to see a better one being created!
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  20. I'm proud to be one of those shops!
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