Worlds and Servers

Dec 16, 2016
Worlds and Servers
  • All ten of the EMC servers have six worlds, but only five of them can be visited all the time. That sums up to fifty (sixty when the Event World is available) different worlds to explore!

    These are all of the six worlds in summary:
    • Tutorial: This is where new players spawn in. It must be completed to enter other worlds.
    • Town: This is where you start playing. It contains fully protected, 60x60 Residences.
    • Wastelands: This world is the mining world; go here to collect resources to build with or sell.
      • The Wastelands gets periodically reset, so keep this in mind when building structures within this world!
    • Frontier: The "survival world." In the Frontier, you can build structures alone or with your friends, while enjoying the hostile environment of Minecraft. Beware of the creepers!
      • The Frontier is an ideal building world because it doesn't get reset.
    • Each overworld - either Frontier or Wastelands - has its own Nether and End
      • The End must be visited via portals found in either the Frontier and Wastelands rather than simply via a created portal or teleport command typed in Town (except on Utopia, where there is a portal in Town).
    • Empire Shop: This is a store with unlimited stock and very high prices to prevent inflation on the Empire.
      • It is highly recommended that you do not buy items from the Empire Shop because of the high prices; the only exceptions to this are the Promotional Items.
    • Event World: This world has been temporarily used for the Halloween and 300k Members Celebrations, and may have other uses in the future.
    Griefing is not allowed in any Empire Minecraft world. Griefing will get you banned from Empire Minecraft!

    The Utopia server has a special End world area called Endertopia, which can only be accessed by Gold and Diamond supporters. Endertopia has a huge enderman farm that Gold and Diamond Supporters can use to quickly gain a massive amount of XP in a short amount of time. Of course, there are lots more to discover within Endertopia...

    Chatting outside the Town
    If you're visiting the Wastelands, Frontier, or the End, you'll be mostly on your own. The Town Chat will no longer be available to you; only supporters and staff members will be able to talk in the Town Chat while they are exploring the other worlds.

    We have 9 main servers, each with their own worlds for surviving, building and mining.

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