Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. This Valentines day, you, the community of EMC, are the Staff's Valentine. We're going to give you a brand new Empire Shop.. Except it won't be in the old 120x120 residence it used to be in. It'll be it's own world. We tried our best to fit the shop in a 120x120 residence, but it just wasn't working out.

    After much debate, it was given it's own world, and we worked on it tirelessly. We hope you enjoy our efforts as much as we do.

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  2. Wow. Thats amazing! O.O Great job!:D
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  3. Cool
    Edit 2nd yay
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  4. The IP adress will be released on valentines day?
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  5. O.O <---- My expression right now.
  6. Hooray!
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  7. It's not a server... It's a world. ;)
  8. And the Empire Genius strikes again!
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  9. The new store looks awesome! :D
  10. You guys did this for my birthday! You shouldn't have :p
  11. Happy almost birthday! :D
  12. Awesome! Will it still be ridiculously overpriced?
  13. The Build looks a maze ing
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  14. Oh my gosh... look at the sphinxes! =3
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  15. Happy
    This World is Awesome!!!
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  16. That is nice Egyptian Buildings :)
    I love it - old shop was so boring.
    This is gonna spice things up abit :)

    EDIT: Does this include price changes to /shop ?
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  17. I like that pyramid and the Spinx. I am curious now about it.
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  18. This is amazing!
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  19. how do we get to that world?