The Empire Shop is CLOSING in 2017!

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  1. The Empire Shop is CLOSING in 2017!

    Update: The Empire Shop has been replaced by /shopworld, your go-to location for the DDTT, and promotional items, when/if available.

    Old thread...
    That's right. A massive sandstorm is coming to the Empire Shop's sandy dunes and it's going to close the doors for good. What's left after the dust settles will no longer sell all items.

    We've discussed this quite a bit, on and off, and we've decided that it is time. The player markets are strong enough that the need to spawn in items just isn't there and the majority of people that use it are new players who don't understand the player market prices just yet. We've already had to adjust prices a few times because we were influencing the player market, something the Empire Shop was never meant to do. The market simply wasn't applicable when the Empire Shop was originally purposed. So, as of shortly after the New Year, the /shop location will be replaced with something else.

    The new build will be a location set up to sell the promo items, when applicable, as well as some off-hand items at all times, such as the Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock (DDTT). Some other things may await you as well, but you'll have to explore to find those. ;)

    Note: This is a heads up of about 2+ days. We PLAN to replace before January 3rd, but may run into delays. Visit /shop to say your good-byes. Hashhog, a member of the Senior Staff Team AND Build Team, is working on the replacement build design and it's looking great.
  2. Sad to see it go, but I can't help but wonder if my mall may get more business now! :p
  3. Selling dirt, 1k per stack!
  4. How wonderful to see it go.
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  5. So no more /shop, so we will have to rely on player shops
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  6. Hopefully my smp7 mini shop will have more customers
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  7. Oh, okay, cool!
    I was waiting for this development, but I hadn't expected it so soon! :)
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  8. DonT the aliens have some sort of shield to protect the 4 pyramids and the sphinx from the dust???
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  9. Sad to see it go :( But excited to see What The new Shop Brings :D
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  10. rip in rip offs
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  11. All they have is some flowers, glass panes, and fish =P
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  12. B..b..but.. the thrones..
  13. I am sad to see this go but i can't wait to see what is going to arise from the ashes of /shop
  14. Hey, you can do a lot with a wife fish! >:I
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  15. Selling diamond for 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999899999999999999999999999r each

    Its the deal of a lifetime!

    -new player that left emc shortly after joining 2k16
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  16. Now i will finally have more people buy from my shop :p
  17. As long as the new shop helps to regulate the prices for shop items... If not, it will be chaos at player shops and inflation galore. :)

    I'm excited to see what comes. :)
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  18. All the shops should be removed in the /shop, but the /shop command should be replaced with a /relic command, which teleports you to the world!

    It is, after all, a pretty unique build.