Jul 27, 2020
  • Utopia is a server mainly geared towards Gold and Diamond supporters, and it provides several advantages that can make your gameplay a lot more pleasant.

    For example, in every world on Utopia, it is always daytime, making it ideal for building in the Town or at the Frontier because you can always see everything around you. Mining and Frontier building also becomes a lot easier because monsters will not spawn in the open wilderness.
    Utopia goes through a full daytime cycle (not including night).

    Utopia is known to be a supporter server, but all players are welcome to visit it. You can go to Utopia by using the /utopia command in-game, or you can visit it directly by using the IP utopia.emc.gs.

    Town and Residences(top)

    Although all players can visit Utopia, Utopia's huge 120x120 Residences can only be claimed by Gold and Diamond Supporters. Of course, anyone can visit, and, when given the required permissions, build on those Residences. There is a limit of one Utopia residence per account, regardless of supporter rank. Here is a fun fact: 120x120 blocks is four times the size of a regular SMP residence, which is 60x60 blocks.

    In the Town, everyone is able to fly by jumping twice. Please note that flying will limit your block-breaking speed.

    Frontier and Wastelands Worlds(top)

    Only Gold and Diamond supporters have access to the Frontier and Wastelands Worlds on Utopia, making it an ideal prospect for building outposts and gathering materials.

    A major advantage on Utopia is that there is no fall damage anywhere. If you've got your mind set on exploring a ravine in front of you, you can jump right into it without any problems - that is, as long as you are not jumping into lava!


    Endertopia is an officially established outpost which is exclusive to Utopia's End world. The original city was created near the birth of Empire Minecraft by Belchmaster, but the current Endertopia was released on May 16th, 2013. Many players only know Endertopia by its original purpose as an XP farm - this is also where the name comes from, but there is more to it than that. You can even buy Residences and apartments near Endertopia.

    All Gold and Diamond supporters can visit Endertopia by using the in-game command /v endertopia while connected to Utopia.

    For more information on Endertopia and everything available there, please visit its Wiki page.

    We have 9 main servers, each with their own Worlds for surviving, building and mining.