Jan 10, 2017
  • Endertopia (also known as Endertopia 2.0; released May 16th, 2013) is a large public enderman grinder where you can kill endermen in order to earn XP. Endertopia is a very easy and an efficient way of gaining both Enderpearls and XP. Endertopia is only available to Gold and Diamond supporters. To visit endertopia, type /v endertopia on Utopia. Another way to visit would be to run onto the gold block inside the endertopia hub an the Utopia spawn.


    The original Endertopia was a Community-built enderman grinder and "city" that originally started near the launch of Empire Minecraft. Endertopia was originally created by Belchmaster, and grew in popularity very quickly.

    Ender Residences(top)

    Endertopia contains an enderman-free city where you can purchase Residences. These are permanent Residences, and will remain yours forever. To purchase an Endertopian residence, send a private message a Community Manager or a Senior Staff member. The Residences that are available to purchase are as follows:

    • 72 Ender-Partments - 50,000r. Ender-Partments have 10 single chests.
    • 24 Ender-Flats - 100,000r. Ender-Flats have 32 single chests.
    Staff Members can also buy a room from the Mansion for 150,000r.


    Besides the XP farm and the Ender Residences, Endertopia contains four service areas:

    • A shop area for convenient items that are sold at the Empire Shop's price.
    • An enchanting building (containing an enchantment table)
    • Public Gardens
    • Advanced Tree Farm (pending)
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    Take part in events on EMC, host one yourself or visit a special Empire residence.

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