EMC Birthday Celebration Events

Mar 25, 2020
EMC Birthday Celebration Events
  • Empire Minecraft was founded on July 25th, 2011, which is a day that has since been celebrated in later years with events. These are sometimes held alongside releases of various Custom Items.

    2012: 1st(top)

    EMC's first birthday was celebrated with a 1,000 rupee bonus which could be claimed from a Website link (thread).

    2013: 2nd(top)

    EMC's second anniversary was celebrated with some of the earliest Promotional Items, the 2nd Anniversary and 1.6 Horses: Valens, Saltar, and Incitatus (thread).

    2014: 3rd(top)

    In celebration of EMC's third year running, the Birthday Cake promo was released for the first time (thread).

    2015: 4th(top)

    This EMC Birthday Party occurred on July 25th, 2015 at /v birthday on SMP9, to celebrate the server's fourth birthday.

    The party included a drop party (during which the birthday variant of Aikar's Head and the Happy Birthday EMC! book was released), a Krysyy head drop.

    This year introduced the 'Stairway to Heaven', a Parkour course made of invisible barriers. In 2015, players had to collect a total of six paper vouchers before getting to the winner's platform, where the vouchers could be redeemed by a player for the Yellow Krysyyjane Head, a diamond Supporter Voucher, and a max residence upgrade voucher. UltiPig won in 2015.

    In addition, the Birthday Cookie was introduced as a reward for those who shared what they love about EMC (thread).

    2016: 5th(top)

    EMC's fifth birthday was lined with big and small-scale events (thread), including cake decoration (thread) on August 4th at /v birthday on SMP9, and the Big Event Part 2 (Stairway to Heaven) (thread) on August 7th at /v 5011 on Utopia. The Big Event made the Birthday Cookie available for another year. There is a replica of the cake at /v 5011 on Utopia, above the Stairway to Heaven.

    In 2016, the 'Stairway to Heaven' Parkour course was much, much more difficult than the one in 2015. The Parkour maze in 2015 was beaten on the day the event took place, while the 2016 Parkour was completed several months after the event took place. Superi0n won in 2016.

    2017: 6th(top)

    There was another big line-up of events to celebrate EMC's 6th birthday. A number of staff events were held, often with birthday themes (such as JDHallows' Hole in One Trivia) and the re-appearance of the birthday cake build event at /v birthday on SMP9. The series of events concluded with the second Purple People Party drop party (the first being in 2014).

    The Birthday Cake was re-released with /promo bday.

    2018: 7th(top)

    EMC celebrated its 7 year anniversary with a big bang (this thread lists the event lineup). Some novel events included:
    • Participants were challenged to build a candy land in Build Bonanza
    • The main event was a massive drop party with Aikar and Krysyy. Ninety-nine of the 2018 Birthday Cookie and 76 of both Aikar and Krysyy's Happy Birthday EMC! books were released.
    • Rainbow Dash revives an old event in which the players have to travel to and find the special wool from 7 different locations in the wild, then race to be the first one to reach the host with their entire rainbow intact.
    The 7th Birthday Cake was available with /promo bday7.

    2019: 8th(top)

    EMC celebrated it's 8th birthday with many staff hosted events held over 2 days. On the first day, many staff hosted events occurred featuring the Purple People Party, a drop party at /v PPP hosted by Aikar and Krysyy. At the PPP new promos were released including Aikar's Computer and Krysyy's Dancing Boots.

    The second day was an assortment of events hosted by Krysyy inside the giant cake at /v bday2019 decorated by the Community in the Cake Decorating event days prior. The final event of the day was the return of Stairway to Heaven, a Parkour maze with invisible blocks.

    The 8th Birthday Cake was available with /promo bday8.

    Take part in events on EMC, host one yourself or visit a special Empire residence.

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