Empire Shop

Jul 10, 2016
Empire Shop

  • General Information(top)

    /shop - Teleport to the shop world from the Town

    The Empire Shop is a large world accessed by using the command /shop in the Town on any Empire Minecraft server. This world exists specifically for the use of the Empire Shop, which is a store with unlimited stock of almost every item. However, items have extremely high prices in order to place a cap on the prices of player shops, balancing the economy. Note that many items are also offered in stack quantities with a 10% discount off of the price of buying a stack's worth of the individual items. Items cannot be sold to the Empire Shop.

    Because of the Empire Shop's high prices, it is highly recommended to buy and sell items from other players rather than from the Empire Shop. Again, the Empire Shop's high prices are intended to keep a cap on prices and to prevent inflation, not to create good deals for buyers. Even the slightest change in the Empire Shop's prices could have a huge impact on EMC's economy, potentially ruining it. Thus, the vast majority of player shops will have far cheaper prices compared to the Empire Shop.

    Items for Sale and Shop Layout(top)

    The Empire Shop has various different sections, each containing different types of items. Note that any item or block added to Minecraft in the 1.8, 1.9, or 1.10 updates cannot be found yet in the Empire shop. Some rarer items, such as those found only in dungeons, also have not been added to preserve their rarity. All of the items currently in the shop are found in the following sections, listed as their teleports occur clockwise around the Empire Shop's lobby starting at the southernmost side:
    • Foodstuffs - Contains all food items, including but not limited to golden apples, fish, and cake; note that potions and water bottles are not included in this section
    • Tools - Contains all different types of tools, including but not limited to pickaxes, shears, fishing rods, clocks, and any maximum level enchanted books applicable to the tools
    • 1.7 Items - Contains any item or block added in the Minecraft 1.7 Update; these items will not be found in other sections, even if they, in theory, would fit into the cateogory
    • Combat - Contains all items used in combat, including swords, bows, arrows, armor, and any maximum level enchanted books applicable to the items
    • Brewing - Contains items that are used in the process of brewing (such as cauldrons and bottles) and brewing ingredients (such as glistering melons); note that actual potions are not located here
    • Materials - Contains various items used in crafting, including dyes, ingots, seeds, bricks, and feathers.
    • Building Blocks - Contains an extremely wide variety of building blocks, including but not limited to ores, glass, melon blocks, planks, and soul sand.
    • Decoration Blocks - Contains a wide variety of items and blocks used as utilities or as decoration, including but not limited to paintings, wither skeleton skulls, saplings, cobwebs, and beds.
    • Redstone - Contains any item related to redstone, including but not limited to pistons, redstone dust, redstone comparators, and pressure plates.
    • Transportation - Contains all items related to transportation, including rails and minecarts of various types, carrots on sticks, boats, and saddles
    • Miscellaneous - Contains all items that don't quite fit into any other category in the shop, including but not limited to beacons, buckets, mob eggs, and music discs
    These sections all are located in separate pyramids in the world, with two sections to each pyramid. Minecraft 1.7 items are housed in a UFO above the world's sphinx statue. Each of these sections can be accessed by using one of the teleports in the Empire Shop's main lobby pyramid, or, with the exception of the 1.7 items, by individual teleport bays located off to the side in each section (these bays also include teleports to the lobby and to the Town).

    There is usually a time period before new Minecraft items are added to the Empire shop (hence the lack of 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10 items). This is because it gives players a chance to go out and find things the way they were intended to be found (in the wilderness worlds). The time period also allows the new items to have a fair price based on the prices in player shops.

    Occasionally, Special Event Items and Promotional Items are sold in the Empire Shop to allow players to buy additional items; these items are only available for a limited time, and are sold under a themed display in the main lobby pyramid. Currently available for purchase are the Meteor Bow, the Liberty Sword, and the 2016 variants of the Independence Day Firework and Empire Firework (I-day version).

    Shop History(top)

    The original Empire Shop was located on a 124x124 Residence on each server, which is the same Residence in which the original maze tutorial was located.

    On February 12th, 2013, Maxarias announced the official launch of the new and current Empire Shop as a Valentine's Day present to EMC in this thread. The Empire Shop was moved to its own, much larger, terraformed world containing various aesthetic builds, such as a large sphinx, the shop pyramids, an oasis, and various other desert/Eygptian-themed features. This was quite a change from the old shop, which valued solely on function over beauty.

    Then, on November 7th, 2015, it was announced in the November 2015 Empire News thread by Krysyy that a UFO appeared in the Empire Shop world over the sphinx, containing all 1.7 items.

    Pictures of the new Empire Shop are located below.
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