Happy 7th Birthday EMC!!!

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  1. Saturday Event Schedule Announced!

    Another year past and OMG has it been a busy one. We can't say enough how thankful we are to the community for keeping us going for 7 YEARS!

    To celebrate, we're going to be holding a REALLY big bash this Saturday. It's basically going to be an all-day event with games, prizes, etc. The exact order of events will be announced soon, so prepare yourselves! Wacky Wednesday tonight will feature the cake creation, so you don't want to miss out on that either!

    Use /promo bday7 in-game to grab yourself a 2018 Birthday Cake to munch on while you wait.

    We look forward to many more years with you all!

    Saturday Events Schedule:
    7 AM - Firefloor
    8 AM - Hole in OneTrivia (EMC topic mostly)
    9 AM - Eat Cake Event
    10 AM - PvP Event: Kill Krysyy (and other staff who attend)
    11 AM - Art Class (pictionary)
    12 PM - Miner Mania New Beginnings Edition
    2 PM - Main Birthday Event
    5 PM - Mob Arena
    6 PM - Rainbow Dash
    7 PM - Death Event
    8 PM - Build Bonanza
    10 PM - Netherspleef
    11 PM - The Big Dig

    We will attempt to stay in Discord for a majority of the time.
  2. Happy Birthday EMC! :D
  3. Yeeeee happy birthdayyyyy

    I’m just here for the food
  4. Mmmmm cake <3

    I mean - Happy Birthday :D
  5. 7 years, wow - Happy Birthday EMC :D
  6. 7 years is amazing. :D Congratulations EMC! :D
  7. Of course it's Saturday. Warped tour. Finna do me like that.

    Happy birthday anyway I guess.
  8. thats a lot of years wow
  9. Ooo my 7th year is coming up! Not far away :)

    Happy birthday emc!
  10. 7 years already ??? Nooice !
  11. Happy Birthday EMC!

    Here's a B-day meme for your Breakfast!

  12. I made it back just in time! Happy Birthday EMC!
  13. Woooot!! Happy birthday EMC :)
    *Stuffs face with cake and waffles*