Senior Staff Services

Jan 2, 2017
Senior Staff Services

  • Obtaining one of these services(top)

    To arrange any of these services, please private-message the Senior Staff team at stating what you want done.

    Do not post on the Senior Staff member's profiles about it. The fee will be recovered when the service is complete (Note: The staff members do not keep these fees).

    Structure Moves(top)

    15,000r per move

    Got a building or structure that you need shifted over a few blocks? Senior Staff members can move it to where it needs to go. The price is per move, regardless of how many structures you need moving.


    • Structures can only be moved within the same residence.
    • Remember that redstone systems can break with world-edit, so be prepared to fix any errors caused by the movement.

    Structure Removal(top)

    60,000r per SMP res and 120,000r for a Utopia res

    Digging out your residence can be tedious and time consuming. Taking down that giant sugar cane farm you no longer have any use for can be a hassle. Call the Senior Staff!

    Your selection of the residence will be world-edited, turning any blocks into air. No blocks are retrieved. They simply go *poof*.

    If only removing dirt on your residence, please state if you would also like the grass to be removed or if you want certain layers to remain.
    This can be done while you are offline.

    Between Residence Edits/Road Edits(top)

    Prices vary based on road edit complexity and are per road, per visit, as listed below. Prices are the same for SMP and Utopia residences.

    5,000r for a road surface replacement or a singular copy/paste set-up.
    10,000r for each additional /paste required.
    30,000r and up - Anything built using Schematica (B4DMAN5IMON will assign additional charges based on complexity of build and timeline will be based on his schedule)

    Want to join adjacent Residences with an underground tunnel or a sky bridge, continue your residence's design seamlessly between Residences, or make an activation area for your massive public stone generator? While you cannot build on Town property, there is a solution. Hire the Senior Staff to put your build into the Town road.


    • You supply all blocks to be used - these are forfeited and will not be returned.
    • The fee is charged based on complexity and amount of copying/pasting that is required. Therefore it is advised that you carefully plan ahead. The fee applies for road edits on the road after it is complete, so if you want to change the layout or design of the road, it will be the same price as if you were getting your road edited for the first time.
    • The roads must maintain a four-block clearance (you can change the road surface, but you must be able to walk on it). The four-block minimal height is to allow horses to run and jump down roads.
    • Double roads must retain lighting. We prefer that double roads maintain their appearance (lampposts and trees), but are willing to allow stylish builds to replace them with approval from staff.
    • The adjacent residence owner needs to agree to the changes. With double roads, you can have the road on your side changed (4 blocks) without needing the adjacent owner's approval. If the owner is derelict, you still need their approval. If the residence is vacant, then you are okay to proceed, but a new owner may request removal of the build.
    Simple changes can be done while you are offline.

    Removal of accidentally placed blocks on Town property(top)


    Lets say the oak Sapling you planted suddenly grew into treezilla with lots of wood. Unfortunately, part of it grew over the road and you can't get rid of it.
    Don't worry, the Senior Staff will happily clear it.

    Replacement of missing bedrock layer(top)


    Due to an old bug, some Residences have no bedrock layer.
    The Senior Staff will replace the layer if required.
    Note that the entire bedrock layer will be replaced.

    Whole res biome change(top)

    No longer completed by Senior Service request.

    Is one part of your residence a different biome, creating an ugly patch of grass? Does your water freeze at the most awkward times, or do you wish for your Incan temple-themed residence to be in a jungle biome?

    /res changebiome - You may now change your own biome and consume Tokens without manual task by Senior Staff. Cost is 5k Tokens for SMP and 10k Tokens for Utopia.

    Whole or partial res to res move(top)

    100,000r per residence.
    You have just acquired a residence with an unforgettable res number, but your mega mall is on your other res. A residence has just become available next to your friends, but it would take forever to dismantle your residence, store your items at a friend's residence, unclaim, claim a new residence, and rebuild.

    The Senior Staff will make a world-edit copy of your whole residence, reset/unclaim the residence, and "world-edit paste" the copied structure(s) onto the other residence. This can also be done across different accounts (including moves to your own or to different players' accounts) for an additional fee (see below).


    • The amount of Residences claimed must be less than or equal to your max residence limit. Use /res in-game to look at your max residence limit.
    • Residence Teleport System (RTS) signs will need to be replaced.
    • Redstone, rail tracks, banners, vines, Heads, doors, flowing water or lava will copy, but might be going in wrong direction.
    • Item frames, paintings and armor stands will not copy. It is advisable that you place any you have into storage before the move request.
    • Torches and redstone torches might break and drop after pasting.
    • Mobs such as villagers, horses, sheep, etc will retain their data.
    • To avoid duplication issues, players will not have access to their residence during the process.
    • If the Residences are moved between accounts, a 50,000r additional charge (non-discountable) will apply to the account requesting the change and move.
    • Residence permissions (Flags), locations and tags will not transfer, and will be set to default.
    The service can be performed between your owned Residences while you are offline.

    Whole or partial residence to other server move(top)

    100,000r per SMP to SMP move, or per SMP to Utopia move.

    You have played on the Empire for several months, and finally you managed to convince your friend to join you. But, uh oh...while you were offline, your friend managed to get him/her -self settled onto the Empire all by themselves. He/she even managed to build a nice house. It's just too bad that they ended up on a different server than you are...

    None of you will need to reset and rebuild; you can just ask the Senior Staff to move one of the Residences to the other server. This move works just like the previously mentioned "whole res to res move"; the only difference is that your builds are moved across servers.


    The same limitations apply as with the previously mentioned "whole res to res move" above. Please see that section for all known issues.

    Bedrock Removal(top)

    1,000r per block

    The Senior Staff will remove specified blocks of bedrock.
    This service can be performed while you are offline.

    Residence Order Change(top)


    You may have your shop on Residence "home," and your house on Residence "home-2." You want to make your house be "home" and your shop be "home-2." The Senior Staff can do this for you.


    • Unless being used to set a first residence location due to a derelict loss, the amount of Residences claimed must be less than or equal to your max residence limit. Use /res in-game to look at your max residence limit.
    • This only applies to Residences owned by the same account.
    • Residence permissions (Flags), locations and tags will not transfer, and will be set to default.

    Villager Moving Service(top)

    10,000r per villager

    Coordinating water, etc to move villagers without eggifying can be tedious and a pain. Hire the Senior Staff to move your villagers into perfect position.

    This can be performed cross-residence, but same account only.
    This service can be performed while you are offline.

    Supporter Discounts!(top)

    Being a gold or diamond supporter now grants you a senior staff service discount. This is only applicable if you are a supporter at the time of the performed service.

    Best Minecraft Servers
    Current gold supporters save 10%.

    For example: a normal SMP residence structure clearance is discounted from 60k to 54k!

    Best Minecraft Servers
    Current diamond supporters save 25%.

    For example: a normal SMP residence structure clearance is discounted from 60k to 45k!

    In Town you are given a 60x60 protected residence.

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