Residence Tags

Aug 19, 2016
Residence Tags
  • Players may add tags to their Residences with keywords. Tags will enable visitors to find your Residence when the visitors are looking for something specific within a Residence. For example, "shop" or "parkour" could be used to tag your Residence for people looking to buy/sell items or take part in a parkour course.

    Amounts per group(top)

    Tag limits differ by one's supporter level:
    • Free: 2 tags
    • Iron: 5 tags
    • Gold: 10 tags
    • Diamond: 20 tags


    • /v +TagName - Visit a Residence with the specified tag. Example: /v +shop
    • /res tag add TagName - Add a tag to your Residence. Example: /res tag add shop
    • /res tag del TagName - Remove a tag from your Residence. Example: /res tag del shop
    • /res tag list - View all tags on your Residence.
    • /res tag add TagName LocationName - Adds a tag that, when visited, spawns the player at that Residence location name. See the Residence Locations page for more information on named locations.
    • /res list +tag - Lists all Residences on the server you're on which use the specified tag. Example: /res list +shop, this lists all Residences which use the shop tag.

    Examples of use(top)

    Aikar wants to spread awareness of his shop. He would type the command /res tag add shop, then any player that wants to visit a shop will go to a random Residence with the tag "shop" by using the command /v +shop.

    Krysyy wants to make it easier for players to visit her giant Dalek building. She could use: /res tag add dalek. Because this tag isn't used by other players everyone would now be able to use /v +dalek to visit her Residence.

    It is advised that you do not use a tag that is not accurately associated with your Residence; other players can get annoyed if you do. For example, do not use the tag +shop if you do not have a shop on your Residence - it will only cause problems. If you've stopped maintaining your shop, it is advised that you remove the shop tag using the command shown above. Staff members may remove Residence tags without warning if specific tags do not have anything to do with your Residence.

    Note that if you find a Residence which uses the shop or mall tag yet doesn't have an actual shop on it then you can report this to the staff to help correct the problem. However, it is always best to warn the Residence owner of their mistake first. They may not even realize that this tag is still there!

    In Town you are given a 60x60 protected Residence.

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